Wednesday, September 29, 2010

City Limouzine Investment Fraud - Latest news

27th sept 2010

I spoke to Mr. Desai at length. We are doing another conference call with Mr. Pahuja, Mr. Khandwala and Mr. Shah all of whom are all close to the Masood family. Mr. Desai has also agreed to record a statement with EOW if that is needed. The information he has is very sensitive and I have requested him to not post anything on this group. One thing I can share is that Masood's first wife Chand and her kids have no clue on what Masood did in their absence. We should respect their privacy on such a sensitive matter, for whatever it counts. Hauling their dirty laundry on the internet will not get us our money back! I hope others agree?

I will be in touch once we have some new development.

18th sept 2010

Geeta Razzaki is still in Chennai as Masood did not post her surety amount in the court. He posted his own and was taken to Mumbai after which he has been in custody of couple police stations in Mumbai and now is in Arthur Road Jail awaiting his next arrest.
Its fine that Geeta Razaki is still at Chenni and not released on bail but when Masood is coming at Delhi ? As Insp. Sher Singh busy for CWG (games) N told by him that the task by Mymbai Police with Masood has noy yet completed. Some police party from Mumbai will escort Masood upto Delhi and handed over to EOW Delhi.

God knows, when Masood will come at Delhi and charges against him will proveed. I talk to Mr Ravi Puri-ji and also with Mr Minhas (Sardarji). Rest let us see what we can do our best from our side.We will fight together as long as possible.

Thanking you once agin for all the support.

15th sept 2010

HC relief for City Limo accused

The Bombay high court on Tuesday restrained the economic offences wing (EOW) and the enforcement directorate (ED) from attaching more properties of the accused in the City Limouzine cheating case during the following three weeks, when the case will come up for hearing.

A division bench comprising justices B H Marlapalle and Amjed Sayed was hearing a PIL related to the investigation. During the hearing concerning the attachment of properties by the EOW, an argument prompted ED to join as a party to the proceedings. The ED is investigating the case under the Prevention of Money Laundering Act (PMLA).

Thousands of investors have been left in the lurch since August last year when cheques issued by the company towards returns on investments bounced. The investors are based in Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai,Kolkata and Rajasthan.

Mubin Solkar, representing one of the petitioners, said that the EOW and ED should not be allowed to attach any more properties. The EOW has attached 25 properties—flats and office premises—belonging to the company promoted by S M Masood. It has frozen 56 bank accounts. The ED has also attached four properties.

It was pointed out to the court that investors have identified three properties, which Solkar contended should be auctioned and proceeds distributed among them. “The ED should not be allowed to attach properties already identified by the EOW,’’ he added.

According to EOW officials, two of the three properties identified by the investors, have been attached. “The third is a petrol pump, which is not in the name of the accused,’’ an officer said.

Another issue discussed in court was that if the properties were attached under the PMLA, investors were less likely to get their money back as the government would get the properties.

I am not tell investors to file an FIR, but a complaint in your respective EOW to let them know you are an investor. FIR is only being registered for serious violations in addition to one FIR per city. I believe Mumbai EOW has over 50,000 complaints filed by investors where they submitted photocopy of agreement, receipts, bounced cheques along with a form. Only a genuine investor can do this.
Can someone from Jaipur please call PI Lo Likhama Ram at 9928075080, 9024675080 and confirm that he has a warrant outstanding for Seema Razzaki? Also let him know that Seema has been released.
Similarly, can someone from Chennai and Bangalore do the same with your respective contacts at EOW and report back?
This info will be helpful when the Delhi investors go and meet with PI Shersingh with respect to Seema's release.

14th sept 2010

Special Pubic Prosecutor Appointed

The Government of Maharashtra has appointed a special PP, Mr. Gharat in both the Mumbai EOW FIR's- CR 74 / 2007 and CR 55/2009. This matter was pending for almost 9 months, but finally there is a special PP. This was one of the requests that was made to Mr. R.R. Patil, during my meeting with him about 6 months ago. We are making some progress.
She cannot get bail on warrants where she has yet to be arrested. For this there has to be an anticipatory bail in place and no court in India is going to grant her that. There are alteast 10 in Mumbai plus Jaipur, Chennai and Bangalore.
Masood was in JC under Nagpada Police Station. The magistrate court refused bail to him in this FIR. He will be taken to Delhi as soon as a police escort is available.

Dear Citylimo Investors of Delhi,

I have been out of City and visited my home town Kolkata for some urgent works N back to-day only. I talk to Insp. Sher Singh and he assured that your money is safe and no need to panic. Then I asked him why Seema Razaki was released on bail ? He answared me that she was asked to deposit Rupees one lac as gurenty and got the bail from all the warrants against her from every courts in India but she is not free from any charges..

As he again told that Masood will be back to Delhi within one week or latest by Sep 20th or if his formalities completed at Mumbai as soon as possible. The Mumbai Police will bring Masood at Delhi as Sher Singh visited two times to Mumbai and he is busy for the Commonwealth Games. As also utter that there is no business with Seema as the leader is Masood so once he arrive at Delhi they may come on some conclusion.

Vedant Sir, I got Ur SMS but the rely I send was barred and could not reach U. I do not know the reason behind that, and my laptop was at Delhi so there was no net connection at my native place so out of the groups for last 10 days. Now m back at Delhi and look after the progress and I will do my best possible as per the situation.


N Delhi

11th sept 2010

Seema Razzaki has been released from custody in Delhi.

Not too worry. She has an extremely low IQ. I have met her and her struggle starts with the english language carrying over into basic comprehension.

Investors from Delhi should call PI Shersingh in EOW and find out why he let her go when there were several warrants outstanding in Mumbai!

10th sept 2010

Don’t use IPC in cases of cheating, cops told

Mumbai: A government order instructing the police to chargesheet cases in which investors were duped under the Indian Penal Code instead of the special Act MPIDA or Maharashtra Protection of Interest of Depositors Act (in financial establishments) has been put on hold. TOI, in its reports, had raised questions about the move as the order was seen as an attempt to dilute the cases.
The decision comes seven months after the government issued orders, saying that since the Bombay high court had struck down MPIDA and its appeal was yet to be decided by the Supreme Court, it made no sense to wait for the ruling to chargesheet cases in which investigations were over.
There were several cases in which chargesheets were not submitted as the HC in November 2005 struck down MPIDA.
On August 30, special inspector general (law and order) Gulabrao Pol stayed the decision, saying it would be better to wait for the SC order before deciding on the cases in which chargesheets were not submitted.
The government’s order would have had huge ramifications, considering that MPIDA was enacted in 2000 after it was felt that IPC was not enough to tackle financial establishments which came up with lucrative schemes offering huge returns that sounded good only on paper.
There are at least 50 cases in the state where investigations were complete but chargesheets could not be submitted as MPIDA became defunct. In the remaining 454 cases, the chargesheets were submitted but the trial could not take place following the SC order which gave interim relief to fraudsters. A salient feature of MPIDA was that the properties of the firms could be attached and auctioned to pay the investors. If the government had gone ahead with its decision, properties attached under MPIDA would have to be released, benefiting the fraudsters. The EOW had objected, saying the government order will pave the way for the SC to take a view that since chargesheets are being submitted under IPC, there was no need to restore the Act, a move that will benefit the companies.
Moreover, the bank accounts of these fraudsters frozen under the special Act will also have to be activated. There is also the issue of limitation, where the magistrate courts would throw out chargesheets, saying the same were not submitted within the stipulated time.
According to statistics, over 6 lakh duped investors await justice and companies collectively mobilised over Rs 1,200 crore in the period 1996-2005, when the MPIDA was struck down.
Over 7 lakh investors collectively invested in the various schemes floated by the fly-by-night operators. Of the 7 lakh investors, only 78,000 got their money back. There were only six convictions before the Act was struck down.
3rd sept 2010.
Mr Rajput,
Does this mean that court cases will start only after 16 x 2 = 32 weeks?
-Trial will start lot before that. A special court is being formed to try Masood and all directors.

ED will take Masood's custody after 36 weeks. A senior official from Income Tax told me that they will soon take custody of Geeta Razzaki.
Where would this special court be? Mumbai? Delhi?
- Mumbai
This is great news. Is this court a fast-track court?
- Hope its a fast track court.
When will this end? this thing about case after case all over the
country is ENDLESS. I wonder if there was proper dialogue with masood
in the beginning before all these firs were made, maybe he would have
paid us back and got all the havala crores back to india. now cgil has
got him arrested for disposing off 32 properties. the catch is the
supreme court made a law that such props of scamsters cant be sold off
in 2000 And 2004. so the damn saga continues. the only option is a
fast track court specially for this humongous scam. what do others
- Masood had a good 6 months to pay up before he was arrested. Several people tried to have a dialogue with him including me.

He has not disposed off any property. Infact, disposing properties is no longer in his control. EOW and ED have notices stuck outside every property and they have been sealed.

I hope this clarifies a few issues for you James! Have faith in god. Everything will be just fine. Its only a matter of time before the Masood family is bought to justice for cheating thousands out of their life savings.

Everyone has to fight. CGIA is fighting in their own way and I am doing it in my own way. We all need to fight!

Masood is in custody of Nagpada Police Station till the 6th of Sep.
Geeta Razzaki is still in custody of Chennai EOW.
Seema Razzaki is still in custody of Hyderabad Police.
Masood is yet to be arrested in 16 cases, where as Seema is yet to be arrested in 20 and Geeta in 5 cases.
28th aug 2010
Masood is currently in Agripada Police Station custody. He will be taken by Delhi EOW next week along with Geeta Razzaki. A new FIR has been registered in Kolkata against all directors and the companies.
Seema Razzaki is still in custody of Hyderabad police.
26th aug 2010
My name is Mohammad haneef from Bhopal.I had invested my money Rs 3.875 lacks in www .Dollar Gold Fund .biz& www.Instant, Rs 1.7 lacks in AIM lomouzines India Ltd in Bhopal branch.& Rs 0.555 lacks in mini bus I have all the papers and cheque detail with me.but till now i can't do any thing. I am trying to get in touch with you , please update & guide me if you have any idea to get back my money please help me. i invested but now they are not giving any replay .now it look's like a frode.The only way out is to file a Cyber crime complaint in nearest police station to get beck our money we should do every thing which is possible to us in our favor I think all of us should Follow Mr VedantRajput jion twitter at as he formed a Group: to recover the money from [City Limouzine Ponzi Scheme:13576] where same type of frode is there in AIM ,DGF,IN FOR &Mi Bus i hope you all will be agree to do so please keep in contact with all the members for the joint action as above to get beck the our money.i am waiting for your advice&guidance forHow to take action step by step.
I am certain you can file a complaint with EOW Delhi regarding AIM limo as well. Apparently, AIM limo was formed by ex employees of City Limo.
23rd aug 2010
Masood has been sent to judicial custody till 6th of September in Arthur Road Jail. There are several production warrants outstanding against him. He will be taken in custody by Delhi Police tomorrow and taken to Delhi. There are 2 FIR's lodged in Delhi against him. He will be there for 30-45 days after which he will be brought back to Mumbai and Kolkata Police will take his custody. There are 2 FIR's registered against him there. Geeta Razzaki will also be taken to Delhi with Masood.
Seema Razzaki is still in Hyderabad and will be taken into custody by Chennai Police soon.
Rajesh Choudhary, accountant and director has been released from custody.
Do we have any investors on this group from Dubai, Hong Kong or Singapore? If yes, please get in touch with me asap.
Yesterday night I received following SMS from City Group Investors Asso. " PIL Hearing In High Court On 24/08/2010 At 11Am In Court Rm.49. 2 Flr. Imp. Hearing Of Property Attachment. Investors Are Requested to Attend." Sir, Are You Aware ?
19th aug 2010
His nephew Mustafa, who is a turkish national seems to be helping him. EOW has already contacted the Turkish Consulate in Mumbai regarding his involvement. A few links to the UAE are also being investigated. There are several diamond merchants like Golden Nightingale, Fame Holdings etc which have helped him launder money over the last several years, so they are helping him as well. Given, these are all interests outside India, its getting a little tedious, but they are being zeroed down upon.
18th aug 2010
Masood and Geeta are now in Mumbai and will be taken in custody by Kurla Police Station. Once Kurla is done, they will be taken to Delhi and then to Kolkata.
Seema is still in Hyderabad.
There are a total of 28 FIR's against Masood out of which he has only been taken in custody in 10. It would have been much easier for him to just repay the investors and move on, but I guess his intentions have still not changed.
Masood posted a surety of Rs. 50 lakh with high court in Chennai to obtain bail. He was granted bail on 13th of Aug. He still seems to be using the investors money for litigation purposes instead of just paying up the investors.

The issue for Masood and his family is such that even if he pays all investors tomorrow, he will still be locked up for a few years to face justice in all his wrong doings.
He has got bail in most of the arrests made. He will not be out on the streets for atleast another a year as there are still 17 more FIR's and then ED takes him under PMLA for a few months. So he is looking at summer of 2011 as of now and that will certainly get extended the more he delays in paying up.

16th Aug 2010
By now you must have realised that CGIA cannot do jack in this case. They have collected enough from investors. They have filed complaints in EOW on the behalf of investors and taken 600 rs from each. This could have been done free. Thousands of us have filed complaints and FIR's with EOW and no one charged us a single paisa!

I once again caution investors from falling for such associations and advocates!
Hello Manohar sir I just received an sms from CGIA that who have joined CGIA can collect the copy of acknowelgement of E.O.W FROM The association's office at bore bazar street.for detail call - 32662245. so i called on that no. but the no. is not a valid no. regards rajesh

13th aug 2010
Maqsood, read it... if this reaches you..

I don't know who is this sajid khan... nor do i know who you are maqsood?., but one thing i know, understood & believe in is that...

a) maqsood will not give money so easily for someone wrote laaton ke bhoot..recently...politically correct.

b) city limo scandal completed 1 year...I feel of Shariah law for maqsood would have given better results by this time.

I write & promise in all my complete sense that on...maqsood &family...

c) INSHA "ALLAH" on day of judgment...i will ask for better replacement & wish to take your skin off your body & even bones.....TRUST ME...for money for which i have not taken any sort of repayment...or installment as start visualizing without skin & bones......

if this email reaches maqsood by any means or sources...let me convey this crystal clear message this holy month of Ramdaan... it's me & my family DILSE hatred & curse to maqsood & family & friends & his supporters if any for misguiding city investors intentionally, knowingly or unknowlinly...for any personal benefit....

I am not writing this to scare you through religious belief & hurt anybody's sentiments or to get my money back or repayment of any sort but it's my hatred feelings frustration for you...

I know that you know what I know is that you too know & believe in.


Sheikh Abdul Wahid
Investors have again started asking for addresses as to where they should file complaints. Please see this list and file your complaints asap!
  • Mumbai EOW - Unit 5, Behind Azad Maidan Police Station, Fort. PI Wadhankar 24691377
  • Delhi EOW- , Qutub Institutional Area, New Delhi-110016 PI Sher Singh 26528165
  • Chennai EOW Chennai Economic Offences Wing CID. C 48, II- Avenue, TNHB, 3rd Floor,. Anna Nagar, Chennai-40. NA 04426220332
  • Pune EOW - Police Commissioner's office, near Sadhu Vaswani Chowk, Pune PI Daghe 26208346/26122202
  • Jaipur -Vidhayakpuri Police station, PI Lo Likhama Ram 9928075080, 9024675080
  • Bangalore- Seshadripuram Police Station, Seshadripuram, Banglaore - 20 PI Manjunath 080-22942586
  • Hyderabad -Premises of DGP office 3rd floor Opposite Ravindra Bharathi Lakidi-ka pool Hyderabad PI Balaji Rao 23212814/23230456
  • Chandigarh - Home Guard Building Sector 17 Chandigarh DSP Baljeet Singh Chadha 2741900- 1420
12th aug 2010
I have already sent an update saying this is false news. I have banned Sajid Khan from the group. This is a trick by one of Masood's family members who are following this group.
The case is still being investigated and trial will start in a few months.
Masood has hired a high power lawyer named Ashok Mundargi in Mumbai to defend him through all this. We are trying to trace the source from where he is funding all these lawyers.
I have been told by EOW that Masood, Geeta and Seema Razzaki won't be released for atleast another 6-8 months.
9th August 2010
Dear Customers/Investers, VINI VINC Properties have been directed by Supreme Court to be reauctioned recently which is a correct step and similarly all properties of Sri.S.M.Masood,Smt Chand Masood worldwide movable & immovable will attract footsteps of VINIVINC and investers may have relief due to carelessness & Diversion of Invester's Proceeds in unfair,illegitimate acts not approved by INVESTERS all over India.Hence They are liable to coughup through COURT DIRECTIONS only and they should not be allowed scotfree since they are all locked up. We are sure & hopeful that Mr.Vedanth/Mr.Manohar Lohia,Mr.R.P.Puri will teach them making sure that they enjoy JAIL TIME till the time they pay up. Duping 2 lakh people is no joke.
Mr Lohia,
Any new news? court dates? bails? where are the directors now? have
they come back to mumbai? any news on fast track court?

I hope this group does not become so quiet
hey are all locked up. I am making sure that they enjoy jail time till the time they pay up. Duping 2 lakh people is no joke.

29th July 2010
Hi All,

Thanks to Vedant, Ravi Puri and Bijon for their effort in getting justice to the Investor.

We shouldn't loose Hopes and we should have faith in our leaders. One of the Major scam called Vini vinc in Bangalore is solved after 5 years and the investor are happy that they are getting back their money.

The below Info is from Bangalore Mirror and you all can read for yourself:

Vini Vinc land auction today Govt hopes to raise Rs 18 cr which will go to the people who lost money in Rs 200-cr Ponzi scheme
Thursday, July 22, 2010 at 04:42:03 AM

Good news for the alleged victims of Srinivas Shastry of Vini Vinc Souharda Credit Co-Operative Society, which is believed to have collected up to Rs 200 crore by promising more than 150 per cent return on investment before defaulting on payments.
Some of Shastry's properties, which had been attached by the state government, will go under the hammer on Thursday. The money raised is expected to be distributed among his alleged victims.

N Chandrasekhar, rent controller, Bangalore South Divison, said, "The auction of 36 sites that Shastry owns at Yelahanka will start at 11 am." The venue will be the rent controller's office in Podium Block, Visveswarayya Towers on B R Ambedkar Road near Coffee Board junction.

The state government hopes to raise at least Rs 18 crore from the auction.

Shastry's advocate Shankarappa said, "As per police records, my client is accused of cheating several people. Since the complaints were filed, he has already returned Rs 173 crore to investors. Police had seized Rs 10 crore in cash, which was distributed among some of the complainants. This auction will raise enough money to cover the balance. After that, nobody can accuse my client of cheating.''

Srinivas Shastry aka Vini Vinc Shastry was arrested in October 2005 following complaints against Vini Vinc, which had collected over Rs 200 crore from people across the state by promising more than 150 per cent return on investment. The money was invested in the stock market, real estate and some other projects. Initially, the company was prompt in making payments. The complaints started coming in once it began defaulting. Subsequently, Shastry disappeared leading to an uproar. The issue was even raised in the Assembly.

Shastry was arrested and his properties in Yelahanka, Hoskote and other places were attached. Once Shastry secured bail, he filed an affidavit saying he had no objection to the government disposing the properties that had been attached and distributing the money thus raised among the complainants. The case went to the Supreme Court, which directed the state government to auction Shastry's properties.

Potential bidders had to deposit Rs 5 lakh per site with the government before 5 pm on Wednesday.

If a bid is accepted, 25 per cent of the bid amount has to be deposited with the government within 24 hours of the auction. The rest has to be paid after the court and the state finance department ratify the bid.

Sources connected with the auction said, "We have received deposits from at least 45 persons."


