Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Actress Maria Paul, live-in partner held for duping 1,000 people of Rs100crore

The police have seized 117 imported watches, 12 mobile phones and Rs3.5 lakh cash from the Goregaon residence of the couple. 
The Economic Offences Wing (EOW) of Mumbai police has arrested South Indian actress Leena Maria Paul of Madras Cafe fame, her live-in partner Chandrashekar and four of their accomplices for allegedly floating a bogus investment scheme and duping around 1,000 people of Rs 100 crore.
According to EOW slueths, the couple were arrested from Goregaon on Friday after they received specific information about a money-multiplier scheme operated by Chandrashekhar under a company called 'Lion Oak India'. During investigation, it came to light that Paul, Chandrashekar and their accomplices – Adil Akhtar Jaipuri, Akhtar Hussain Jaipuri, Salman Rizvi and Nasir Jaipuri – were illegally accepting cash deposits in 21 bogus schemes.
The police have seized 117 imported watches, 12 mobile phones and Rs3.5 lakh cash from the Goregaon residence of the couple. "We have also seized nine cars, including Audi, Mercedes, Bentley, Maserati, Nissan and Tata Safari. The total worth of the seized vehicles is Rs5 crore. A bike worth Rs23 lakh has also been seized," said joint commissioner of police (EOW) Dhananjay Kamlakar. "Chandrashekar would roam around with bodyguards in expensive cars and maintain a lavish lifestyle to lure potential investors," he added.
The couple would accept investments ranging from Rs5,000 to Rs5 lakh, promising returns of 20% per month as well as a Tata Nano car. The accused would allegedly promise the investors that their investment would reap a 300% return in total. The EOW team also recovered over 1,000 scheme holders' documents from the residences of all the accused. The couple would allegedly issue investment certificates to their clients and, in some cases, also make bogus notary agreements to make the transactions look genuine. The police have also recovered several investment certificates.
Paul and Chandrashekar were earlier arrested from Delhi and Kolkatta, respectively, in connection with a case registered against them in Chennai. In this case, the duo had allegedly cheated the manager of Canara Bank in Chennai by taking a loan of Rs19 crore and absconding with the same in 2013. The duo had done so by providing fake contracts for government work uniforms. Paul and Chandrashekar are currently out on bail.

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