Saturday, April 23, 2011

Citi Limouzine Scheme Fraud


Masood has managed to get out of detention in Jaipur. He was locked up in Jaipur under COFEPOSA, which is Conservation of Foreign Exchange and Prevention of Smuggling Act. The country just went through a movement by Anna Hazare on corruption and here we witness this again on a much larger scale.

Masood will be brought to Mumbai shortly and he will be arrested in all the FIR's that he is yet to be arrested in. Once this list ends, he will be out of jail and a free man till his trial starts, which will be a few years down the road. By then, Masood, his wives, kids will all have shifted to a sunny Caribbean Island. If you folks are still up for fighting, we need to get started with filing fresh FIR's across India.If you folks have given up the battle, nothing much can be done. I have already filed my FIR in Mumbai. Many of you will say Police is not taking our FIR's. We have come so far, now its upto each and everyone of you to do your part by convincing the local authorities to file an FIR against Masood. Depending on the transactions, you could also file an FIR against his wives and other family members. 

As always, I am available for any help any of you may need. 


Thanks to our Judiciary System.
Here we are, we are not going to get back our money & the Culprit is a free man.
He was supposed to be in Nashik Jail till Nov 2011 & finally this was suppose to be extended till Nov 2013.
How did he manage to get out of detention?
With all the FIR's against him, he will hardly serve in Jail for few more months & we won't be able to do anything against him once he is free.
The Govt Authorities are only interested to grab the money they are not interested with Masood & Company. This is how an Indian Law is hence people are happy to stay in India & do whatever they wish as everybody is aware of the Loop holes in Indian Judiciary system.


Never this current Legal System in India can bring justice to the Needy..Shame on the People sitting in Courts,Shame on all Politicians who save Corruption and give sweetHugs,dine and wine with devils like MASOOD.
It's better we start working to earn what we have lost or else we will loose what we have....
Legal,Political help will be useful only for those who have bundles of Crores,Lakhs and want to spend them...NOT FOR COMMON MAN.
Shame once again on the System prevailing and all those supporting the Illegal practices.
The stem should itself be Rooted out....We have to see how Anna suceeds???My full support existed and will exist with him.If he also becomes scapegoatof Politcians......I can't imagine ...

ll I can say is common people are common people and are the ones who pay at the end.. Take it tax or a days all sorts of taxes are put on the common man. Corporates have many ways to save or avoid.

Anything that it is paid or suffered is common man. Most of politicians or rich people never have common people in mind whenever they do something.

Who pays at the end because of the result of these people.......common

This needs keen observation.. This has come long way..they make common people calm by giving peanuts. Peanuts could be anything like roti, small home, transportation and all.
Does any one remember when an unauthorized meeting was called up by legal representatives of Masood in wilson college.
the whole place was Jammed by seas of ppl...I think that was the Optimum Media Coverage we ever got ?
Why Dont we get a little aggressive..? Why shouldn't we come out on the Roads?


What will Happen? There is no point doing all these now, Media Coverage won’t help any more. The Case is under Investigation with Various Government Authority, all these authority will Investigate the case as per their respective Procedure’s & then file Charge sheet at various Court & the case will go on & on forever without any outcome & Masood will be a Free Man after the Investigation & the Govt Authorities will try to Grab the Money That’s All.


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