According to the United States Securities and Exchange Commission, it involves payment of purported returns to existing investors from funds contributed by new investors. Promoters often solicit new investors by promising to invest funds in opportunities claimed to generate high returns with little or no risk. Since the earnings are never enough to cover the payments to investors, the scheme is bound to collapse. It is named after Charles Ponzi who gained notoriety for duping thousands with this technique in the US in the early 1920s. He did not invent the scheme, but his operation took in so much money that it was the first to become known throughout the United States.

The auction of 36 sites that Shastry owns at Yelahanka will start at 11 am
N Chandrasekhar, rent controller
This will clear my client’s dues. After that, nobody can accuse him of cheating
Shankarappa, Shastry's advocate

24th july 2010.
The Supreme Court hearing was deleted by the registrar, meaning it did not happen as the agencies were not compliant in their responses. Its a good thing for us. I will let everyone know about the next date, if it ever comes up again!
23rd july 2010.
Criminal Transfer Petition 362 to 367 Hearing in Supreme Court on 22nd July, 2010 at 11am. The matter is listed at Sr. No 2. This application was made by Masood in January to transfer all cases to Hyderabad, where there was a stay on all proceedings. Now that the stay has been vacated, this TP won't really help and most likely the registrar will assign a new date. I will send an update tomorrow.
Dear Investors, It has been seen now-a-days that frequency of mails from our investor friends is going down, previously which was very high; wat does this mean, r v loosing hopes. Friends, its really high time & we should not let our efforts go in vain, We must fight till end. Just realise the fact that this guy Masood has duped crores of our hard earned money & he has no right to do this. I personally feel that we'll dfntl get fruits of our efforts. Lets unite & try to do as much as we can from our end in order to over this crime. Regards,Investor

21st July 2010
Dear friends,
Consequent upon publication of my letter of 19th instant, I have been receiving lot of querries regarding address etc of Collector of Mumbai for writing about claim on proerties held by City Realcom Ltd., Mumbai, I am giving hereunder address of Collector of Mumbai. You can also get more info from his website www.collector of mumbai :-
The Collector of Mumbai City, Old Custom House, Shaheed Bhagat Singh Marg, MUMBAI 40 001.
For those who wish to make applications through RTI a list published by Collector of Mumbai is appended to this letter, a proforma for filing RTI application in Maharashatra is also appended hereto.
A list of Chief Information Offcers for RTI in all the states is also enclosed for your ready reference. You can use these addresses to file RTI complaints about inaction of Police or other Govt departments connected with the present case or other cases.
19th july 2010
Yes, U alongwith your group members of citylimo investors can visit NDTV's Delhi office and make a complain with them in writtng. Why they are not covering the Citylimo scandle as the other TV Channel like Lemon TV, Aaj Tak, channel one TV, etc, are coving since last one year.

On 17 July at Patiala House Court, Delhi, Seema Razaki, 2nd wife of so called Masood was present and the fresh date of hearing again on 17 Aug for cheque bounce case. On 31 July is another date of hearing for extention of JC (Judicial Custody) by EOW Delhi. Insp. Sher Singh was also present. Seema is in Tihar Jail and we are waiting for Masood and party eagerly at Delhi. Channel one TV well covered the story on that day at Patiala House Court and total 40 (forty) odd investors of Citylimo were present.

18TH jULY 2010
Those who have already signed up on twitter, please log into your accounts and we start a campaign against City Limo, by pointing out our misery to NDTV's Barkha Dutt. Once you log in, you will see a box called "whats happening". In that box put anyone of these lines and click on TWEET. You can also make up your own line.

@BDUTT Why is NDTV not covering India's largest Ponzi Scheme- City Limouzines?
@BDUTT The City Limouzine Scandal has rocked this country. What is NDTV doing?
@BDUTT 200,000 of us are suffering because of the City Limouzine Scandal. Help!
@BDUTT Its been almost a year and still no justice in the City Limouzine Scam. Why?
@BDUTT You cover Harshad Mehta and Telgi Scams- then why not City Limouzine?
I have already sent in my TWEETS. Mind you there is no limit on how many tweets you can send. If you have the time, please send all 5 lines one after the other. Please do it asap, so we see collective impact.
We will do one such campaign every week.
12th July 2010
City Limouzine Accountant Kaiser Baig who was arrested by Mumbai EOW on May 13th has been released from jail. He was taken in custody by Mumbai EOW, Pune EOW, Karad Police and finally released as no other police station was interested in taking his custody.

This is the first City Limouzine fraud accused who has been released by the police.

9th July 2010.
Masood and Geeta Razzaki will be in Chennai Jail till the 28th of July, after which they will be taken to Mumbai. Delhi EOW has obtained a production warrant for both of them. Once they are in Delhi, Seema Razzaki will be taken to Chennai.

Also- just found out that a new FIR has been registered in Delhi as well as Hyderabad, taking the count of FIR's to 2 each in both the cities.
30th Jun 2010.
Now, as far as Seema Razzaki is concerned, I have met her about 10 times. The first time was the day she was arrested and the last time was about 3 weeks ago when she was presented in Mumbai Magistrate Court along with her mother Geeta Razzaki to accept property attachment documents. She is an extremely stubborn 35 year old and from talking to her she comes across as highly uneducated. She claims she went to school and college in Bangalore but does not 'remember' what stream she studied in. Seema can help this investigation and clear her and her family's (razzaki family) name by cooperating with the authorities but she chooses not to in order to be the loyal wife. So when you do meet her, try and talk some sense into her that she may come out of all this if she starts helping us recover our funds, else she will continue to dig a hole so deep, which she can never imagine coming out of.
Also- let me know what PI Shersingh has to say about her conduct.
Its been 5 months that she has been locked up and deprived of all luxuries. I am sure she is in pain.

29th jun 2010
Thank you for your email. Its very kind of you to consider me family!
Now, as far as Seema Razzaki is concerned, I have met her about 10 times. The first time was the day she was arrested and the last time was about 3 weeks ago when she was presented in Mumbai Magistrate Court along with her mother Geeta Razzaki to accept property attachment documents. She is an extremely stubborn 35 year old and from talking to her she comes across as highly uneducated. She claims she went to school and college in Bangalore but does not 'remember' what stream she studied in. Seema can help this investigation and clear her and her family's (razzaki family) name by cooperating with the authorities but she chooses not to in order to be the loyal wife. So when you do meet her, try and talk some sense into her that she may come out of all this if she starts helping us recover our funds, else she will continue to dig a hole so deep, which she can never imagine coming out of.
Also- let me know what PI Shersingh has to say about her conduct.
Its been 5 months that she has been locked up and deprived of all luxuries. I am sure she is in pain.
Masood still pleads innocent and claims in every police station that he has been framed. Even his advocates say the same thing. Now, its been almost 1 year since the cheques started bouncing. Is one year not enough for him to rectify the issue? Its very clear that he did all this on purpose and thought he could get out of it, but things flipped against him. Masood has no idea what he is in for. At 54 years of age, he wont have a whole lot time left once he comes out of prison(s) as a free man!

Media needs to show this as a lesson or a case study to companies that still exist and continue duping people. Our very group receives atleast 5 unsolicited offers from such companies and agents. This just needs to stop. The victims of such crimes become so helpless that they do not even have money left to hire an attorney or run around seeking for help.
Dear Vedant,
I am really proud of you. In fact all Indians should be! You are a genius! Through your sincere efforts and use of IT knowledge,you have helped catch the crooks ! I am sure we all will soon realize our dream of getting our investments back.I am investor from Pune. I am yet to lodge a complaint. Pl guide me.Should I contact any lawyer?
27th Jun 2010


manohar sir ur hero of us if u woudnt their masood would have flwed away from india thanks to u manohar sir god bless u and ur family bye take care we all love u manohar sir thanks u from canada has comed to help us and this cheater massod dont have any shame he from india cheating indians and throwing us in hell god allah jesus will not make masood happy in his whole life he had made many peoples life worst to hell the people invested in masood company count not stand face to face in front of their family members who they lose their entire saving and now with a single penney paisa in hand god bless u manohar sir for 10 months only u had made a hope in ourself to survivethat we will get our principal amount back otherwise hundred of people would had died thorugh heartattack thanks to u manohar sir god bless u and remove u from this city limouzine mess and i hope we will get ur money back one day before we die manohar sir i want u to come again and organize a rally to chiefminister house that we want ur money back from masood cheater ur principal money only pls help us manohar sir

24th Jun 2010
Dinakaran News related.
Masood and Geeta Razzaki are in Chennai and not Seema. Seema is in custody of Delhi EOW. The women in yellow is Geeta Razzaki and the right most photo is Masood. Does anyone know who the two people in the middle are? Are they City employees from the Chennai office?
Masood and Geeta have both been remanded to police custody till July 2nd.
These photos belong to the Directors of City Limouzine and AIM Limouzines. The Judge has ordered for the 15 Judicial Custody and 7 days police custody.

The two other photos are the Directors of the other company.

Chand Masood, first wife of Sayed Masood has listed both her luxury homes, bought with investors funds, for sale.
The total of these two properties is $4 Million or Rs. 18 crores. Authorities have been informed about this new step taken by the Masood family to continue their money laundering efforts.

We need to find as many properties and assets that Masood has bought with out money so EOW officials can attach them for our benefit.
23rd jun 2010.
A Criminal Writ Petition has been filed by Seema Razzaki in the Mumbai High Court with a request to issue Writ in the nature of Habeas Corpus since she has not been released on bail and was not produced in Court. The date of hearing is 29.06.2010. Investors should attend if you have time.23rd jun 2010.

Masood has anticipatory bail in Bangalore so will not be arrested there. I think the Bangalore Investors need to get together and push the police to get the ABA vacated.
sir, this is the article published in dinakaran, leading tamil newspaper. masood and seema razzaki is taken in to seven days police custody in chennai. they earlier aajared in special court for financial scams, the judge put them into 15 days judicial custody.

Canadian helps crack alleged Ponzi scheme, said to be India’s biggest

MUMBAI, INDIA—It’s evening rush hour in India’s commercial capital city and Vedant Rajput is drawing a crowd.
Walking through an underground pedestrian tunnel, the Canadian is stopped by a half-dozen men who ask for his phone number. It’s the third time in 10 minutes he has been approached by strangers.
In this bustling Mumbai neighbourhood, home to the historic Victoria Terminus, the burly 32-year-old, who sells school supplies from his office in Mississauga, is an unlikely local hero.
Rajput is widely credited with helping to untangle India’s largest-known Ponzi scheme.
Over the past decade, 53-year-old Sayed Mohamed Masood tricked more than 200,000 victims out of $250 million (US), police allege.
The scam was simple.
Masood’s company, City Limouzines, purported to buy cars and run them as taxis. Investors who turned over $3,200 were given 60 postdated cheques of $175 a month, which totalled about $10,400 over five years. Police believe Masood actually bought fewer than 100 cars.
In India, the wheels of justice are not known for rhythmic efficiency. Police routinely refuse to register criminal complaints and even when a case is opened, it’s anyone’s guess how long it could take to wind its way through the courts.
Predictably, when City Limouzine’s cheques began bouncing last August, many were resigned that their savings were gone.
Mississauga’s Rajput, on the other hand, became a one-man army.
He organized rallies in Mumbai that attracted as many as 15,000 investors — becoming a celebrity thanks to local TV and newspaper coverage — and created and distributed complaint forms for investors to submit to police. He unwound City Limouzines’ corporate structure, explaining its cash flow to police.
Rajput has tracked down real estate that could be used to help repay claims to investors, and has hunted down three of the company’s senior directors, including Masood himself.
“Vedant is a saviour,” said Ravi Puri, a 72-year-old retiree in New Delhi who invested in City Limouzines. “He’s been doing the work of the police and various government agencies, and he’s been doing it all on his own.”
When City Limouzines first opened its doors in 1995, its promises were bold but Masood won over investors.
His company sponsored the national women’s field hockey team and he bolstered awareness with ads headlined “Golden Opportunity” in India’s largest English and Hindi-language papers. Some featured pictures of Bollywood legend Shahrukh Khan.
By early 2009, City Limouzines had opened offices in cities including New Delhi, Pune and Hyderabad.
“People couldn’t invest fast enough,” Rajput said in his parents’ apartment in a middle-class Mumbai neighbourhood on a recent morning. “At some of Masood’s offices, people waited on line with bags of money to turn over.”
It wasn’t long before Masood was a high roller, reportedly financing Bollywood films.
Rajput first discovered City Limouzines in August 2008. He came to Mumbai to help his parents expand a retirement home they’d built outside the city. One morning, he discovered a stack of cheques payable to his father on the dinner table.
His father, a retired electrician, explained he had received the cheques after investing in City Limouzines. Rajput was intrigued.
A month later, he was back in Mumbai with a cheque for $275,000 and for close to a year, his bet seemed to be a good one.
But in early August 2009, his mother began asking nervously whether Rajput’s cheques from the company were clearing. Word was spreading that the cheques made out to some investors were bouncing.
Soon, Rajput was a victim himself. A member of Mensa, the society for intellectually gifted people, he estimates he’s lost $100,000 on his investment.
“The most common question I get from people is, ‘how did you fall for this?’ ” Rajput said. “I talk to the cops and they can see why uneducated retirees might fall for Masood’s trick, but they don’t understand why I did. I wish I had an answer for them.”
Police believe Masood was funnelling company money out of India to Hong Kong, Singapore, the United Arab Emirates and the U.S. using hawala, an unregulated and informal money transfer system used to send money across international borders.
In a hawala transaction, a customer deposits funds with an agent in one country, and is given a code. That code is provided to another hawala agent in another country, and the money is turned over, minus a commission, which was believed to be 0.5 per cent for Masood.
Sometimes, that money came back into India, transferred to City Limousines’ bank accounts from overseas companies. Deposits were sometimes described as advance payments for diamonds, car parts or textiles.
Under Indian law, banks are required to notify authorities of any suspicious transactions over $22,000 and single transfers to the company were for as much as $949,939. An investigatory branch of India’s Ministry of Finance was alerted and money from the incoming transfers was frozen.
Cheques to investors began to bounce. The jig was up.
Back in Toronto, as word spread about the company’s troubles, Rajput started a Google news group anxious to collect and spread information about the company.
But he was also nervous.
Lining up against someone with money and influence can be a dangerous game in Mumbai. Rajput decided to use a pseudonym, and has been widely quoted in the Indian press using the alias Manohar Lohia.
As investors began to organize, thanks to the news group, pressure built on police to act. On Sept. 26, police accepted a report from a jilted investor who said he had lost more than $13,000 to Masood. A week later, Masood was in a Mumbai court to attend a preliminary hearing related to the charges.
But as his hearing ended, Masood left the courtroom and slipped away. He wouldn’t be seen or heard from for months.
By this time, Rajput was back in Mumbai and his Google news group was starting to pay off. Some former City Limouzines employees had received bonuses in the form of discounted company shares. They, too, were victims, and were willing to help.
One former employee told Rajput about the private company’s corporate structure and how it moved around money. Another ex-staffer gave Rajput a list of 85,000 customer mobile phone numbers.
In November, acting on a tip from an ex-employee, Rajput, his brother, and a team of bodyguards, burst in an apartment flat in the west Indian city of Pune. They had found Seema Razzaki, a company director who signed City Limouzines’ cheques and Masood’s mother-in-law.
Police were still struggling to string together any solid leads about Masood’s whereabouts when Rajput spoke again with a former employee on Dec. 26, asking whether the company’s computer servers were still active, and whether he could use them to obtain Masood’s email address.
Masood used the employee’s log-in information and discovered Masood was still using his company-linked Gmail account for email.
Within a few weeks, Rajput discovered the website The company’s software allows someone to send an email that includes a hidden, embedded code to a recipient. When the email is opened, Spypig’s software sends their Internet protocol address to the original sender.
“I think all the misunderstanding has been now cleared, so please let me know when we can meet,” Rajput wrote in a Jan. 10 email to Masood.
After just a few minutes, Rajput received a message indicating Masood had opened the email and was in the New Delhi region. Over the next three weeks, Rajput sent Masood more than a dozen emails. Little did Masood know that even though he didn’t answer any of them, Rajput could see his Internet Protocol address shifting around the Delhi area.
On Jan. 30, Rajput returned to the Mumbai police.
“I walked in to the police station and said, ‘I’ve got a secret for you,’ ” Rajput said.
With Rajput’s intelligence, police arrested Masood in a 16th Century fort turned hotel in Rajasthan.
“It was a dream come true,” Rajput said. “I’m not an investigator and I don’t have any training with technical surveillance. It’s been like something out of the TV show ‘24’ or something.”
One challenge for police has been tracking down investors’ money and so far, they have located 34 properties owned by Masood or his immediate family. Of those, 10 were found thanks to Rajput’s sleuthing.
Rajput has filed a civil claim against Masood and his first wife in Miami.
Surely Rajput has become Masood’s worst nightmare.
“Nah,” Rajput said, back at his home in Mississauga. “I just want people to get their money back.”

19th Jun 2010

Masood and Geeta Razzaki have been taken in custody by Chennai Police. Seema is in Delhi EOW custody as of today.
No one has received any money. Are you not following the emails from other members of this group? How is it that you only read that one email from Raj, which lead to all this chaos and not any other email?

15th Jun 2010.

Beware! That 'benign' email can make you a money mule

If an online offer to make easy money is too good to be true, it probably is. So, be careful or go to jail

Late last month, two people were arrested in the city in an online fraud case involving over Rs26.55 lakh. The twist in the tale is that they are probably innocent — unwitting victims of a global scam. You could have been one of them.
The arrested people were 'money mules' — people recruited by cyber criminals to transfer money stolen through phishing.
The scam operates thus: you receive an email from an international company offering you the opportunity of being a financial conduit for them. All you need to do is receive payments for them and transfer them the money — minus a sizeable commission, which can be as much as $6,000, sometimes more.
Lest you wonder why the company is giving you such an easy way to rake in the moolah, the email mentions that the company did a background check and found you trustworthy; the company needs you because of banking restrictions in its host country.
What's hidden from you is that the money you will receive is ill-gotten, making you liable for prosecution. What the persons behind the company do is use your account to escape the law. They use your account number to have money transferred from the accounts of others through phishing (fraudulently acquiring someone's username, password, and account and credit card details with the intention of cheating).
To law enforcers, the victim's money is traced to your account, making you the culprit, though you did not have a clue about the scam.
"If the victim files a police complaint, the person caught is the money mule, while the kingpin is not affected at all," says Vijay Mukhi, a technology evangelist.
Email is not the only means to recruit money mules. Not long ago, a recruitment drive was conducted on Facebook. Dmitry Bestuzhev of computer security firm Kaspersky Lab says: "After the campaign, we have been monitoring this activity."
The lab found that the fraudsters keep coming up with ways to recruit money mules. A favourite is the 'romantic money mule' method, where a man is lured by scammers posing as a sexy woman, who makes up reasons why the man should be a conduit for transferring funds to her.
"People should be extremely careful about such mails," says joint commissioner of police (crime) Himanshu Roy. "The police conduct cyber safety weeks to specifically warn against such crimes. One should make it a point to attend these sessions."
11th Jun 2010
Kaiser Baig has been taken to Karad today. Hyderabad will take custody of Geeta Razzaki, Seema Razzaki, Umar Razzaki and Rajesh Choudhary on Monday.
9th jun 2010
I had taken 42 lakhs personal loans from 11 Banks in nov 2007. after
aug 2009 When this co closed, i had sold all my wifes gold and car and
other saleable effects like land .i was even helped by frndS and
family to pay monthly emis of One lakh 24k per month. i had even
reinvested 9 lakhs in june 2009,.i know this was a foolish thing to
do.. but the co was going on strong for the past 13 Yrs, hence... i
have paid the banks more than 12 lakhs frm aug 2009 To may 2010 .now i
have exhausted all funds and have no more money to pay the banks.
suicide for my entire family came up several times, but that is the
cowards way out i told the devil. there r many pple in my situation
too. i wonder how they r coping.God has beem helping me for the past
year. i just cant take this any more. my liability has come down to 23
Lakhs from 42 l. others pls share hw u r coping thanks.
i really commissirate with you. 45 lacs . whew. and you made an effort to repay. excellent character.
now only stamina, and a bit of good luck is required.
1. stop bank payments. Please go to the banks and lay your cards on the table. you will get relief.
2. take up a job and concentrate on income to meet living expenses right now.
3. Pray to god. It helps in maintaining mental stability.

