Sunday, June 26, 2011

claim or not to claim

No company petition filed by any investor or by any association or by
any creditor company of City hospitalties and Co-operative Socities.

Now matter of claiming I will suggest co-operative societies claim
with the particular file whether it is city limouzine or city Realcom
if it is combo plan than claim co-operative socities  with limouzine.
Matter of city Hospitalties, I can say only that it is all sister
companies of city Limouzines. so claim all.

Some Investors are saying that claim or not to claim, it is no use.
I will say only this it is your money. You are best Judge. If you will
not claim, official liquidator is at all not concerned with your
money. Because official liquidator is only authorized person to sell
and to dispose of the claims. whatever percent it may be.

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