I have done the same thing. Only I invested about half you did, and had got retiurns for 23 months.

God be with you. Bad times will pass.
Mr.James I do very well understand your situation. I invested only in june 2009 for a similar amount of 40 lakhs as you have done.I sold many things and reduced my burden but still some remains. See brother dont loose heart Lord our God will deliver you from troubles please do pray and hand over your problems to him. But never forcefully try to leave this world. I hope you understand what i mean.
Live as a begger too is ok in God's site but never attempt to leave this world.We will pray for you.bye
A new FIR has been registered against City Realcom, City Limouzines and all its directors in Mumbai. The FIR was registered at the MRA Marg Police Station and the complainant is the Indian Postal Service. Their claim is that Masood and the company owe lakhs of rupees to the Indian Postal Service. This FIR brings the total of Mumbai FIR's to 14. The other 13 are at EOW Unit 5, EOW Unit 3, Cuffe Parade, Amboli, Vakola, Bangur Nagar, Kurla, Ghatkopar, Vikhroli, Borivali, Matunga, Agripada and Malabar Hill. There are a total of 8 FIR's outside of Mumbai, at Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Delhi, Karad, Pune, Jaipur and Thane.
7th June 2010

State moves to dilute cases against fraud cos


Mumbai: In an apparent attempt to dilute cases where investors were
duped, the state government has issued orders asking the police to
chargesheet them under the Indian Penal Code (IPC) instead of the
special act MPIDA or Maharashtra Protection of Interest of Depositors
Act (in financial establishments).
MPIDA was enacted in 2000, on the RBI’s desire for a stringent law
against financial establishments which duped investors by offering
huge returns. The existing laws were found to be inadequate to deal
with the growing number of such companies. MPIDA’s salient feature was
that the properties of the companies could be attached and auctioned
to repay the investors. But some companies moved the Bombay high court
questioning the state’s powers to promulgate such an act. In November
2005, the HC struck down the act putting the trial in these cases in a
There are at least 50 cases in the state where investigations were
complete but chargesheets could not be submitted as the act became
defunct. In the remaining 454 cases the chargesheets were submitted
but the trial could not take place following the SC order which gave
interim relief to fraudsters.

Over 6 lakh duped investors await justice

Companies collectively mobilised over Rs 1,200 crore from the public
during the period 1996-2005, when the MPIDA act was struck down by the
Bombay high court. It is estimated that over seven lakh investors
collectively invested in the various schemes floated by the fly-by-
night operators. At the same time, the amount distributed to the
investors with the intervention of the police and court stood at a
meagre Rs 19 crore.

Cops not happy with new rule for fraud firms

Mumbai: After some companies moved the Bombay high court against the
state’s powers to promulgate the special act, MPIDA, or Maharashtra
Protection of Interest of Depositors Act (in financial establishments)
to book fraudulent firms duping investors, the high court struck down
the act in 2005.
The state government went in appeal in the Supreme Court to restore
the act. Even as the appeal is yet to be decided, the state government
this month directed the police across the state to charge sheet the
pending cases under the Indian Penal Code and not MPIDA. The reasoning
is that since the appeal is yet to be decided by the SC it does not
make any sense to wait further. Officers say that the government order
will pave the way for the SC to take a view that since charge sheets
are being submitted under IPC there is no need to restore the act, a
move that will benefit the companies.
TOI has a copy of the order signed by special inspector general
Rashmi Shukla on behalf of the director general of police. “This is
part of the GR issued by the government,’’ she said but refused to
elaborate further.
Police officers told TOI that they were surprised that the
government took a decision without consulting any of the officers
dealing with such cases.
“The government on the one hand has been speaking about setting up
special units across the state to handle cheating cases. At a meeting
with officers on January 13, state home minister R R Patil asked us to
take the assistance of lawyers and chartered accountants in
complicated cases. This order will benefit the companies. The
government claims to have discussed the issue with the law and
judiciary department,’’ a police officer said.
According to them, once a charge sheet is submitted under the IPC,
all the properties attached under MPIDA will have to be released. “The
properties were attached under the provisions of MPIDA and not IPC.
Besides, the bank accounts of these fraudsters frozen under the
special act will also have to be activated. There is also the issue of
limitation, where the magistrate courts will say the charge sheets
have not been submitted within the stipulated time. The courts will
throw out the charge sheets,’’ a police officer said. Additional
commissioner of police (economic offences wing) Sanjay Saxena refused
to comment.

6.2L investors await justice

Companies collectively mobilised over Rs 1,200 crore from the public
during the period 1996-2005, when the act was struck down by the
Bombay high court. It is estimated that over seven lakh investors
collectively invested in the various schemes floated by the flyby-
night operators. At the same time, the amount distributed to the
investors with the intervention of the police and court stood at a
meagre Rs 19 crore. According to police officials, there were only six
convictions before the act was struck down. In the other cases, the
charge sheet has been submitted but the trial has not proceeded since
the act was struck down. Available statistics show that of the seven
lakh investors, only 78,000 investors got their money back.
Folks- This is again a message to caution you about various associations that have cropped up across the country promising return of investors money. Many of these associations charge Rs. 500 to Rs.2000 per person, and in some cases per file. Hundreds of people have signed up with these associations only to find out that even that money has been stolen from them. To make matters even more interesting, there are associations in Mumbai, who have filed PIL's against the police. They are filing cases against the same Mumbai police that caught Masood and has detained others directors for over 6 months now. This same police filed 4 chargesheets in the court and now have served a attachment notice of 26 properties to the court. At this advanced level of investigation, if a PIL gets filed to change the investigating agency, you can only imagine what will happen? The entire investigation will go back to square one. So, please exercise caution from such associations. Manohar

Sayed Mohammed Masood, owner of city Limozines, City Realcom and so on Companies have
Duped several investors in India worth thousands of crores.
Kindly view the following link to know about the modus operandi.

Masood's first wife Chand Masood Sayed and daughter Jabeen Masood Syed are in US currently. Masood has allegedly transferred crores of money to the company owned by these two, called Kanu Reality Pvt.Ltd. We need this family back in India so Mumbai EOW can take them in custody like all others.

6th Jun 2010
Masood has already threatened me with dire consequences yesterday but I just laughed at him. There is nothing he or his puppets can do to anyone of us.

I have also filed a complaint in the police station yesterday re him and his relatives and their behaviour and threat to me. The complaint said that if any of my family members or I were hurt, Masood and his family is to be held responsible.

Mumbai EOW served a attachment notice on him yesterday in Esplanade Court for 26 properties. He was refusing to accept and sign till the judge ordered him to sign. Seema and Geeta were made to sign similar notices on Friday.

Yesterday Ghatkopar PS took custody of Masood.

5th Jun 2010
Saw Masood at Esplanade Court today. He is still quite adamant about returning the investments.

He told me that I was trying to 'extort' money from him and go shopping. I could not stop laughing at him. I am extorting my own money from him. What a life Masood leads!
4th june 2010
Seema and Geeta Razzaki were drinking tea in police custody at azad maidan police station. Lemon TV caught it. Pls see live at 10pm.
From Manohar.
I am sure there are still a whole lot of you who are still wondering what ever happened in August 2009 which started this painful long journey of money recovery! I have spent the last 9 months investigating this and have a few answers. This is what happened: All cash deposits that were being invested in the company were being sent out of the country via Hawala. Diamond Traders in Mumbai, Surat and elsewhere assisted Masood in moving this cash out of the country. Diamond Traders like Samir Shah, Arun Shah and others helped him (all of whom will be prosecuted very soon), The organiser of Sharjah Cup- Mr. Bukhtiar also helped Masood to quite an extent. This means, only cheques and DD's given by investors hit the bank accounts of City. The money that went out to other diamond traders in HK, Dubai, UK, Singapore and the US was turned into white by those diamond traders wiring back via TT 75-80% into City Limouzine bank accounts held at DBS and ABN Amro. These wires that were coming in from the cash sent out, helped cash all the invester cheques. The banks saw this a clear case of money laundering and reported it to ED and RBI. ED raided the City Offices to investigate these transactions on August 11, 2009. They stopped all incoming transfers, so the cash deposits that were already sent out, could not come in and hence cheques bounced. Those cash deposits are still sitting outside the country. When Masood realised that his crime spree of money laundering had come to an end, he decided to put in a company application to return the principle amount + 8% over 12 months. Even for this he would need to bring that cash sitting outside into the country. For this he would need to travel out of India, but the authorities did not trust him and his passport was impounded by ED. Masood's next move was filing for Anticiptory Bail in various courts across India where his luck ran out and he went absconding. The rest is history. So now, there are 24 FIR's against Masood and the directors across India. Its unfortunate that the directors did not know anything that Masood was doing with the cash, but given they were benefeciaries of this crime and rubber stamp directors, they will also have to face the music. Masood is looking at 7-10 months in Jail followed by detentions through other departments. Other directors are looking at 7-10 months as well but may just escape prosecution by DRI and ED. As far as money recovery is concerned, the chargesheets from all 24 FIR's will have to get filed in various courts across the country before trial starts. The money that is lying outside the country will have to be brought back in. All the 34 properties found by the police will have to be attached and liquidated by a court appointed liquidator. Ideally a special court with a special PP should be formed to try this case, which is next on my agenda. Last by not least, all the cheques we all cashed, unknowingly were from proceeds of crime. How do you guys feel about that?
Dear Manohar Sir,

Thanks for the lovely update.

But at the same time we can't deny the fact that we became very greedy too and Allah has given us punishment for our sin.

We just became blind and did not bother to find out how the money ( high returns ) was coming to us as long as we were getting payment.

Now we do understand that we enjoyed with money of crime ( coming from out of India).

Apparently, we must blame ED for freezing accounts for which our payments got stopped and we are in pain.

My point is, now we are saying Masood was doing illegal things and so at last got caught.

But, did we try to find out how he was giving high returns??

As long as we got money, everything was fine and wise.

Awaiting your valuable comments.
Crime can only last for so long. If Masood was murdering people and getting paid, eventually helping us cash cheques, would you still want that to continue?

Yes- had ED not stopped his laundering, we would continue getting cheques but like I said- no crime lasts forever!
Yes Manohar Sir,

Thats my point.

I am sure that we would have agreed to anything Masood did as long as we are getting our money from him....

I mean " Aam khane se matlab hai..ped kaun ginti karta??"

Kaise bhi, masood was giving money to us.Isn't it??

He deliberately didn't stop payment. he was forced to stop it.

As you told...crime doesn't last for long...

Anyway, i think what i am talking now must be irrelevant to many people of this forum.

Thanks once again for your wonderful investigation. Allah bless you.
Dear Mr. Manohar Lohia Ji,

Thank you very much for clearing the entire Scenario. I think you
should be the Head of India's Intelligent Bureau so that such Fraud
doesn't ever happen in Future & We All Citizen of India are Saved from
such Frauds.

Thank You indeed from the Bottom of my Heart & We all mean it.

God Bless
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Mississauga's Vedant Rajput has helped police in Mumbai untangle one of India's largest alleged Ponzi schemes.
Mississauga's Vedant Rajput has helped police in Mumbai untangle one of India's largest alleged Ponzi schemes.
dinakaran news city limouzine
dinakaran news city limouzine

3rd Jun 2010

Sayed Mohammed Masood, owner of city Limozines, City Realcom and so on Companies have
Duped several investors in India worth thousands of crores.

Masood's first wife Chand Masood Sayed and daughter Jabeen Masood Syed  are in US currently. Masood has allegedly transferred crores of money to the company owned by these two, called Kanu Reality Pvt.Ltd. We need this family back in India so Mumbai EOW can take them in custody like all others.  
The goal is get Masood's first wife Chand Masood Sayed and daughter Jabeen Masood Syed deported to India. I am sure most have you read the recent article in Times of India- Mumbai Edition about Kanu Properties.  I have attached the article for your perusal.   Kindly view the following link to know about the modus operandi.
Chand Masood Sayed and Jabeen Masood Sayed are the sole directors of Kanu Reality PVT LTD. This property in Maker Chambers is valued at over rs. 15 crores. Imagine how many investors can get their principle amount repaid from this property alone. Now only that, Ryewood Retreats, a motel in Lonavala is also owned by Chand Masood Sayed and her daughter Jabeen Masood Sayed. The 5 star hotel, Millennium Plaza Resorts in Gurgaon was to be run by Jabeen Sayed Masood as well. I have several documents showing funds were sent from City Realcom to Millennium Plaza Resorts to the tune of several crores.

The bottomline is that Sayed Mohammed Masood is not the only one enjoying our hard earned money, but also his first wife and kids. His second wife is already in Mumbai EOW custody along with his second inlaws. There is quite a bit information that Chand Kausar Mohammed, also known as Chand Sayed Masood has piled up several properties in the US as well as luxury cars, watches and precious stones. Given they were brought with our money, they now belong to us. We need this family back in India so Mumbai EOW can take them in custody like all others.

Here are the details:


Full Name on Passport: Syed Jabeen Masood

First Name: Syed
Last Name: Jabeen Masood


They are both hold L1 visas which were obtained fraudulently. We need to push the US consulate to revoke their visas for crimes on humanity. 200,000 people are suffering and they are enjoying green cards and living in a luxurious apartment in Miami, USA. That is simply not done.
They both live in Miami, USA at the following address:

These two went to the US and set up City Trading LLC under a L1 visa. This is visa fraud!   Hoping to get your attention on this matter and all the help possible for a speedy resolution.  

2nd jun 2010

Kaiser Baig and Geeta Razzaki have been sent to judicial custody by Shivaji Nagar Court in Pune. They will be in Mumbai tomorrow. Kesar Baig will be sent to Arthur Road Jail and Geeta Razzaki to Byculla Ladies Prison. Masood has left from Hyderabad at 2:45pm on Hussain Sagar Express and will reach Mumbai at 6am tomorrow morning. He will be taken straight to Arthur Road Jail. On Friday, at 2:45pm he will be presented in 19th Esplanade Court in Mumbai. Seema Razzaki, Rajesh Choudhary and Geeta Razzaki will be taken into custody by Malabar Hill police station tomorrow evening or day after tomorrow. Umar Razzaki will be taken into custody by Bangur Nagar Police Station tomorrow. Kaiser Baig is wanted by several police stations including Chennai, but I have not received information on where he will be taken next as he will be offered to the police stations on a 'first come first served' basis. A new FIR has been registered at Thane EOW, taking the total number of FIR's across the country to 23.

1st jun 2010

Hello All, We are kickstarting a new initiative of sending letters to ROC demanding company liquidation and repayment to investors (depositors). Attached is a letter for ROC as well as the company master data. We all have to take print outs, fill in the details on the letter for each investor and send it via post to ROC at the earliest. The letter can be printed on 2 sides of one A4 page. Second page should be the company master data. Shakir- can you please help with the spreadsheet asap? Please let me know if anyone has questions. Thanks,
A new FIR has been registered against City Realcom, City Limouzines and all its directors in Mumbai. The FIR was registered at the MRA Marg Police Station and the complainant is the Indian Postal Service. Their claim is that Masood and the company owe lakhs of rupees to the Indian Postal Service. This FIR brings the total of Mumbai FIR's to 14. The other 13 are at EOW Unit 5, EOW Unit 3, Cuffe Parade, Amboli, Vakola, Bangur Nagar, Kurla, Ghatkopar, Vikhroli, Borivali, Matunga, Agripada and Malabar Hill. There are a total of 8 FIR's outside of Mumbai, at Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Delhi, Karad, Pune, Jaipur and Thane. Those who still have not filed complaints in any of the above cities or need latest information on the City Limouzine Fraud situation, please call these investigating officers of respective FIR's:
We are still looking for investors to come forward from Chandigarh and Kolkata to file an FIR.
A new email address for the US consulate has been located by some investors. The email address is that of Mehjabeen Chougle. She is the security investigator at the US Consulate in Mumbai. Lets start sending her emails ASAP. Her email address is
The goal is get Masood's first wife Chand Masood Sayed and daughter Jabeen Masood Syed deported to India. I am sure most have you read the recent article in Times of India- Mumbai Edition about Kanu Properties. I have attached the article for your perusal. Chand Masood Sayed and Jabeen Masood Sayed are the sole directors of Kanu Reality PVT LTD. This property in Maker Chambers is valued at over rs. 15 crores. Imagine how many investors can get their principle amount repaid from this property alone. Now only that, Ryewood Retreats, a motel in Lonavala is also owned by Chand Masood Sayed and her daughter Jabeen Masood Sayed. The 5 star hotel, Millennium Plaza Resorts in Gurgaon was to be run by Jabeen Sayed Masood as well. I have several documents showing funds were sent from City Realcom to Millennium Plaza Resorts to the tune of several crores.
The bottomline is that Sayed Mohammed Masood is not the only one enjoying our hard earned money, but also his first wife and kids. His second wife is already in Mumbai EOW custody along with his second inlaws. There is quite a bit information that Chand Kausar Mohammed, also known as Chand Sayed Masood has piled up several properties in the US as well as luxury cars, watches and precious stones. Given they were brought with our money, they now belong to us. We need this family back in India so Mumbai EOW can take them in custody like all others.
Here are the details:
Chand Kausar Mohamed Masood Sayed passport number is F8658527.
Chand's Fathers Name: Qamar Khan
DOB: 8 May 1957
First Name: Chand Kausar Middle Name: Sayed Last Name: Mohamed Masood
Syed Jabeen Masood passport number is F8658533 (daughter)
DOB: 5th March 1987
Full Name on Passport: Syed Jabeen Masood
First Name: Syed Last Name: Jabeen Masood
They are both hold L1 visas which were obtained fraudulently. We need to push the US consulate to revoke their visas for crimes on humanity. 200,000 people are suffering and they are enjoying green cards and living in a luxurious apartment in Miami, USA. That is simply not done.
They both live in Miami, USA at the following address:
2627 S Bayshore Dr Suite# 2202 Miami, FL 33133
These two went to the US and set up City Trading LLC under a L1 visa. This is visa fraud!
So please start sending emails ASAP. Attach newspaper articles, write your own story and lets make sure atleast the US does not give these criminals a shelter. Our goal is to get the US consulate or the Department of Homeland Security to cancel all US visas of the Masood family and deport all family members currently in the US back to India. This is one way we will find millions of dollars worth of assets, so we all get our hard earned money back. Please do not copy and paste this email, but write your own story as how this family has ruined your life. I have already sent my story and I am pursuing them separately as well, but I need your support. Email address again is:
Lets get moving!

30th May 2010

Yes- I feel we should start sending letters to ROC. I am not sure if they have authority to liquidate the company. Does anyone know? Masood misused the ROC to form these companies for bogus use, so they may just be able to help.

22nd May 2010

Mumbai Police have been successful in locating one more property owned by Masood and company in a shopping mall in New Bombay. This property is a set of 2 stores and a notice has been stuck on the shutters, that this property now is in dispute and state has provisional control. We have to start efforts to get a special court formed for this trial. I am told by authorities that if a special court is not formed, the trial may not start for another year or so, and the length of trial may go to 6-8 years. I am meeting with the Home Minister- Mr. RR. Patil on Tuesday with a memorandum regarding a fast track court, special judge and a special PP in this case. I will keep everyone posted on the developements.
One way is to get about 30-40 investors from Mumbai and we all go together and visit the home minister. I will type up a memorandum today and will let everyone know the time and date when I am going to see Mr. Patil. We can all meet outside Mantralaya.

28th May 2010

Has anyone given a thought to lakhs of rupees being spent by those held in custody for their personal comforts? Masood has millions stashed away in cash and this money is being used for Bisleri water, Biryanis, cigarettes and other small luxuries.
A time frame of just ten months is too little to decide cases like this in our system. Remember Ruchika case, Harshad mehta, Abdul karim telgi, Satyam computers, Uti 1964 scheme, Golden forests.....etc and so on. To get justice is a long drawn process. Requires patience and perseverance of the Himalayan size.

27th May 2010

News From USA

Limo Deal Called Tip of an Iceberg By DAN MCCUE
(CN) - An Indian woman living in Florida on a work visa embezzled and laundered $250 million a part of in an international scheme in which cars were bought in investors' names and hired out, three investors claim in Miami Federal Court. After promising returns as high as 48 percent, Chand Masood, "who had been on the run from authorities since August 2009," used the money to buy a $1.2 million mansion in Cocoanut Grove and other extravagances, according to the complaint.
The Rajput family claims that Florida companies City Trading and Chand Realty, both named as defendants, were used to continue the illegal activities of Chand Masood's husband, Sayed Masood, who was arrested in February on charges of operating numerous investment scams in their native India. The Rajputs say they invested nearly $376,000 in City Group Companies, a Masood shell company, based on promises they would be paid more than $1.6 million over the next 5 years.
The Rajputs say the Masoods used the money to invest in Florida real estate and laundered ill-gotten gains from India. "The activities of the Masoods and the City Group Companies have been the subject of much press coverage in numerous international newspapers, as is the India authorities' reported belief that more than Rs 1,000 crore - or about $250 million - fraudulently obtained from investors (including plaintiffs) were diverted to the City Group Companies in the United States run by defendant Chand Masood," according to the complaint. (Parentheses in complaint.)
The Rajputs say Chand Masood came to the United States in 2005 under the guise of working for the City Group Cos. and promptly set up City Trading LLC, a company purportedly involved in vehicle leasing, fleet management and hospitality services. Meanwhile, the parent City Group Cos. allegedly engaged in diamond, jewelry and garment exporting. The Rajputs claim City Group Cos. attracted investors by asking for a minimum investment of $3,000, with a promise of monthly payments for 5 years. Investors were promised they would break even after their seventeenth check was cashed, according to the complaint.
In addition to the vehicle leasing scheme, called City Limouzines, Chand Masood operated a second investment vehicle, City Realcom, which purported to invest in real estate. In this scheme, investors were told they would own a 20-square-foot piece of property for 5 years, according to the complaint. As in the case of City Limouzines, investors were told they would receive monthly payments for 5 years. The Rajputs say they invested in both companies, and did receive payments for a time. But last year the checks began to bounce; and ultimately, they stopped arriving all together.
In December 2009, police in Mumbai, India began to investigate the City Group Companies for fraud, the complaint states. As of April 4, 2010, the companies and their principals have been charged with "duping 25,000 investors who had invested in its various schemes promising high returns," the complaint states, citing an article of that date in The Financial Press. The Rajputs seek damages and court costs on claims of racketeering, money laundering, fraud and unjust enrichment. They are represented by John Marino and E.K. Cottrell with Fowler, White Boggs in Jacksonville, Fla. The defendants in this case are City Trading LLC, Chand Really LLC, and Chand Sayed Masood.
My God !! Manohar I really did not expect this. Solid hai !!
You will see Masood and others in Delhi very soon. I will keep you posted.

Trial will be held in the US but we will bring them to justice one way or another. They can only cheat and run so much!
Great work Manohar!!!..... I knew you were upto something like this, when you were not so frequently seen on this forum. Only you are capable of doing it.... Hats off to you.... I hope by the grace of God and your efforts, we will finally get justice.
Kaiser Baig and Geeta Razzaki taken into custody by Pune EOW.
The judge preciding over this case in Hyd is on vacation. As soon as he is back, Masood will be transported back to Mumbai.

25th May 2010.

A case has been filed against Chand Masood in Miami federal court,
congrats...see the link below....

this is good news. I do hope that Masood and his cronies are brought to book. but I do see it happening very soon in india. And the moneys invested. To tell the truth i am a bit pessimistic of getting it back. even after 10 months, there is no real info on how the money is to be removed from City and to be paid back to investors in india.


24th May 2010

Kaiser Baig sent to judicial custody in Arthur Rd Jail. He may be released
on bail if other police stations don't take his custody. The investers must file objections against release of Mr.Kaiser Beg vowing to the reasons Further material evidences may be destroyed/abused/illegally transferred without any fear of legal course of actions/other agencies where his presence is required.

Exhaustive list of directors

Director Sayed Masood Jamadar,
Director Geeta Umar Razzaki,
Director Seema
Umar Razzaki,
Director Farhan Ahmed Khan,
Director Shehla Khan,
Director Naeem Munawar Sayed,
Director Amber Razzaki,
Director Rajesh Choudary,
Director Santosh Dayalkar,
Director Manoj Vighe,
Director Rajiv Lamba,
Sales Manager Akram Khan,
Marketing Manager Vivek Patil,
Marketing Manager Anil D'Mello,
Marketing Manager Chirag Doshi and Mr. Kesar Baig (CA)

21st May 2010

‘Producer bros duped investors’

Mumbai: The promoters of fly-by-night companies that vanish with public money love to hobnob with the entertainment industry. After S M Masood, chairman of the tainted investment company City Limouzines, dabbled in Bollywood producing some C-grade movies, two brothers known in the television industry have come under the scanner for duping investors.
Sandeep Shukla owner of Leo 1 Music, who funded the second season of realty show Dance India Dance, and his brother Manoj Shukla are currently being investigated for duping public by promising huge returns on their investments. “They are directors of Aurum Realty Ltd and are believed to have masterminded the fraud. We are trying to locate them,’’ a police officer said. Meanwhile the police have arrested two of the company’s directors—Jignesh Rathod and Shafiq Shaikh.
A Google search on Sandeep Shukla provided a detailed account of his birthday celebration last July at a five star hotel. Most of the attendees included lesser known television actors with the only exception of film actor Rajpal Yadav. It further says that his parents gifted him an Audi car. Sandeep has also produced a Marathi movie Anandi Ki Rohi.
The initial estimates by the police show that Aurum has duped 3,000 investors in Mumbai to the tune of Rs 40 crore. The company also had offices in Pune, Nashik and Aurangabad. In March, Amrish Patankar, a customs house clearing agent lodged a complaint with the economic offences wing (EOW). The company had floated two schemes at Kasara and Karjat and promised to construct dream houses there. The company promised the public very high returns on the amount they invested till the project came up. The firm even assured that the investors will be the tentative owners of the one-acre land at Karjat, a police officer said. “The company never owned any land,’’ a police officer said.
Investigators said the company floated the scheme in January 2009 and placed huge advertisements in newspapers. The advertisements read: ‘Change your life. Be Rich. Get wealthy by investing in land’. The company had two schemes: Nature Valley and Astra Hills. The investors were promised that their money will be doubled in a year. The company disbursed returns till March, after which it stopped.
According to the scheme, if a person invested Rs 51,000, he would get a monthly return of Rs 8,160 for one year. In its brochure, Aurum stated that the company was ISO certified.
One more held in City Limo scam
In the City Limouzines case, the EOW on Saturday arrested Kaiser Beg, tax consultant to the company. This is the first arrest of a non-employee in the case. Six persons including S M Masood and his wife Seema are presently in custody. The police believe that Beg was the brain behind the schemes floated by the company. When Masood was in hiding, Beg had transferred money into his accounts.

Email address of Mr. Naidu, our Law Minister is Thank you Mr. Nagaratha. Please lets start sending mails asap to that email address.


19th May 2010

Fraud realty firm used 'dummies' to escape the law

The Economic Offences Wing (EOW) of the Mumbai Crime Branch, which is investigating the multi-crore investors' scam involving Aurum Realty Limited, has come across a rather unique modus operandi. The alleged masterminds used dummy directors to dupe investors, thereby safeguarding themselves legally, police said.
On May 10, EOW officials had arrested Jignesh Rathod and Shafiq Shaikh—directors of Aurum—for allegedly cheating nearly 3,000 investors of crores of rupees.
"Jignesh lives in a MHADA chawl in Borivli and has neither a strong educational nor monetary background. Similarly, Shaikh, too, is a resident of some Borivli slums. During interrogation, they said they were approached by Sandeep and Manoj Shukla and were asked to become directors of their firms," said an EOW official, requesting anonymity.
He added that the duo agreed as the Shukla brothers had promised them a huge salary. "The two also told us that they were made to sit at the company's office in Lower Parel dressed in blazers and expensive clothes and deal with customers," the officer said.
Interestingly, the Shukla brothers had smartly safeguarded themselves in the legal purview, as letters issued by the company had the names of Rathod and Shaikh. Even the agreement and cheques given by the company to investors had their signatures. "This way, the Shukla brothers always remained behind the scenes, but they happily used the money generated by the company," the officer said.
Through newspapers advertisements in June last year, Aurum had attracted the attention of several investors, as their scheme was very lucrative. They said they were developing projects in Karjat and Kalyan and would be giving high returns on investments. Initially, they even gave payments to their customers, but some months ago, when they started defaulting, a complaint was filed by investors with EOW.
"We found out that the company has offices in Pune, Nashik and Aurangabad with different names and directors. We are investigating whether they were also used for cheating by the Shukla brothers," said an officer.


17th May 2010

Still in HYD awaiting a court order from HYD court for his transportation to Mumbai. The HYD police have also filed an application for his transfer!

15th May 2010

City Limouzine/Realcom Accountant Kaiser Baig has been arrested by Mumbai EOW today. Further details awaited from the authorities. He was the architect of all the schemes! Masood still in HYD.

12th May 2010.

Masood is still in HYD waiting for a court order from there to transport him to Mumbai. He should be in Mumbai by Friday.

Others are in Arthur Road Jail and will be taken in custody in the new FIR's that are being registered this week.

Masood and the directors have told the police that no City Group office accepted any investments in CASH. The receipts given for CASH transactions are fake as per them. Can you folks please get in touch with me if you made your investment in CASH and what was the amount and if you have the receipts? This is only for my use and will not be shared with anyone, so send the info directly to my email address ( and not to the entire group. I understand from authorities that almost 70% of the investments were accepted in CASH, so want to make sure this is still the fact. Please get back to me asap.

10th May 2010

2 new FIR's will be registered in Mumbai this week on instructions of Bombay High Court. One at Nagpada Police Station and second one at Amboli Police Station.

Investors in other cities should move to the court to get the court to order the police station to take an FIR. Especially, in cities like Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata etc we need more FIR's so Masood and family stay behind bars while the trial is on.

Trust under scanner in City Limo case

Mumbai: The economic offences wing (EOW) of the city police investigating the City Limouzines cheating case is examining whether a trust, who played the role of the company’s agent, can be booked for being party to the crime.
Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar Pratishthan, acted on behalf of City Limouzines and leased out vehicles purchased in the name of investors, has come under the scanner. These vehicles were part of
the scheme offered by City Limouzines while collecting money from the public. As part of the scheme, City Limouzines by way of loans and money collected from investors purchased vehicles and gave them on hire for a period of five years.
On completion of the fiveyear period, the vehicles were to be returned to the investors. The investors were also offered monthly returns which the company claimed came from leasing out the vehicles.
A police officer said that the trust, which also runs a cooperative credit society, and City Limouzines operated from the same address at Kemps Corner. “City Limouzines’ chairman S M Masood is the vice chairman of the credit society,’’ the officer said. There are over 1,200 vehicles which have been leased out through the Pratishthan. “There was a proper agreeement entered into by the Pratishthan and the vehicle users. The pratishtan collected as high as Rs 5 lakh refundable deposits for a period ranging between three to five years. Besides this, they also collected money as fixed deposit with the credit society and offered around 9% interest,’’ a source said. According to the police, this clearly establishes a business link where the Pratishthan was aware of the activities of City Limouzines.
The credit society, according to the website, was established in 2003 and names several people as its trustees. The principal objective is “to provide medium term and long term project finances to Indian businesses while uplifting the lives of the underprivileged segment of the Indian society...’’ The credit society also floated schemes in collaboration with City Limouzines.
Meanwhile, after the company went into trouble there is a dispute as to whom the vehicles should go to. “The users claim that they have not got their deposits back and hence they are entitled to the vehicles. However, investors say that the vehicles are registered under their names and hence should be returned to them,’’ an officer said.

9th May 2010

He will be taken in custody by Amboli PS, and then there are 8 more FIR's, so in between FIR's he will spend a day or so in Arthur Rd.

7th May 2010.

City Limo case: EOW faces new hurdle

Firm Registered Cars On Investors’ Names But Later Gave Them On Hire

Mumbai: The economic offences wing (EOW) of the city police, investigating the City Limouzines cheating case, is now facing a new hurdle where victims are fighting victims. The bone of contention is the vehicles promised to the investors by the company as part of the scheme.
The company had collected money from the public, gave monthly returns to the investors and promised vehicles at the end of the five-year period. The company registered the vehicles in the name of the investors and gave them on hire in the intervening period.
While the company ran into trouble, the investors and the people who had hired the vehicles are now fighting among themselves. While the investors claim that they are the rightful owners in the RTO records, the users refuse to hand over the vehicles until the company repays the refundable deposit collected from them.
The police claimed that the investors are the rightful owners, though they accept that the users are also victims. City Limouzines, through an agreement with Bharatratna Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar Pratishthan, gave around 1,200 vehicles—Skoda, Innova, Scorpio—on hire after a refundable deposit ranging between Rs 3.5 lakh to Rs 5 lakh was made. Those who took the vehicles on hire got to use a brand new vehicle for five years by paying a meagre monthly rent. The company, however, cheated several investors by not purchasing the vehicles at all.
Halfway through the scheme, the company collapsed, leaving the users and investors in the lurch. The police’s stand that the investors have the first right is now being challenged in court. In some cases, the investors moved the court for the return of vehicles where the police supported them. The investors thus got their vehicles back.
“The end users have done nothing illegal and took the vehicles on hire after entering into a proper agreement. It is not for the police to take a stand. The court should take a call on this,’’ said advocate Bhavesh Parmar, who moved the Bombay HC challenging the police action.
Interestingly, neither the investors nor the users objected when banks and financial institutions took away the vehicles when the investors defaulted on loans. “The firm took loans from various banks to buy vehicles. The monthly bank instalments were paid by investors from the returns given by the company,’’ a police official said.
‘‘When the company stopped making payments, the investors also defaulted in their dues to the banks. Some investors were lucky that the loans were obtained from City Cooperative Credit society, a sister concern of City Limouzines. The society also collapsed and hence there is no demand to repay the loans.’’
6th May 2010.

It is correct that Layak Ali, who filed the FIR in HYD did not include Masood's name. I have attached a copy of his FIR. One of you need to convince Mr. Layak Ali, to add a supplementary complaint to the FIR and add names of Masood, Seema Razzaki, Geeta Razzaki, Umar Razzaki, Rajesh Choudhary and the entire list that was circulated on this group a few weeks ago. This needs to be done at the earliest. I suggest you folks in HYD call for an urgent meeting this sunday along with Mr. Ali and go to CSS and get the supplmentary FIR filed for all the names. Masood is anyways being taken to Mumbai today but the supplementary FIR will get his name added to the CSS chargesheet which will get filed with AP High Court. If you folks don't get this done, it will be a challenge in recovering funds for HYD investors, so you need to get this done on war footing!
4th May 2010

SC gets tough on cheque bounce cases

NEW DELHI: Delay in settling cheque bounce cases will now cost the defaulter dear, up to 20% of the cheque amount. The penalty for delayed settlement of the cheque amount, after conviction in the trial court, would rise steadily from 10% in district courts, 15% in high courts to a whopping 20% in the Supreme Court.

The SC on Monday took this radical step through a pioneering judgment which aims to curb the tendency among defaulters to sit over the amount tendered through a bounced cheque.

Saddled with 30 lakh cheque bounce cases, the SC accepted most of the suggestions offered by attorney general G E Vahanvati.

A Bench comprising Chief Justice K G Balakrishnan and Justices P Sathasivam and J M Panchal also laid down guidelines for early settlement in cheque dishonour cases under Section 138 of the Negotiable Instrument Act.

The judgment, authored by Chief Justice K G Balakrishnan, indicated that defaulters going for early settlement before the trial court would have to pay just the principal amount with applicable interest.

But if they approched the district court for settlement after being convicted by the trial court, they would have to pay 10% of the cheque amount to avoid going to jail. So if a chque amount is for Rs 1 lakh, then to compound the offence before the district court, the defaulter has to pay an additional Rs 10,000 to avoid going to jail.

Similarly, if the defaulter agrees for settlement and compounding of the offence at the HC stage, then he would have to pay 15% of the cheque amount. The amount so collected would be given to Legal Aid Authorities of the respective states which provide free legal assistance to poor litigants in various forums, the SC said.

This judgment will go a long way in reducing the pendency of over 30 lakh cheque bounce cases which have jammed the wheels of justice already slowed down by pendency of 2.7 crore cases. During the hearing of a Section 138 case between Damodar S Prabhu and Sayed Babalal, the Bench observed that there had been an enormous rush of cases after cheque bounce was made a penal offence in 1989, followed by the amendment in 2002 providing for summary trial for early resolution of the dispute.
3rd may 2010
The EOW Mumbai trial should start soon as the chargesheet was filed on March 30th.
30th Apr 2010.

ED attaches Nariman Point property in City Limo case

(ED) has attached a prime property in
Nariman Point belonging to tainted investment
company City Limouzines.
The attached premises comprise
5,000 sq ft of office space and another
2,000 sq ft of terrace on the 16th floor
of Maker Chambers VI, considered one
of the high-profile buildings. The property
is valued at over Rs 15 crore.
The attachment was made under
the Prevention of Money Laundering
Act (PMLA). According to a source, the
property was purchased in June 2009
by Kanu Realty, owned by City Limouzines’
chairman S M Masood’s first
wife Chand and their daughter. “The
amount collected from investors was
used to buy it,’’ an official said.
City Limouzines ran into trouble
last August when cheques issued by
the company as returns to the investors
bounced due to inadequate funds in
the company’s bank accounts.
In February, ED invoked the PMLA
in the cheating case involving City
Group companies, City Limouzines and
City Realcom. ED officials had then attached
two demand drafts of Rs 65 crore,
which was to be credited in the company’s
account, preventing diversion of
funds. The money came after City Realcom
surrendered a nearly 60-acre plot
in Gurgaon, acquired from the government
to set up a five-star hotel.
“The properties attached goes to the
government. It is for the trial judge to
decide whether the properties could be
auctioned and money returned to the
investors,’’ an official said. An attachment
under PMLA overrides action
under any other act.
The ED has been investigating the
company for foreign exchange violations.
At the same time, it could not invoke
PMLA as one of the requirements
was that a chargesheet under the IPC
had to be filed against him or the company.
The economic offences wing
(EOW) investigating the cheating case
against Masood had filed a chargesheet
against the company and its directors
Geeta Razzaki, his husband Umar and
another director Rajesh Chaudhary.
We have to get started with a new initiative of bombarding yet again, at the United States consulate in Mumbai at
The goal is get Masood's first wife Chand Masood Sayed and daughter Jabeen Masood Syed deported to India. I am sure most have you read the recent article in Times of India- Mumbai Edition about Kanu Properties. I have attached the article for your perusal. Chand Masood Sayed and Jabeen Masood Sayed are the sole directors of Kanu Reality PVT LTD. This property in Maker Chambers is valued at over rs. 15 crores. Imagine how many investors can get their principle amount repaid from this property alone. Now only that, Ryewood Retreats, a motel in Lonavala is also owned by Chand Masood Sayed and her daughter Jabeen Masood Sayed. The 5 star hotel, Millennium Plaza Resorts in Gurgaon was to be run by Jabeen Sayed Masood as well. I have several documents showing funds were sent from City Realcom to Millennium Plaza Resorts to the tune of several crores.
The bottomline is that Sayed Mohammed Masood is not the only one enjoying our hard earned money, but also his first wife and kids. His second wife is already in Mumbai EOW custody along with his second inlaws. There is quite a bit information that Chand Kausar Mohammed, also known as Chand Sayed Masood has piled up several properties in the US as well as luxury cars, watches and precious stones. Given they were brought with our money, they now belong to us. We need this family back in India so Mumbai EOW can take them in custody like all others.
Here are the details:
Chand Kausar Mohamed Masood Sayed passport number is F8658527.
Chand's Fathers Name: Qamar Khan
DOB: 8 May 1957
First Name: Chand Kausar Middle Name: SayedLast Name: Mohamed Masood
Syed Jabeen Masood passport number is F8658533 (daughter)
DOB: 5th March 1987
Full Name on Passport: Syed Jabeen Masood
First Name: SyedLast Name: Jabeen Masood
They are both US green card holders now. We need to push the US consulate to revoke their green cards for crimes on humanity. 200,000 people are suffering and they are enjoying green cards and living in a luxurious apartment in Miami, USA. That is simply not done.
They both live in Miami, USA at the following address:
2627 S Bayshore DrSuite# 2202 Miami, FL 33133
These two went to the US and set up City Trading LLC under a L1 visa. This is visa fraud!
So please start sending emails ASAP. Attach newspaper articles, write your own story and lets make sure atleast the US does not give these criminals a shelter. Our goal is to get the US consulate or the Department of Homeland Security to cancel all US visas of the Masood family and deport all family members currently in the US back to India. This is one way we will find millions of dollars worth of assets, so we all get our hard earned money back. Please do not copy and paste this email, but write your own story as how this family has ruined your life. I have already sent my story and I am pursuing them separately as well, but I need your support. Email address again is:
28th Apr 2010.
If we try going after banks, Masood will simply have the last laugh.

Anyways, update about Masood is that he is being brought back to Mumbai by Hyd Police on May 3rd. I assure everyone, that this summer is only get hotter for him and his family!
Dear Investors,
First of all I would like to thank Capt. Bijan Mondal, Daljeet Guleria, Lachhman Datt & their team for making excellent arrangements for the rally at Jantar Mantar on 25.4.2010. I would also like to thank all the 400 odd investors who had turned up for the rally inspite of extremely hot weather.
A little more than 400 investors signed their presence at the rally. The actual number would be more as some investors left without registering their presence at the rally.
LEMON TV crew was at the rally for nearly 2 hours and did extensive coverage of the rally and interviewed a large number of investors including ladies. The video was shown extensively on lemon TV on 25th for the whole evening.
Sahara NCR also covered the Rally and the video was shown on 25th evening on Sahara NCR channel for quite sometime. Unfortunately, lot of investors could not view these channels as these are not available on TataSky but only through some cable operators.
The TV crew from AajTak & Zee News kept calling me to say that their crew will be reaching the site to cover the event. However, we waited from 10:00 AM till 1:30 PM but they did not show up.
Mr. Rick Westhead, South Asia Bureau Chief of TORONTO STAR was also at the rally at my request and covered the event and took lot of pictures as well. The reporter of Hindustan times was also present at the rally.
Further course of action will be intimated later.
I shot 2 videos on my camera and investors can click on the links below to view them:
City Limouzines owner brought to city
Staff ReporterPetition to be filed seeking his custody for questioning in 150-cr. fraud case
Masood's investors in Hyderabad about 14,600
He reportedly collected 3,700 cr. from people
HYDERABAD: S.M. Masood, owner of City Limouzines, who was arrested allegedly for duping thousands of investors across the country, including over 14,000 from Hyderabad, was brought here on Thursday on prisoner transit warrant.
The Hyderabad Detective Department officials produced him before a local magistrate who remanded him in judicial custody.
They will file a petition in court seeking his custody for questioning him in the fraud case involving nearly Rs. 150 crore invested by people.
Advance cheques
Masood is accused of attracting investors by assuring Rs. 7,000 monthly return on a deposit of Rs. 1.4 lakh. He would give cheques for the returns in advance for six months. “Just pay Rs. 1.4 lakh and walk away with Rs. 7,000 every month by submitting the cheque given by me in the bank,” he used to tell the investors.
In case of inquiries from investors as to how he would secure the returns, he led them to believe that he would purchase different types of cars using the deposits collected and rent them out to corporate companies. Since he promptly paid the returns for the first few months to the investors, thousands jumped at the investment offer and deposited money.
He opened offices in different cities like Mumbai and Chennai. Everywhere, he did roaring business. Police said, on the whole, he collected over Rs. 3,700 crore towards investments. The number of investors in Hyderabad stood at 14,600, though this was far less compared to other cities.
Masood disappeared suddenly a few months ago leaving the investors all over the country shell-shocked. Cases were registered almost simultaneously in all cities. After evading arrest for few weeks, the Mumbai police succeeded in nabbing him in February last.
Hyderabad police brought him here to record his statement and ascertain details of deposits collected in Hyderabad.

26th Apr 2010
I have already updated you on the Jantar Mantar rally held on 25.4.2010
I had made 2 suggestions earlier. One for CBI enquiry and the other to make a representation to the Supreme Court. There is also a view that we should form a registered body something like “City group Investors association” or any other appropriate name, who can then meet personally along with a few other investors, and present the Memorandum etc. to the Home Minister or approach the Supreme Court through a representative of the investors.
My personal feeling is that a duly elected representative of the registered association should take up the matter further at the Center. I am sure some of the learned investors of our forum would like to offer their comments and suggestions and based on these, we should move forward quickly.
Also, we need to update our data like the number of investors or the amount involved before we present these figures at the highest level. Since about 40,000 agreements were issued by the Delhi office and talking an average of 5 schemes per investor, the number of investors would work out to about 8,000. If this figure is any indication, can we justify the number of investors as 5,00,000 which is floating around? Also, we need some reasonably authentic figure of principal amount of all the investors which needs to be paid. I know that this is difficult but some estimates will need to be prepared.
Let us all put our minds together and go forward together.
Ravi Puri

Considering that there have been no ads in the papers and there was
very little response on the forum the Delhi rally was defenitely a
success. It was good to see the investors throng the venue, raise
slogans against City group and Masood. Something which has been
missing in Delhi since Aug 09. The first couple of such rallies which
were held at Nehru Place were hijacked by certain persons who vanished
into thin air in the next couple of months. Full credit to Mr Ravi
Puri, Mr Bijon Mondal and the small team of organisers who made this
happen. It goes to prove that the issue is still alive and the public
are willing to come together.Mr Puri's brief to the crowd about the
efforts that are on at Mumbai and other parts of the country including
the proposed memorandum to the home minister set the pitch for the
meeting. GREAT EFFORT. God bless.
There were about 250 investors. We are compiling the signature sheets and will know the exact figure by tomorrow.
Lemon TV & Sahara NCR covered the event in detail and have been airing it the whole evening. I have not seen it as Tata Sky does not air these channels. Only some Cable operators are showing these channels.
I am posting this mail on Google Groups so that investors from all over India can view these channels.
Will give more details tomorrow.
23rd Apr 2010
Just confirmed with EOW Mumbai, that Masood has been sent to HYD Jail. CCS will seek his police custody tomorrow for interrogation. Masood Alone in Hyd jail. The rest seema, umar , geeta & rajesh are in Arthur Road Jail in Mumbai.
CCS police arrested City Limousine Head Masood who collected 3600
Crores from investors across India presented in Nampally court and
semd to remand for one week.

22nd Apr 2010.
To all Investors of City Group.
I, along with Mr. KRS Minhas, an investor from Delhi had a lengthy meeting with Delhi EOW officials before holding the Rally in Delhi. We discussed various similar scams which happened earlier and how the cases were settled with least delay. Based on our discussion, the following emerged:
  1. We should all write to respective Home Ministers of various states in the manner that we are writing to Shri R.R. Patil in Maharashtra. These Home ministers may then be requested to recommend to Hon’ble Union Home Minister Shri P. Chidambaram to group all the cases together and set up CBI probe to investigate the matter. The CBI team will probe the scandal and, if necessary, set up a special court to bring quick relief to the investors.
  1. We file an appeal in the Supreme Court requesting it to group all the cases together and set up a special fast track court, may be under a retired judge, as was done in case of Teak Plantations case. This will speed up the case and we can expect some justice.
This merits serious deliberation and consideration for future course of action. So I thought of sharing this information with all of you.
Ravi Puri
Dear Delhi Region Investors,
I am forwarding the latest mail received from Capt. Bijan Mondal regarding the Rally to be held at Jantar Mantar on Sunday, the 25th April, at 10:00 AM.
The success of the Rally and the ultimate result now rests solely on your active participation. Please do not think even for a moment that if I do not come to the rally, what difference would it make. If everyone thought in the same manner, we would have no one coming to the Rally. Please note EVERY SINGLE PERSON is important to make this Rally a success.
I have sent out invitations to all leading Newspapers & TV Media to cover the Rally. I am attaching a write-up which we will be handing over to the Reporters/TV crew at the Rally.
Since I have only about 500 emails addresses of Delhi region investors with me, I urge all of you to inform your investor friends about the Rally and impress upon them the need to attend the Rally. Please note that we will be at one place under the shade only and not walk to any place like a regular Rally.
Please read the write-up carefully and either take a print out or note the important figures so that the correct information is passed on to the reporters/TV channels at the time of interviews of the investors present at the Rally.
Ravi Puri
Dear City Limouzine/City Realcom Investors,
"Mass Rally at Jantar Mantar, New Delhi on 25 Apr at 1000hrs"
The "Mass Rally"/Dharna on 25 Apr 2010 is little pre-pond at
1000 hrs due to heat wave condition at Delhi.
The place of Mass Rally/Demonstration (Dharna) will be held opposite the State Bank of India Branch of Parliament Street, Jantar Mantar. It is located in between the Police Station of Parliament Street and left side of the main gate of Jantar Mantar.
The Banners are displayed in the demopnstration (Dharna) place and written as :-
City Limouzines Investors Group
New Delhi
"Mass Rally" - 25 Apr 2010 (1000h)
Jantar Mantar, New Delhi
All Investors of Citylimouzine/City Realcom are once again requested to attend the Rally/Dharna and make a huge success so that we can hightlight the matter of every investors upto President and Prime Mininster level at Delhi. The arrangements of Media TV and News paper coverage is being done in the Rally and Mr RP Puri is doing his best efforts in this regards.
Thanking you All,
Bijan Mondal
New Delhi

21st Apr 2010
Dear Sri Manohar Lohia & Sri R.P.Puri Mumbai- April 21
This newspaper Clipping has thrown light about how the investers amount has been abused/diverted by Mr.S.M.Masood & his set of wives,his families which is a shameful & unjustified act against the provisions of Indian Companies Act 1956 & Registrar Of Companies,Mumbai. Looking forward for your further needful action & process to assist investers through court directives which will be a great relief to all members of City Limouzines & City Realcom with branches all over India & Abroad. With best regards Yours Truly Sd/- Agrieved Customers

ED attaches Nariman Point property in City Limo case

C Unnikrishnan I TNN

Mumbai: The Enforcement Directorate (ED) has attached a prime property in Nariman Point belonging to tainted investment company City Limouzines.
The attached premises comprise 5,000 sq ft of office space and another 2,000 sq ft of terrace on the 16th floor of Maker Chambers VI, considered one of the high-profile buildings. The property is valued at over Rs 15 crore.
The attachment was made under the Prevention of Money Laundering Act (PMLA). According to a source, the property was purchased in June 2009 by Kanu Realty, owned by City Limouzines’ chairman S M Masood’s first wife Chand and their daughter. “The amount collected from investors was used to buy it,’’ an official said.
City Limouzines ran into trouble last August when cheques issued by the company as returns to the investors bounced due to inadequate funds in the company’s bank accounts.
In February, ED invoked the PMLA in the cheating case involving City Group companies, City Limouzines and City Realcom. ED officials had then attached two demand drafts of Rs 65 crore, which was to be credited in the company’s account, preventing diversion of funds. The money came after City Realcom surrendered a nearly 60-acre plot in Gurgaon, acquired from the government to set up a five-star hotel.
“The properties attached goes to the government. It is for the trial judge to decide whether the properties could be auctioned and money returned to the investors,’’ an official said. An attachment under PMLA overrides action under any other act.
The ED has been investigating the company for foreign exchange violations. At the same time, it could not invoke PMLA as one of the requirements was that a chargesheet under the IPC had to be filed against him or the company. The economic offences wing (EOW) investigating the cheating case against Masood had filed a chargesheet against the company and its directors Geeta Razzaki, his husband Umar and another director Rajesh Chaudhary.=============

20th Apr 2010.

We have to get started with a new email campaign ASAP. I spoke to a few higher up EOW officials this evening and they think this case can be expedited by the Home Minister- Mr. R. R. Patil.
The way this can be done if he does the following three things:
1. Formation of a Special Court for this City Limouzine and City Realcom Scandal created by Sayed Masood and his family to help expedite the matter. Formation of Special Court will streamline the process of returning investors money and that too at the earliest. 2. There is a law about clubbing all of the cases for a crime committed during a span of one year. We all know that these cases are part and parcel of one conspiracy. So club all cases into one and a Special Court to try them. 3. He can engage some of the best lawyers to represent the State. If special court is formed then this case would come to logical end expeditiously. Even the matters of other police stations in the Mumbai as well as other States can be clubbed together at the time of trial. He as a minister can take a decision on this aspect.
So my sincere request to all of you on this forum is to start sending emails to Mr. R.R. Patil at the link below at the earliest:
Shakir, can you please help create a database so people can fill in their names and date when they sent the request? Thanks.

19th Apr 2010.
There is information that Masood and Seema are being put up in a hotel in Pune instead of the Bund Garden lock up. He also sports a cell phone 24 hours a day, which is prohibited and gets homemade food in custody, which was again turned down by the magistrate judge. The matter has been reported to EOW and elsewhere in the home ministry. Tomorrow Masood gets taken to Mumbai anyways, so he will get the right treatment again. This is the issue that Mumbai Police had with sending him outside Mumbai. His lawyer Rajesh Shrivastava has also been caught on tape and recorded as per a leading news channel.
came to know from your mail that there's some disturbing news about Pune Police giving royal treatment to Masood.

Can you plz update us on the same?? What exactly went wrong??
Dear Delhi Region Investors,
I am forwarding the mail which Capt. Mondal has sent to me and also posted on Google Groups forum regarding the demonstration at Jantar Mantar on 25th April.
The rally held earlier at Mumbai was a huge success, thanks mainly to Mr. Manohar & his team and has been widely covered in the Print & TV media all over the country. The related matter has also been raised in the Assembly in Mumbai.
Since the seat of Power is in Delhi, we want our voice to echo in the Parliament so that the matter can be resolved at the earliest and money returned to the investors. Delhi is presently reeling under heat wave but let that not damper our enthusiasm and we should all come forward in large numbers on 25th April to highlight our issue. We will be sending intimation to all the leading newspapers & TV channels to give us wide coverage but the success will depend only on your presence in large numbers.
If any of the investors has any contacts with the Print & TV media, please get in touch with me immediately. Mr. S N Nagarathna has also informed the Print & TV media in Bangalore for proper coverage, through their representatives in Delhi.
Any contacts will Conress & BJP leaders in Delhi would be very helpful. I solicit your support in this regard.
For any other information, please feel free to contact Capt. Bijan Mondal or me.
Ravi Puri
15th apr 2010.

Masood Update

Masood, Seema Razzaki, Geeta Razzaki, Umar Razzaki and Rajesh Choudhary were presented for a remand hearing this morning in Shivaji Nagar Court. Their police custody has been extended to April 20th.

On the 20th, Mumbai Police will take their custody and bring them back to Mumbai. Masood and Seema Razzaki will be taken in custody by Amboli Police Station, Geeta Razzaki, Umar Razzaki and Rajesh Choudhary will be taken by Borivili Police Station.
Some very disturbing news has emerged from Pune over the last 3 days and I have been speaking to a few authorities about it. Media has picked up some clips and you should all see some breaking news across all channels in India. The disturbing news is about Pune police and treatment given to Masood. I cannot post details here as the operation is extremely confidential, but I urge all Pune investors to be on the alert.
Masood and Seema Razzaki have also been given bail in almost every FIR, where they have been arrested so far. I strongly urge folks in cities, where an FIR has not been registered, to please register one. Chandigarh to spearhead this list. I am still perplexed why the Chandigarh investors are not doing anything about this.
Dear All investors of Citylimo/City Realcom,

We have got the permission from Parliament Street Police Station to conduct a "Mass Rally" at "Jantar Mantar" on 25th April (Sunday) at 1030 hrs. The next message may please be followed by this evening.

All investors of Citylimozine/City Realcom are requested to be attend the same.

Thanking you all.

H/Capt Bijan Mondal(Retd)

Patil ducks BJP’s salvos in Assembly
Oppn grilled the home minister on issues ranging from ex-CP Gafoor’s appointment to IPS officers who refuse to give up cream postings
By Mumbai Mirror Bureau Posted On Wednesday, April 14, 2010 at 02:42:13 AM

On Tuesday, the State Assembly witnessed a concerted attempted by the opposition BJP to corner Home Minister R R Patil on various issues pertaining to the law and order situation in the state.

The BJP members fired salvo after salvo at Patil on issues ranging from alleged claim made by arrested Pune businessman Hasan Ali about playing a mediator to decide former Mumbai CP Hasan Gafoor’s appointment; the City Limouzine scam involving thousands of investors; the alleged irregularities in the purchase of bullet-proof jackets; and the IPS officers who are glued to cream postings in Mumbai.

Holding Patil responsible for all the issues, party members sought explanation from the government. BJP’s Devendra Fadnavis even demanded Patil’s resignation over the alleged irregularities in the police procurement deals.

The home minister, however, put up a brave face to the five-hour-long debate and challenged the Opposition to prove the charges. “You don’t have to ask for my resignation. If I feel I have betrayed the state and have committed wrong, I will give up the responsibility and retire to my home town,” Patil told the agitated BJP members.

Some serious allegations levelled by Opposition and replies by R R Patil:

Fadnavis brought a CD of stud farm owner Hasan Ali’s interrogation, in which the businessman made some sensational revelations such as how some backroom deliberations between top politicians led to Hasan Gafoor’s elevation as Mumbai CP, how he hid at a Madh Island bungalow to evade prosecution and how Deputy Chief Minister Chhagan Bhujbal dropped in to meet him on a few occasions.

In his reply, Patil challenged authenticity of the CD in which IPS officer Ashok Deshbhratar is seen interrogating Ali. He asked why an IPS officer would interrogate an accused on the appointment of a top IPS officer. Patil said the officer in question who interrogated Ali was declared not fit for executing postings by his own bosses. He denied that he was part of the alleged backroom deliberations involving top politicians to decide Gafoor’s appointment.

Leader of Opposition Ekanth Khadse said City Limozine had cheated investors by Rs 50,000 crore and presented a CD showing Sima Masood, wife of main City Limouzine owner S M Masood, shopping under police protection though she was under arrest. Khadse claimed irregularities in the Rajiv Gandhi award instituted by city Congress politician Charansingh Sapra, and said Sapra and his relatives had collected huge donations, which were then presented to Bollywood actors.

Sapra’s account in Punjab & Maharashtra Bank received donations to the tune of Rs 8 crore to 10 crore annually, Khadse alleged. He said several big firms like Suzlon Energy Hotel Leela Venture, Multiscreen Media Ltd, Indiabulls, BHEL, MAIPL, DB Realty had donated huge sums to Sapra.

Prominent actors such as Kareena Kapoor (Rs 35 lakh), Priyanka Chopra (Rs 40 lakh), Salman Khan (Rs 80 lakh), Sohail Khan (Rs 25 lakh), Rakhi Sawant (Rs 4 lakh), Shankar Mahadevan (Rs 20 lakh), Esha Deol (Rs 5 lakh), Hritik Roshan (Rs 1.5 crore), Vishal Shekhar (Rs 12.5 lakh), Mahima Chaudhary (Rs one lakh), Shreyas Talpade (Rs 3.5 lakh), Naveen Prabhakar (Rs 90,000) and Raju Srivastava (Rs 3.5 lakh) received large amounts from Sapra’s organisation.

Patil skipped the issue, except clarifying that Masood’s wife, after her procedural medical check up, visited a medical shop to purchase medicines and towels.

Khadse read out names of a number of officials staying put in Mumbai, Thane and Navi Mumbai since a last few years. He questioned appointment of Joint CP Himanshu Roy seeking explanation for his third posting in a year. He asked why officials such as Rajneesh Seth, Sanjay Barve and others have been favoured to stay in Mumbai.

Patil defended a few postings saying security and special expertise of the officials was crucial. But around April 15, he will be effecting some major changes in the department with transfers in a single lot.

No rule or law is more important than security, he said, clarifying that city Police Commissioner D Sivanandhan was eager to go anywhere after his promotion but Patil insisted on his current posting.

12th April 2010

City Limouzine head wanted by three states

HT Correspondent, Hindustan Times

Police from New Delhi, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu and Sangli are waiting to seek custody of City Limouzines chairman S.M. Masood in connection with a nation-wide Rs 2,000-crore investment scam.
The Economic Offences Wing (EOW) of the Mumbai police Crime Branch, which arrested Masood on February 4 this year from the outskirts of New Delhi, may also apply for Masood’s custody for the second time in connection with the ‘City Realcom’ scam. Masood had floated a real estate company and allegedly duped investors in a manner similar to the City Limouzines scam.
On Wednesday, Masood and his wife, Seema Razzaki, were granted bail by the sessions court in cheating cases registered with the EOW. The Pune police was given Masood’s custody.
Sources in the EOW said in Mumbai, cases had been registered against Masood at Kurla, Vakola, Bangur Nagar and Amboli police stations, but has been granted bail in all those cases. They added that in most other cases, Masood is likely to get bail.
He could have faced an uphill task in obtaining bail in the cheating case registered against him in Tamil Nadu had the Chennai police applied the stringent Tamil Nadu Prevention of Investors and Depositor’s act against him.
“The Chennai police has not applied the act against Masood and he has been booked there under IPC Section as in other states,” Masood’s counsel Rajesh Srivastava said. The special act, which is as stringent as the Maharashtra Control of Organised Crime Act entails no bail for the accused for a maximum of six months.
Srivastava claimed that Masood could be a free man in a month’s time.
“Once his accounts and properties are de-frozen (released), he would be able to pay up the capital amount of all the investors,” Srivastava claimed.
Cookie Singh the restaurateur in association with Syed Masood soft—launched his upcoming restaurant Chor Bizarre at Fort.

9th Apr 2010
Masood got bail yesterday on FIR 74/2007. This is the Pansare FIR and the only reason he got bail is because the chargesheet has been filed in that FIR. There are only 22 more FIR's where he needs to get bail to walk free. How can he possibly pay even if police de freezed his accounts? The banks have closed his accounts given the number of cheques bounced at each branch.

I highly recommend, those in cities where there is no FIR, please try and register FIR's. Especially investors from Chandigarh as City had an office there.
Here is the detailed news on the bail:

Dear Mr. Lohia,
Its a good idea to ask roc to freez assets City Realcom Ltd., in which they have allotted land admeasuring 20sq.ft in following LS No.
(1) This company sought investments/deposits from public to the tune of hundreds of crores of Rupees. Minimum investment from such investors Rs.1.30 lacs and gave them a signed MOU making them TENTATIVE OWNER of Redeemable Preference Shares of Rs.1.07 lacs, out of which Rs.50,000/- to be redeemed after five years and remaining Rs.57,000/- to be redeemed with monthly benefits. To safeguard the interest of investors, the company also allotted TENTATIVE OWNERSHIP of 20 Sq.feet of land in its proposed project at Kalina in Santa Cruz Mumbai for five years till extinguishing of redemption of Pref. Shares.
I have written following letter dated 20.12.09 to The Collector, Mumbai to confirm whether following land owned by City ealcom Ltd., and allotted tenetative ownership to investors through MOU are free and without any incumberance, but I am sorry to state thatthe Collector, has till today not confirmed whether the land so allotted to investors are really owned by City Realcom Ltd., Mumbai.

Dated 20th Dec. 2009.
The Collector and Dist. Magistrate,
Sub:- Land acquisition and construction by City Realcom Ltd., Mumbai in and around Andheri Mumbai.
Respected Sir,
I am to submit that I am an investor of City Realcom Ltd., 96B Wing, 9th floor, Mittal Tower, Nariman Point, Mumbai 400021, This Company has agreed and allotted through a MOU dated 25.2.09 TENTATIVE OWNERSHIP OF LAND ADMEASURING 20 SQ.FT TO ME in their projects named CITY TOWER situated at City Park bearing S.No. 147 hissa No. 1A, S.No.144 hissa No. 11 corressponding City Survey No. 6425A, 425A/1 to A/9, 7448, 7448/1, 7448/17 City Survey No. 7402, 7402/1 to 17 at village KOLE KALYAN, KALINA, TALUKA ANDHERI, SANTACRUZ EAST, MUMBAI 400029.
The Company through the above MOU agreed to pay me compensation in lieu of the above TENTATIVE OWNERSHIP an amount of Rs.7775/- per month for five years.
The Company has defaulted in paying this compensation from August 2009 and various attempts to contact the company and its owners have failed. It appears that the Chairman and Mg. Director Mr. Masood and his Board of Directors have eloped. Therefore, as per MOU of TENTATIVE OWNERSHIP I want to claim ownership as full and final settlement of my investment with the company.I therefore submit to your honour to please guide me as to how I can do so and also request you to please ensure that the above properties are not sold or acquired by anybody from the above company.
Yours truly,

I have also written a letter dt. 3.12.09 to Registrar of Co-operative Hsg. Socioety Mumbai to confirm that the Hsg. Society for which Massood collected amount and passed on receipt is really a registered company? But there is no reply from his either. Following ref. of my letter part of it is reproduced hereunder:-
I have paid Rs. 32,010/- vide Chq. No. 067346 dated 20.2.09 to M/s City Co-operative Credit Society Ltd., Mumbai (Reg. No. BOM/WGN/RSR/CR/605-86 which is acknowledged by their Receipt No. 8901 dated 21.02.09. My A/c No. B.B. with the society.
M/s City Realcom Ltd., Mumbai parent company owning this society vide MOU dated 25.02.09 committed to pay Rs.775/- per month towards interest on FD with the company for five years.
Kindly get this matter examined.
Yours sincerely

Mumbai: Pune cops on Thursday took the custody of City Limouzines chairman S M Masood. The move came immediately after Masood and his wife Seema Razzaki were released on bail in the afternoon. A sessions court had granted bail to Masood and his wife on Wednesday.
Masood’s lawyer Rajesh Srivastav argued in court that he had been framed in the case by some investors. “My contention is that if the police defreezes my client’s accounts, he will be able to pay back all the investors,’’ said Srivastav. In 2002, City Limouzines— promoted by Masood—had issued ads in newspapers about a scheme that offered investors a return of 48%. On an investment of Rs 97,000, the firm offered investors Rs 4,000 every month for five years.The sum collected by the firm was to be used to buy Maruti Omni cars, which were to be registered in investors’ names. Investors were to be paid the profit from the income generated by giving the vehicles on hire. After five years, the cars were to be returned to investors but the firm never kept its promises.

8th Apr 2010
You are naive. Even though I feel its a complete waste of time, I will reply to your emails out of respect:

1. Harshad Mehta invested in shares just like Bernie Madoff to a certain extent. The share prices ruled Harshad Mehta's pocketing unlike Masood's. So a bad analogy.
2. Noori Haveliwala was released on bail as the cops failed to file a chargesheet against her. We have made sure the first chargesheet got filed by EOW mumbai on April 1st. Another one will be filed by Vikhroli PS on April 18th. So again, this is not relevant.
3. 17 indians facing the death sentence in Sharjah and what would happen to them in India is your theory. You are not god, atleast not yet to predict their fate their in this country. If you think that the law in every country should be the same, i suggest you approach the UN and see what best you can you.
4. Now my favourite- Ottavio Quattrocchi and the bofors scandal. Given he was close to SG and an Italian Businessman, CBI could not arrest him in Argentina for lack of documents. We have Masood in custody. Did you forget that? He is not getting out anytime soon- especially when there are 22 public FIR's, DRI and ED on top of him like Hawks and accusations like PMLA and COFEPOSA in his kitty.
So once again, please relate to the present crisis and throw your words. I would have ignored your email and dealt with more important things, but I have been seeing your emails for quite sometime and they seem to light up this group for no reason whatsoever.
Manohar Lohia


6th Apr 2010
Pune police took custody of Masood, Rajesh Choudhary and Umar Razzaki today. They will take Seema Razzaki& Geeta Razzaki tomorrow.

We are kick starting a new initiative for a step towards recovery of our funds from City Group. You do not have to take any print outs or go to any post office. You simply have to open the attached letter, copy the entire letter and paste as part of your grievance at this link:
Please send one request per family member so we are able to get across a strong statement to the President.
Please feel free to ask any questions as usual.

Respected Madam,
I write to you on behalf of a strong community of around 500,000 citizens of India. I draw your
attention to our plight and agony since August 2009. We are unfortunate victims of mega financial
fraud executed by City Group Ltd. and its group concerns ( www . cit y lim ou z i n e s . c o m ).
City Group Ltd. is an ISO 9001-2000 (claimed to be established in 1995) certified private company
based in Mumbai with branches in major Indian cities (New Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad,
Chennai, Pune and Jaipur) and the USA. This company is headed by Mr Syed Masood and accepts
investments in cheque and cash from general public. The company was in this business under 14
different subsidiary companies. As per the agreement signed between each of the subsidiary company
and individual investors, the investor is guaranteed a monthly return for a fixed period. On
completion of the tenure, the investor is refunded either a partial amount from the investment he /
she made or a vehicle as written in the agreement. The company issued receipts for the
investment made. T o make the deal look authentic, the company also issued Preference Share
Certificates towards a partial amount of the investment. The company has been in this business since
1996. The trouble started in August 2009 when cheques started bouncing. The company began giving
false reasons like internal audit to prolong the matter. To our shock the company abruptly shut
down all its offices and branches in India without any communication. Instead of coming open in
the public and explaining the correct situation, the employees and directors of this company kept
postponing the dates of re-opening the branches.
It was only the high amount of returns advertised and promised by the different schemes of this
group that led investors to believe its claims and invest in its schemes. There are many senior
government officials, reputed political leaders, retired armed personnel who fell prey to the
advertisements and invested in the schemes promoted by the group. Our plight is different from
these investors. We are sma l l investors and are adversely affected to a large extent because our
hard-earned money is at stake. There are many investors who have no other option but to end their
life because of this scam. Please note that there are retired people, ladies, widows etc. who invested
their entire savings accumulated over their life and now have nowhere to go.
As a matter of fact, the group’s New Delhi office inaugurated by the Delhi Transport Minister Mr.
Haroon Yusuf. (The Hindu dated 25.11.05). It also displays a “Letter of Recommendation” written by
a Congress cabinet minister viz. Mr Subodh Kant Sahay favouring the group’s tainted chairman Mr.
Masood. In addition, the Company was appointed as sponsors to the Indian Women Hockey
Federation till 2010 and pledged to give a stipend of Rs. 1 crore & Rs.5 lakhs towards
development of the game. This was announced by Mr. Masood in a glittering function held at hotel
Shangri-La, New Delhi in 2006 (Source: Times Now dated 29.6.06)
Current Situation & Way Forward:
The estimated corpus of our investments today stands at Rs.15,000 crores with this group under
various schemes advertised in the print media on a continuous basis. Majority of us have taken
personal loans or sold off assets in order to invest in this company. All the investors of this company
are going through a very painful time since this unfortunate event in August 2009. The chairman of
this group Mr. Masood has refrained from communicating with the investors and all efforts
undertaken towards this from our side have not been fruitful. As on date different agencies like ED
and EOW are investigating the matters. Mr. Masood and his wife are being represented by Mr.
Abhishek Singhvi, Congress spokesperson, who is also a MP representing Rajasthan in the Rajya
Sabha. Mr. Masood is presently in police custody. We are unaware how long the investigations
will continue. We are dependent on the public prosecutors and the various government agencies
to punish the guilty and deliver justice. We earnestly request you to kindly look into this matter at
the earliest and bail us out from this situation. We also request you to direct the concerned
agencies to speed up the probe and resolve this scam as a priority. We look forward to you with
trust as our only hope.


The US consulate in Mumbai is in touch with EOW on the proceedings. We should soon here some very interesting news. Its just one of those 'funny' feelings!

RBI flashes red signal at MLM companies

Sep 17, 2009
The operations of shady multi-level marketing (MLM) companies — which operate what are popularly known as pyramid or ponzi schemes — have come under the regulatory scanner with shady MLM companies mushrooming across the country and duping investors. Many firms posing as MLM agencies for consumer goods and services have been actually mobilising large amounts of deposits from the public with promises of ridiculous returns of 120 per cent and repayment of prinicipal within a year.
In a circular, the Reserve Bank of India has alerted banks that in cases where accounts have already been opened in the names of the marketing agencies, retail traders and investment firms, the banks should undertake quick reviews. “Wherever large number of cheque books has been issued to such firms, the relative decision may be reviewed,” it said.
With many MLM companies recently using the banking technology to dupe investors, the RBI said, “banks should be careful in opening accounts of the marketing/trading agencies etc. Especially, strict compliance with KYC (know your customer) and AML (anti-money laundering) guidelines issued by the RBI should be ensured in the matter.”
The banking regulator also named seven MLM companies (Fine India Sales Pvt Ltd, Lakshya Levels Marketing, Eve Industries, Trident Advertising & Trade Links Pvt. Ltd, Super Life Link Distributors, Lue Brain Education Society and Manya Mantra Marketing). “These firms and their agents had reportedly promised very high returns on deposits and lured common people to part with funds in the name of certain investment/deposit schemes,” the RBI said.
MUMBAI: The Reserve Bank of India has asked banks to tighten the internal policy for fraud risk management and fraud investigation function as the incidence of frauds in Indian banks has been showing an increasing trend, especially in housing and mortgage loans, credit card dues and internet banking. “It is a matter of concern that instances of frauds in the traditional areas of banking such as cash credit, export finance, guarantees, letters of credit etc remain unabated,” the RBI said a year after the surfacing of the global financial crisis.
there are lots of mlm company in india like rcm,mountbiz,influx and etc. they all want to earn money from u but not want to give is your and decision also but take care
From my research, these 20 should be the MOST WANTED in this scan now:

1. Manoj Vighe
2. Raviraj Desi
3. Kaiser Baig
4. Santosh Dayalkar
5. Naiyyer Razzaki
6. Amber Razzaki
7. Shehla Khan
8. Farhan Ahmed Khan
9. Vikas Patil
10. Anil D'Mello
11. Chirag Doshi
12. Chand Masood
13. Jabeen Masood
14. Amin Askari
15. Rajeev Loomba
16. Sneha Govekar
17. Rehan Alavi
18. Naeem Munawar Sayed
19. Ranjit Shetty
20. Aziz Khan

Dear Investor of Delhi/NCR and Northern India,

As already briefed in the previous mail that we are going to conduct a mass rally at Jantar Mantar, New Delhi at 10.30 AM on 25th April 2010. I request all the investors of Citylimo to participate whole heartedly on the mass rally venue. We must sought against citylimozine and so called Masood. Also need some banner and other materials to show the media person and other information authorities.

Although the final decision will be taken by Mr Ravi Puri after prior permission from the police and other authorities ASAP. This is just the primary stage of proposal and going to finalise within a day or two.


Capt Bijan MOndal
New Delhi
4th April 2010
I have very small information if it’s might work on, last year when I
had noticed 'IPL' beginning few matches there was every where cymbal
of the City limouzine Company, when they took the conversation with
players beginning, middle & end time which was impressed me to
invested money to this company.
Ramesh- there are only 22 FIRS lodged against the company and directors across India. 14 in Mumbai, 1 in Thane, 1 in Pune, 1 in Karad, 1 in Bangalore, 1 in Chennai, 1 in Delhi, 1 in Jaipur and 1 in Hyderabad. All the complaints going to EOW by investors are not considered as FIR's but a complaint so it helps the authorities prosecute this case. Each of the 22 FIR's will file chargesheets once they arrest Masood. He was arrested under FIR 74/2007 by Mumbai EOW on Feb 4th, hence 60 days later a chargesheet was filed. He was arrested by Vikhroli Police Station on Feb 18th, so before April 17th, they will have to file a chargesheet and so on. After Vikhroli was Vakola PS, then Matunga PS, then Thane EOW, then Bangur Nagar PS and now Ghatkopar PS. So of the 14 FIR's in Mumbai, he has been arrested by 6 stations so far. Hope this was clear enough?

Fraud office to probe City Group scam
New Delhi: The ministry of corporate affairs will refer the investigations into the alleged Rs 1,000-crore fraud by the Mumbai-based City Group of Companies to the Serious Fraud Investigation Office (SFIO). The City Group of Companies, which deals in vehicle leasing and fleet management and certain other hospitality services under companies like City Limouzines, City Realcom, City Communications, is charged with duping 25,000 investors who had invested in its various schemes promising high returns. City Limouzines was the official sponsor of India’s women’s hockey team from 2006 to 2009.
The MCA has already asked the registrar of companies in Mumbai to examine the matter. The economic offences wing of the Mumbai crime branch also formed a special investigative team in December last year to look into the case.
According to an MCA official, the group had mobilised deposits by promising impressive returns. But the cheques issued by it to investors started bouncing since August 2009. There were also allegations that the group had diverted sizeable chunks of the amount raised in Bollywood films.
According to MCA officials, group companies like City Limouzines attracted investors by asking for a minimum investment of Rs 139,000 with a promise that the investor would get a monthly return of Rs 7,775 over a period of five years.
An email sent to the company’s spokesperson and calls made to the company went unanswered.
3rd April 2010
Yesterday Lemon TV aired a clipping which shows SEEMA RAZZAKI in full
make up and hair blow dried going to a store in Borivili with ladies
constable assisting her to purchase some stuff. This happened at the
Borivili court hearing.


Is it allowed to blow dry hair and wear make up in Police Custody?

What was so urgent that Seema had to Purchase when in Jail?

In Bandra Court Masood was drinking Packaged Drinking Water?

Is EOW and the police authorities trying to fool the investors?
Well before Lemon TV even aired this, the ladies constables have been suspended. Seema Razzaki went to the store to buy Sanitary Napkins as per the constables. I have personally not seen the clip so cannot comment on the make up etc, but I spoke to the Bangur Nagar Police Officers and the EOW officers 2 days ago when I was told about this incident.
Masood drinking packaged water in Bandra Court is true. The bottle was handed to him by his nephew- Mustafa in front of me. When we have bigger issues to deal with, I don't think we should care about him drinking packaged water. What happened in Bandra Court that day was fantastic and that is something we should talk about. What do you think Sameer?
2nd April 2010.
Chargesheet against Masood The economic offences wing (EOW) of the city police on Thursday submitted a chargesheet against City Limouzines chief S M Masood and his second wife Seema Razzaki in connection with a cheating case lodged by an investor, Jalandhar Pansare. The chargesheet was filed in the Esplanade Court. Pansare was the first investor to lodge a complaint against Masood in September 2007.

1st April 2010
Mumbai EOW has filed the chargesheet for Masood and Seema today! This is the first of several chargesheets that will get filed but the automatic bail issue is not a problem now.
I am told by EOW Mumbai that Masood and Seema's chargesheet has to be filed in court on or before April 3rd, 2010. It has to be done 60 days after arrest and not 90 days as I earlier thought. If the chargesheet is not filed by EOW, he becomes automatically eligible for bail. The bail will only be in the Mumbai EOW arrest case, which is only 1 of the 20 odd FIR's registered across India.

Geeta Razzaki, Umar Razzaki and Rajesh Choudhary's chargesheet's have also been filed in court on Jan 20th, 2010.
EOW has made it very clear that unless you do not file a complaint, you will not get your money back. Only the people who have filed complaints with EOW are eligible as per them. I do not know the theory behind this, but I feel its more to do with lack of a database of investors or data destroyed by City Group. Masood no longer has any control over anything so taking complaints back will be a gross mistake. He had 6 months to pay before he got arrested. Why did he not pay?
A chargesheet will be filed by Mumbai EOW before May 3rd. Thats when the actual trial starts in court, atleast in Mumbai. This will happen while other cities like Chennai, HYD, Delhi, Jaipur continue grilling him. Chargesheets from those police stations will be seperate. Please have patience. We are on the right track here. We have not let him bribe the cops or any other authority and get out! Thats a very big thing in this country.
Masood and Seema both have been sent to Judicial Custody again. Tomorrow most likely Ghatkopar Police Station will take their custody and present them in Vikhroli Court on Friday.
Masood and Seema Razzaki Remand at 12pm in Borivili East Court on March 31st as well.
Dear Friends,
Why there is pin-drop silence on the part of Madam Respectable Sonia gandhi and her army even though 190 odd investors have already posted her letters,many have mailed her etc;Is she so powerless to act on this matter or is there someone above her threatening not to interfere and give a amicable solution in favor of us???????????
Don't these politicians ever understand the pain of the common man????Several of us here in forum have worked day and nights and earned the amount.With the sole factor of getting regular income we have invested.Do these people whom we elect (not even one) come to our rescue and say "Yes I am there,you don't worry I shall take up this issue in parliament and have discussion on this crime and bring early of the early settlement to the investors".....I repeat not even one honest MP from our India fighting for common man...Pardon me if someone is really doing from behind the screen.

Regards,With lots of pain after having listened to those widows who invested for sake of regular income the PF amount of their husband,parents of children who kept money in city limouzines to fund future education/get married their girl child. ----Srinivas
I will reply to all the pple who are facing trouble with bank loans---
i myself had gone thru' a harowing experience...will get back back --i
dont log on so often as i am busy trying to sell my body parts without
sucess to pay back loans to banks..

Ok, all you folks who have taken personal loans from banks. I don’t
blame US for this foolish??? idea, as this company was running for
almost 15 years. I invested almost 48 lakhs of loans and my friends
almost totalling 2.5 crores. I had invested in October 2007, after 2
articles had appeared in the TOI 1st from the HC and SC clearing, the
company of never having any cheques bouncing for the past many years
since the company was formed. The articles were written by that creep
Unnikrishnan from TOI and he was always harping about that Pansare
case , the guy who wanted a car even after getting his investments for
5 years.( maybe a vested interest was causing him and Unni to create

I questioned Rajesh Chowdhary and other directors, (all arrested now)
about this, and why couldn’t they just give him his damn car and
finish the matter. They said it was not as easy as there were some
very strong vested interests that were behind these articles appearing
in TOI (maybe political parties?) They couldn’t spell it out.

I received all my payments from December 2007 up to July 2009. I was
the last person to get my more than 400 cheques signed in the Colaba
office before the company closed (I had about 50 files) From August
2009, the cheques started to bounce and there was no news clarifying
this at all… When I had gone to collect my agreements of my friends
who had invested 6 combos in July the1st raid was conducted in the
marketing office by EOW officials, and we were locked in the next door
agreements office for almost 2 hours until they left. I met Rajesh
Chowdhary and some other directors and told them that since Masood is
keeping quiet and not informing the investors, who were becoming
violent, I suggested that they at least send an sms to all investors
to keep them informed and later the directors should meet the
investors and appraise them on what problems they are having with the
govt agencies like FEMA, FERA, IT, EOW, etc etc. I was surprised that
they actually took my advice and sent the sms to hold on to the
cheques till 15 Sept and then arranged the crappy disastrous meeting
at Wilson HS which was a complete disaster. I was in touch with Maurya
and Nirmala, the lawyers of Masood, who kept on assuring me that his
intention is to pay, but investors were already making cases all over
India against him to get him arrested.

My source in Mantralaya told me that a prominent Dalit leader was the
president of Ambedkar Prathistan wherein cars were hired out. Once he
lost the last election, his belongings were thrown out of his
ministerial bungalow in Delhi and he got royally pissed—he somehow got
out his money?? from City Group to spite the Congress strong man of
Maharashtra. Due to their fight, we are caught I this unholy mess.

Now for the Personal loan advice—there is no way out, the banks care a
damn what state you are in—they want their money…but I can give you
advice to soften the blow--I have to pay 1.24 lakhs to 11 banks every
month… So from August 2009 to March, I have paid almost 10 lakhs. This
money Jesus has helped me to arrange for me thru’ friends, relatives,
selling my car, my entire wife’s gold, some land, etc.

Meet the banks Personal loans Collection officer, tell him your record
has been good so far, and you are having some financial
difficulties( so many people are)---DON’T tell then you have invested
in City Group, as the fine print in their agreements state you cannot
invest in chit funds, stock market etc. So they will crucify you there
and then. You can say you are having a financial difficulty, and would
like to arrive at a settlement as you just can’t pay. They will
bargain with you that they will waive off only the foreclosure charges
and bounced ecs charges, but say that your situation is so critical
that you need more discounts on the principal amount—mind you this
will affect your CIBIL record and you and your family will never get a
loan or credit card from any bank for the rest of your lives –not 7
years- Unless you make some money in the future and clear all these
dues. Sell off all your assets—gold, land cars, bikes, take 0% loans
from friends, family and foreclose your loans ASAP. I had a summons
from a bank in Bangalore as my ecs had bounced—I almost had a heart
attack, as I am not used to such things. I met the bank guys who told
me to pay the legal fees and get the case cancelled, which I have
done, by selling off my car.

The collection agents have to come to your house only from 7.00 am to
7.00 pm. as per the new RBI rules. They cannot shout or try to carry
off stuff from your house. They cannot argue with you and they have to
be courteous. They cannot come to your office and create a ruckus, but
you can call them either to your home or any other place you choose
away from your neighbors.

You can also request them to give you a break for some months till
your situation improves and them you will pay them back—but the emis
will pile up-- mind you. So I suggest, go for a settlement which is at
least my best option for now.

Hope this helps---There’s one more thing all these letters to Sonia, I
dunno how they will help, along with the prolonged courts cases/ firs…
as Masood has made it very clear that he wants to be clear of all
criminal cases and then only he will pay us, by selling his assets
money etc… do what I do, I pray every evening with my family to my
Living God Jesus Christ, who has supplied me with 10 lakhs from August
2009 till date, that He will melt Masoods heart and really have mercy
on his thousands of poor suffering investors and convict him to pay
and settle his dues to us ASAP. You can do the same---obtain a Bible
in your respective languages and read it and find guidance from it.
Your burdens will be lesser….Believe me it is a fact.

One more thing, I was talking to one of the sales persons from City
who also invested 2 files 2 months before the shut down, and she too
had no inkling this would happen. So I have a strong feeling that we
are stuck between 2 political parties. She told me that all the staff
were also interrogated and set free as they were found to be innocent—
but the Eow is looking out for Anil D’ mello the marketing manager—
even Maurya told me this, that he has to be arrested.

Hope this brings some succour to the loan harassed people of City

Dear Investors,

I am writing to you with an earnest and personal appeal. As you know we all are the sufferers of a massive fraud committed on us by Masood & Co wherein our hard earned savings and loans are at stake. For the past few months we all have been having a torrid time not knowing if and how we will get our money back and what to do to recover it.

Fortunately for us, there are certain individuals like Manohar, Ravi Puri, Hanumanth Tikandar, Adv. Zulfikar Khan who have taken on the mantle to not only to book defrauder Masood, but more importantly to help us recover our money. It is a long battle where dogged perseverance will be required. No one can predict the time frame. We all are aware of the phenomenal efforts being put in by Manohar in this direction. He is spending a lot of his time and resources pursuing Masood just to ensure that we get our dues. We all have been witness to his efforts over the past few months in this direction. In addition to his efforts and time, I learn from confirmed sources that he is also spending a major portion of his own money for a variety of activities related to this case. Believe me nothing comes free.

Hence this is an earnest appeal to show our support to Manohar by contributing financially in this fight to help us recover our money. It is a fact that we cannot compensate Manohar for his efforts in any form except our gratitude, but I feel we all can and must share his financial burden even though he is reticent about it. I therefore propose that we all contribute in any manner, as each one deems fit to lessen the financial burden on Manohar.

I therefore earnestly appeal to all of you to consider this seriously and contribute what ever amount you willingly wish to and deposit the amount in the following account. I reiterate that CONTRIBUTION IS PURELY VOLUNTARY.

If you all agree, we could also enter the details in a spreadsheet to enable proper accounting and ensure credit in the bank. Some one who is tech savvy could please help me in creating this document. In case you have any views or clarifications in this regard, please feel free to express them to me. I am sure we all will rise to this occasion.

I wish to clarify that this appeal is entirely my own initiative and has not been in any manner prompted by anyone.
30th Mar 2010.

RBI officers fell for City Limo’s empty promises

Mumbai: The Reserve Bank of India alerts public about nonviable deposit schemes that lure investors with hugely attractive rates of interest. Now, some officials of the RBI itself have fallen prey to the investment scheme floated by City Limouzine and its sister concern City Realcom that offered an astonishingly high 48% interest rate.
According to sources in the city police’s economic offences wing (EOW), at least 15 lowerlevel officials in the RBI unit that monitors the functioning of non-banking financial companies (NBFC) have lost their money in the scheme. One of these complainants was related to a senior official of the apex bank.
EOW sources said that among those who lost money, approximately 6,000 are policemen, 200 from the incometax department and 300 from the Mantralaya. “There are also several from the defence services who have lost their hardearned money. Most invested as some of the companies’ branch offices across the country were headed by former defence personnel,” an official said.
The police arrested {une’s regional director, retired captain Prakash Nambiar. The Andheri office was headed by Shehla Khan, wife of retired wing commander Humayun Khan. In Jaipur, the regional director was retired air force personnel Mohan Lal Verma. In Delhi, the office was headed by former air vice marshal Naiyyer Razzaki.
Interestingly, the RBI itself has expressed helplessness in curbing the activites of fly-bynight operators that lure public with quick-rich schemes, saying they do not fall under the definition of an NBFC. The money collected by these companies cannot be termed as deposits to be treated as an NBFC, says the RBI. EOW sources said the number of complaints has crossed 30,000. “We continue to receive complaints every day.
We believe at least 500 NRIs from the US, Canada, UAE, Australia, Germany and Singapore lost their money,” a source said. Investors from rural areas send complaints by courier.
Meanwhile, a local court on Monday remanded S M Masood, chairman of the companies, and his second wife Seema Razzaki to police custody till March 31 in connection with an FIR registered at Bangur Nagar police station.

29th Mar 2010.
Can someone please tell me the regional directors for chennai, bangalore, jaipur and hyd? I need some names and background (i.e ex defence etc). Need it asap pls.
Here is a quick update from Masood's interrogation at Bangur Nagar Police Station.

1. He told the cops that he never authorized any staff or director to accept CASH deposits. He refused that his company has ever accepted cash payments. When receipts were shown for cash payments, he said these are fake receipts. So all those of you who invested in cash, please make sure you have your receipts well saved. 2. Those who invested in the Andheri office certainly know Shehla Khan. Masood claims he does not know who Shehla Khan is. She was never a director of the company and was not authorized to sign any receipts whatsoever.
He is being taken to Borivili Court tomorrow for remand extension at 12pm.

28th Mar 2010
This association is not fighting but eating money from investors. Their case is not against masood or the City Group of Companies but against Commissioner of Police. They want they case to be transfered to CID Crime, which has control over all of maharashtra. They don't understand that given the case is already at an advanced stage, there is no point in reinventing the wheel and changing agencies. Now that they have collected money, something needs to be done, so they filed a case against the CP. The lawyer representing them also quit when he found out what really was being done by this group. They were no different that Masood in cheating people off their hard earned money.
Anyways, as far as this case is concerned, it was adjourned by 2 weeks and soon will get dismissed. Then what will the investors do who have paid CGIA rs.600 each?

27th Mar 2010
Sayed Masood remanded to police custody in Bangur Nagar Police Station till March 31st, 2010. Seema Razzaki also in Bangur Nagar PS.
26th Mar 2010
Sayed Masood remanded to Judicial Custody from Thane EOW. Most likely Pune police will take his custody tomorrow.

INVESTMENT SCHEME - More than 400 duped in multi-crore scam

NEW DELHI: HT-25th Mar 2010
Navin Oberoi, a retired businessman, lost his life's savings -- more than Rs 70 lakh -- in a supposed invest- ment scheme that promised lucrative returns on his capital.
“All of us fell for their trick.
The office was bursting at its seams with people bringing in bags full of money, thinking their currency would get tripled.
There were teller machines and currency notes were being cal- culated,“ said the harrowed looking 62-year-old.
Oberoi is one of the 500-odd Delhiites who were allegedly cheated by a financial firm -- City Limouzines India Limited --and its sister concerns to the tune of crores of rupees.
The bait was simple. On an investment of Rs 1.3 lakh, a return of Rs 7,000 was prom- ised per month for the next five years and after that Rs 70,000 of the principal amount would be refunded.
Perhaps, it is desperation because of the spiralling infla- tion. In 2009, more than 75,000 middle class Delhiites lost at least Rs 400 crore of their hard- earned savings to cheats who promised them higher returns on investments in the year, records available with the Economic Offences Wing (EOW) of Delhi Police say.
“It sounded lucrative. I even sold one of my cars to invest in the company,“ said Oberoi who reportedly did his homework before investing in the scheme.
“I visited their office in Nehru Place and checked with other investors personally. I invested in March last year and for a few months I received the returns,“ said Oberoi.
“In August, 2009 the cheques started bouncing. The compa- ny was locked out and I lost all my savings,“ he added.
The Mumbai Police recently arrested the owner of the com- pany, identified as S.M. Masood.
Masood had floated the com- pany in 1995 and initially used it to lease out taxis.
Soon several branches popped up across the country, promising people higher returns on their investments.
Investigations have revealed that Masood allegedly owns a fleet of cars, several plots of lands, resorts and has even invested in Bollywood movies with the money he extracted from people.
The office was being run from Suite number 505, International Trade Towers in Nehru Place.
“The publicity of the compa- ny was through word of mouth and they had even published lucrative brochures,“ said Ravi Puri, another duped investor.
“There are a lot of retired people out there who invested the money in this company,“ he added.
“He had hired MBAs to lure investors. He even has connec- tions with politicians and before his arrest was living in a five- star hotel in Delhi.
The Economic Offences Wing (EOW) said that so far they have received more than 500 complaints against the company.
“We have registered a case and would soon take Masood in custody,“ informed a senior EOW officer.
Dear Delhi Investor and Mr Ravi Puri,

Mr Raui Puri has done a commendable job in publishing the articles in HT on 25th March 2010. On behalf of Delhi investors we must salute him for this kind of job. T-day the News review at Aaj Tak at 08.30 PM will consolidate our position further and this news may sprade over the other channel too. We should not spare ceater Masood anymore.

We need to do more action in this regards, like arrangment of Dharna, strike and meeting ASAP (as soon as possible). The Date and time also the venue may be decided by Mr RP Puri with consultant of other big investor at Delhi.

Thanking you once again.
25th Mar 2010
Thanks for info, but we at pune doesn't heared any plan for such
rally. Most of the companies which was working like city limo are now
disappearing & that is going to be a major shock to many ordinary
peoples who invested the amount in such companies. Possibly there are
some people in Pune who were invested some money in all those
companies like City limo, AIM Limo, aurum realty,shree om sainath etc
& what about the returns now?
I am thinking that i am lucky that i had invested only in City & we
are fighting collectively with leadership of Mr. Manohar,
If there is any rally, we will participate it & protest against this
crop of companies which are doing same like city limouzines.
Most of what is aired is false. Please be cautious. I don't see how they are supporting the cause by spreading false news. They claim that Masood has 2000 CR of assets which the police has found. Totally false. They claim Advocate Maurya's house was raided, again false. Please exercise caution.

Dear Delhi Investors,

I had written to you 3 weeks back about my meetings with
corespondent’s of leading newspaper of Delhi.

Today I got a call from Ms. Vijaita Singh, Principal Correspondent of
Hindustan Times, New Delhi that they were ready with the City
Limouzines fraud story. I went to meet her with one of the investors,
Mr. Navin Oberoi who has invested and lost lot of money in City
Limousines. He was also interviewed at Hindustan Times House.


Ravi Puri
A lot of thing are being done. Given Masood is in police custody, we have to work alongside law authorities in fast tracking the money recovery process. We should not do anything that will hamper their investigation into this mega scandal. Currently, letters to Sonia Gandhiji, US consulate and soon MCA are ways how we are helping ourselves. Masood is not going to come out of custody for atleast a year, given Enforcement Directorate has enformed PMLA on him. Soon, additional charges will be applied by DRI and other agencies including IT. MEA will soon use diplomatic channels to start sealing his overseas properties if Masood does not pay up. I have already located several of his overseas accounts which I will be handing over to the ED very soon. So to answer your question, the best we can do right now is stay alert and send emails or post letters as requested on this forum. Soon we will get a breakthrough. The most important thing is that we cannot let this case get cold.
Lastly, there are still thousands of investors who have not filed any complaints with various EOW's and police stations across India. Please step up and file complaints so you get your funds when the time comes. The company investors database is in shambles given hard drives have been seized by authorities. Soon offices will be empty after forensic work is completed and they will be handed back to the landlords. So I suggest, filing a complaint if not done, should be your number 1 priority.
Lastly, Mumbai EOW will soon file a chargesheet against Masood and Seema Razzaki in court.

Hope this helps.

24th Mar 2010
Seema Razzaki has been taken in police custody by Bangur Nagar Police Station. Masood in with EOW Thane and the rest are in Agripada PS. Has everyone sent the letters to SG and emails to the US consulate?

20th Mar 2010

We have to get started with a new initiative of bombarding the US consulate in Mumbai at
The goal is get Masood's US visa cancelled and Masood's first wife and their children deported back to India so they can be taken into custody by EOW. If you folks, cannot take print out and send letters by post to SG, atleast spend 5 mins and send one email to the above email address.
Here are the details:
Name: Sayed Mohammed Masood Passport No: F6819756 Issue Date: 21 Feb 2006 Exp Date: 20 Feb 2016 Date of Birth: 24 Oct 1956 Place of Birth: Tendua, UPHe holds a L2 US visa, which should be cancelled as he has an ongoing criminal history over the past 15 years. He has been arrested atleast 5 times and has lied in his US visa application that he has never been arrested. He has been arrested for illegal weapons possessions, fraud, cheating and now for money laundering and defrauding 500,000 people of over crores of rupees.

Masood's Wife's info:
Name: Chand Kausar Mohammed , goes as Chand Sayed Masood Date of Birth: 8 May 1957 Address: 2627 S Bayshore Dr # 2202 Miami, FL 33133
She holds an L1A visa for the US. She was sent from India by Masood to setup a subsidiary office for City Limouzines (India) PVT Ltd. The subsidiary is called City Trading LLC ( The house she lives in is worth USD 2 Million, sports 3 Mercedes Benz Cars and a lot more. All this has been brought from our money. There are significant number of investments made by Sayed and Chand Masood in the US and in a few neighbuoring islands. We need the US consulate to cancel her visa and get her deported back to India, so she can be taken into custody. Our police and govt will eventually get to her, but going through diplomatic channels will take years. We can assist the police by getting this done faster.
Masood's Children:
Jabeen Sayed Masood (daughter) Director of Ryewood Retreat Motels in Lonavala, again brought by our money by Masood. Jabraan Sayed Masood (son)
These two are also on a US visa, most likely a L2 dependant visa or a F1 student visa. These visas also need to be cancelled so these two can be deported back to India.
One of Masood's first ventures was Jabeen Travel Club PVT LTD. That is where his crime spree began with stealing cars. Several cases were registered by EOW. A few were discharged and a few are still active in Mumbai High Court. The name of the company is after his daughter.
So please start sending emails ASAP. Attach newspaper articles, write your own story and lets make sure atleast the US does not give these criminals a shelter. Our goal is to get the US consulate or the Department of Homeland Security to cancel all US visas of the Masood family and deport all family members currently in the US back to India. This is one way we will find millions of dollars worth of assets, so we all get our hard earned money back. Please do not copy and paste this email, but write your own story as how this family has ruined your life. I have already sent my story and I am pursuing them separately as well, but I need your support. Email address again is:

Manohar Lohia

Masood was let off in 6 similar cases

10 Cases Were Registered Against City Limo Chief In 2003


Mumbai: City Limouzines chief S M Masood, currently in police custody for allegedly cheating thousands of investors, was discharged in six similar cases in 2005. Interestingly, these cases were investigated by the economic offences wing (EOW) which is currently probing the fresh FIRs registered against him.
According to sources, 10 cases were registered in 2003. Of them, Masood and his accomplice Bashir Shaikh were discharged in six cases by the then metropolitan magistrate D K Sonawane on August 11, 2005. The remaining four are pending. These cases were not investigated during the tenure of the current EOW chief, additional commissioner of police Sanjay Saxena.
In his order, Sonawane had observed that the facts brought out by the prosecution were not sufficient to bring the act of the accused within the ambit of any criminality. He observed that the name of the accused were not mentioned in any FIR and the involvement in the crime was not corroborated by sufficient evidence. The accused filed a discharge application after the EOW filed a charge sheet. The accused told the court that the agony of undergoing trial would cause irreparable harm and injury to them.
The EOW case was that Masood was the director of Jabin Tours Club, Andheri (W), and had deceived the public by offering monthly rent of Rs 18,000 on their vehicles for a period of three years. Initially, the cheques issued to investors were honoured but subsequently,the cheques bounced.The court observed that the case was not supported by any documentary evidence. It was alleged that Bashir Shaikh, who ran Acard Tours and Travels, knew Masood and committed the offence with him. The court wondered how the police concluded that they committed the crime together just because they knew each other. The prosecution said that Masood had made preparations to commit an offence. The magistrate said, “Except the preparation to commit dacoity and preparation to wage war against India, mere preparation is not offence.’’
The magistrate further said that the prosecution had admitted that the agreements between the victims and the accused were done with an intention to bring such transaction within the ambit of civil nature or civil dispute. The then public prosecutor in his arguments submitted that the accused were involved but in the final report he admitted that there was nothing incriminating against the accused.
Complaints against another company
Investors of another get-rich-quick scheme floated by Thane-based Aim Limouzines have lodged complaints of cheating with the EOW. According to the police, last year investors were reluctant to lodge complaints and even accused the police of interfering in the company’s business. “They told us to stay away. Now, we have been receiving complaints as the scheme has gone bust,’’ a police officer said.
Realising that the scheme will not survive, the police got one of their own officers to lodge a complaint. On August 26 last year, the Shivaji Park police station registered a case. The EOW froze the firm’s bank accounts. Later, a metropolitan magistrate’s court directed that it be activated.
19th Mar 2010.
Masood stood for the 1999 Maharashtra Assembly Elections from the Mumbadevi Area in Mumbai under RPI (A). Thats where the ambedkar connection started and he formed Babasaheb Ambedkar Pratishtan.
Fortunately, he did not win that election.
18th Mar 2010.

Masood and Seema Razzaki will be taken to Bhoiwada Court in Dadar tomorrow at 12pm for their remand hearing. They are currently in police custody with Matunga Police Station. Tomorrow the judge most likely will extend their custody by 3-4 days. If not, they will be sent to judicial custody and another police station will take their custody. Those who could not make it to Bandra Court on Monday, please try and attend tomorrow.

17th March 2010

I have tried to meet him several times. Let me tell you something about Masood. This is not the first time he has been arrested and jailed. He has been arrested on several occasions in the last 10 years. He has been arrested for stealing cars, fraud and slapping his mother in the courtroom. Not only that, but he has been arrested for possession of weapons with a license. Later he got a license for his 3 revolvers, but that has now been cancelled. So what I am trying to say here is that jail is nothing new for him. He knows he will come out in a few months. He just does not know that I am not going to let him come out under any circumstances unless he pays up. He has used our money to enjoy a lavish lifestyle. He has used our money to buy flats and bunglows for Geeta Razzaki, Seema Razzaki, his family in the US. He used our money to sport a Rolex worth lakhs of rupees. He used our money to buy luxury cars for his family and himself. Travelled in business class and first class, not only for him, but his entire family. His entire family is a culprit and they all need to be brought to justice. Be rest assured, Masood has enough cash reserves in and out of India. He will not touch that unless push comes to shove. If he gets the slightest hint that we investors are going to back off, we can kiss our money goodbye. We cannot leave him and his family. We will not back off. This fight will just get stronger.
So to answer your question Salim, Masood is criminal minded. He does not want to pay us our own money. So we have no choice left but to snatch it from him in the days to come!
Here are a few updates: Geeta, Rajesh and Umar are in the custody of EOW Thane. What I heard is that Masood is completely broken and trying to raise funds for his release from his relatives. I feel this is just a tactic to show the police that he does not have funds and the only available funds are in the form of equity in his various properties. Matunga Police Station took custody of Masood and Seema. They will be presented in court tomorrow 17-03-2010 for remand.
16th March 2010
I got you here after a long time. Felt very sorry to know your plight. Anyway, did you invest all the money(42 lakhs) in citylimouzines? I too had taken a personal loan of Rs.3 lacs and had the papers ready to invest, but luckily my inbox found an email from Mr. Manohar telling me about the scandal and I became alert. Had it been delayed by another one day, I would have ended up giving 3 lacs more to Masood. I didnot know who Manohar is, but he came in my life like an angel. I still donno how he managed to get my email address. I keep wondering at the capabilities of this person.
See Mr. Daniel, look at Masood. He has has not only cheated the investors but he has cheated the Govt also. The amount involved is in thousands of crores. But he has not committed suicide. yes as a human, we all are likely to commit mistakes. There is no need to punish ourselves with such deplorable actions. please be with us. we will fight and get our money back. please have some patience.
Daniel Conceicao -
Dear bank loan takers. i have taken 42 lakhs frm banks.and i have paid
frm august 09 to feb . but if u want a little peace from the banks
collection agencies then mail me and i can help u. i was at a point of
suicide in november.
We will try again in couple days at Borivili Court or Andheri Court.

Santosh- your question is interesting. Had i known what needs to be done to get our money back, I would have done that and by now everyone would have their money back. Instead of asking these questions, if you can start helping or giving suggestions on what can be done or should be tried to recover our funds, it will be more helpful.
Folks from Mumbai-
15th Mar 2010.
Reminder that on Monday is Masood/ Seema's remand hearing for the Vakola Police Station Custody. They are currently in police custody till the 15th of March. Vakola police will bring them both to Bandra Court around noon. Most likely, they will get judicial custody where in Masood is sent to Arthur Road Jail and Seema to Byculla Jail, and the very next day, either Amboli Police Station or Ghatkopar Police Stations will take their custody. If that happens, there will be another remand hearing on the 17th of March. I will post details of that on this group asap as well.

12th March 2010.
Folks, The remand hearing for Masood and Seema in Bandra Court is on March 15th at 12pm and not March 18th. The date 18th was a misunderstanding. Mumbai folks, please go to court. Masood and Seema will be personally present.
There was a legal case by or against Jabeen Travel Club in Bombay High Court.  Jabeen is Masood's daughter. Can someone please get me details on this case? There is only one case and I tried to search the bombay high court website but no luck. Can some advocate help asap pls?

These have already been taken care of. In additon to this, Masood's land in Hinjewadi, Wakad (nr Ginger Hotel), 4 flats, 1 bunglow in NIBM have all been taken over by the authorities. Not to worry!
while I was investing In CL , I raised the query as to where is mr massod investing the amnt - The branch manager informed me that he investing in following projects (a) Lahavassa city near Pune (b) land to the tune of 200 acres was being procured around pune May be these require bit of investigation from uur side thanks & hope this info is very useful
Dear Investors,

U all are once again requested to despatch letter to Mrs Sonia Gandhi-ji immediately. As I have already despatch the leter through speed post and I am having the receipt from the Post Office. Also a leter drop by hand by my peon at the 10 Janpath residence of Sonia-ji.

At least 1000 (one thousand) leter will do something or after the reservation bill passed at parliament the political situation is something changed from the UPA side. So this is the time to call the atention of those political personalities. Although I am not very conversent with internet system as I am a retired Army person but I have got the Sonia-ji letter print out and despatched it to the proper address. Also I have got several copies of print out of the draft leter and given to my known investors to do the same.

So its the time to do something and try to get back back our hard earn money.

10th Mar 2010.
I have been busy with some travel and hence could not write in. Just got near a computer, so let me try and clear all outstanding issues. Masood has been kept away from everyone in CP office, so dont have much to update on that front, but we should prepare to get ready for the march 18th hearing in Bandra court.
6th March 2010.
Masood and Seema Razzaki were sentenced to 12 days in PC- police custody in Vakola PS till March 18. Close to 50 investors came to court and screamed 'masood chor hai'. Way to go guys! Hopefully we will see more on March 18th!
Hi Manohar, Hope u remember we met today at Bandra court, I guess we did the right thing screeming at masood, abhi uska akkad kam ho jayega.. our numbers are increasing in every hearing... today first time i saw masood & Seema face to face, one guy who had come all the way from Delhi screwed Masood & Seema in a nice way. Folks request all of you to attend next hearing on 18th March in Bandra court, it will make a huge diffrence if we are present in large numbers at the court. Regards,
Do you think Maspod is a saint? We ask him for our money and he gives it to us and we take back our cases? He is blaming us investors. He is saying, because we filed cases against him, he has not been able to repay and has instead been playing a cat and mouse chase with the cops. If you don't want to pay, who better to blame than the person who you have to pay.
Masood is a big cat ,any time whip up panja.Since he lost the freedom,even this much subdued.He made himself things most complicated.It is very difficult to come out of his own web and it is a herculian task to identify all the assets in different shapes and names.Above all ,he didn't spell out his plan of action to repay our dues and he expects investors to commit/help first for hs release .With out his cooperation ,things will not move that fast. And in normal course , nobody can spell out the time frame.But in this strruggle ,we all should continue to be one in our voice and actions ,then only Manohar ji and his associates will take us to ultimate goal.

5th March 2010.
Vakola Police Station has taken custody of Masood and Seema. Remand hearing tomorrow. Those who wish to see/ speak to Masood and/or Seema, please come to Bandra Court tomorrow at 11am. There is nothing to speak to him about other than demanding your hard earned money from him.

I will be present as well.

1st March 2010
i was there at bhoiwada holiday court on sunday with me there was the mr.saudagar,mr amit shrivastava, papaji , mr. raju and nilesh , i reach at 10.45 am and Mr. Masood was brought around 12.45 pm and the hearing start at,there was 3 advocate (including nirmala bhosale)defending mr.masood against the inspector mr .malekar.but the judge order 3 day custody to mr masood. Nirmala bhosale was giving a sweet smile to mr masood in court,than we all gathered around mr. masood and asked the question when we will get our money ''he replied muje bhi yeh dhag leke marna nahi hai" in filmi style and said that you all investor give a letter to the court and say to leave mr .masood .and further he said to meet advocate for that and he also that i am only the person who will give you the money . than i asked the question to inspector malekar of vikroli that there is any chance of getting back our money ." he replied that out of 10000/- your will get 7000/- and it will take 1yr or 2 yrs also because mr.masood is not helping in giving the exact detail of the total investment .even inspector had asked masood advocate to give the detail of dr .babasaheb credit society.

27th Feb 2010.
That's a Great point! Yeah Manohar, I quite agree with Sashi here! The
accountant can definitely be Sued for such acts and could be reported to the
IRS, who would not hesitate taking necessary actions henceforth.
I will get back to you folks on this US accountant issue in couple days. He
tells me that he wants to cooperate so lets see what he does over the next
1-2 days. My attorneys are telling me to give him a few days to prove
himself so lets do that and take it from there. I have things on standby
should he want to hide/destroy the documents and support Masood in this
This is not the war between the investors of Delhi Vs Mumbai. As every one keen to get back the hard money invested with City fraud company. Lets go altogether and sought the claim from every resources,

I would like to suggest tyhe Delhi investors please complain with EOW wing at Qutab Institutional Area, New Delhi 10 016, and contact Insp. Sher Singh at EOW wing at Delhi ASAP. First make a complain and then give him the original documents and lodge an FIR. Inspector Sher Singh will give you the receipt of the original documents seziure and your complain is originaly lodged for the case..
Hi All,

Following are the other Politicians who use Twitter.

1.) @ShashiTharoor <>: Shashi Tharoor, a
respected politician from Indian National Congress and currently serving as
the Minister of State for External Affairs. He currently has 645, 715
followers that are counting each day.

2.) @narendramodi <> : Narendra Modi –
Chief Minister of Gujarat has 11,152 followers. Modi is one of the most
tech-savvy politicians of India and you will always see his personal
assistants carrying his laptop and palmtop at all times. He spends major
hours browsing the internet on either the laptops or his high end mobile

3.) @ksudhakaranMP <>: K Sudhakaran
ex-minister Kerala, now a congress MP from Kannur has 6926 followers on
Twitter. The politician has a mass political base and is open to the use of
latest technologies. When Dubai crisis was ominous, he fervently used
Twitter to comfort the Indians saying that the country could not be affected
by the crisis and cited the thoughts of NRIs and other business men.

4.) @SMKrishnaCong <>: SM Krishna,
currently serving as the Minister for External Affairs. He has 7973
followers on Twitter.

5.) @rajeev_mp <> : Rajeev Chandrasekhar is
an Independent Member of Parliament in the upper house of Rajya Sabha. He
represents Karnataka state and Bangalore Urban district. He is very active
on the internet, with his website, and of course, tweets and currently has
1435 followers on the microblogging site.

6.) @mallikasarabhai <> : Dr Mallika
Sarabhai, independent candidate for Lok Sabha Elections 2009 from
Gandhinagar. Gujarat-based activist, development worker, social entrepreneur
and perf ormer , Mallika Sarabhai is multitalented lady, well recognized for
her works in the country as well abroad. Since she has used every
medium—dance, theatre, television, film, writing and publishing for her
work, Twitter was another medium added to the list. She currently has 893

7.) @CaptainGopinath <> – Karnataka’s
Independent Candidate Captain Gopinath’s Twitter profile has an obvious
green kite (his symbol) used as the background. But after he lost the in the
recent elections, his tweeting frequency is just coming to a little halt. He
has 400 followers at present.(no active tweets)

8.) @meerasanyal <>: Mumbai’s Independent
Candidate Meera Sanyal. She is a professional banker for the past 25 years
and is currently the Chairperson and Country Executive for ABN
AMRO<>Bank. She has 383 followers
on Twitter.

9.) @krishnabgowda <>: Karnataka
Politician Krishna Byre Gowda is one of the promising upcoming politicians
from Karnataka. He is currently the Youth Congress President for Karnataka,
and serving his third term in the State Legislature. He has 359 followers on

10.) @kalmadisuresh <>: Suresh Kalmadi is
also a politician and businessman from India. He has 123 Twitter followers.

11.) @rajeevgowda <> : Karnataka Politician
Rajeev Gowda’s Twitter Page. He is Professor at the Indian Institute of
Management, Bangalore and now a member of the Congress Party. He currently
has 91 followers.

12.) *@bjp_* <>: Bhartiya Janata Party Twitter page
has1075 followers and gives you the latest press releases, new campaigns and
the news surrounding the political party.

Thanks for the suggestion. We can certainly look into this given the fact that Rahul Gandhi was proclaimed youth icon or something like that. Also he heads the youth front of Congress Party so perhaps it can attract newer audience as well if addressed to him.

I've drafted the letter after discussions with Manohar and its still work-in-progress. He'll keep the forum posted on what needs to be done by each investor about this letter soon.

M - I recently read in the press that Gurudas Kamath who won on behalf of Congress Party from Mumbai has started a mobile office (in the form of a van) which will collect public grievances and he'll look into those issues & respond back within 48 hrs. He is the 1st elected minister in India to do this & its our chance to make the most of this opportunity now. Perhaps it may make sense to ensure that his mobile office also gets bombarded with this letter addressed to him by investors residing in his constituency.

Can somebody pls do a bit more research on the internet abt this & update the group?


25th feb 2010
Masood and Seema Razzaki Police Custody gets over tomorrow for Vikhroli Police Station. Their remand extension hearing will be held in Vikhroli Court at approx 11:30am. Those who can attend, please be present. I will personally be present as well. Manohar

Date: February 23, 2010


Respected Sonia Gandhi ji / Mrs Sonia Gandhi,
Chairperson - UPA Indira National Congress

I write to you on behalf of a strong community of approximately 250,000 citizens of India (“we”). We wish to draw your attention towards the plight and agony, which we have been undergoing since August 2009. We are the unfortunate victims of the mega financial fraud executed by City Limouzines (India) Ltd. and its group concerns (

The corpus of our investment stands at around Rs.15,000 crores with this group under various schemes advertised in the print media on a continuous basis. Majority of us have agreements with the company based on which the company had promised us monthly returns and return of partial / full principal. However since August 2009, the group has defaulted on its promise without imparting a justified reason for the same. On the contrary the investors have been conveyed different fake reasons for non-compliance of the promise the company made. To our disbelief all the nine offices owned / leased by this group across India have been shut down and there has been no communication from anybody within the group with regards to the possibility of the re-opening of these offices.

All the investors of this company are going through a very painful time since this unfortunate event in August 2009. The chairman / owner of this group Mr. Syed M Masood has refrained from communicating with the investors and all efforts undertaken towards this from our side have not been fruitful. There are a sizeable number of investors who have taken personal loans from banks / financial institutions for investing in the group’s schemes and are now finding it impossible to pay EMIs towards their loans. It was only the high amount of returns promised by the different schemes of this group which led investors to believe its claims and invest in its schemes. To give you an instance for an investment of around Rs.130,000, the group promised approximately Rs.7,000 per month for a period of 5 years and partial refund of Rs.70,000 of the original investment upon completion of this tenure.

Coincidentally there are many senior government officials, reputed political leaders, retired senior government officials who fell prey to the advertisements and invested in the schemes promoted by the group. However, our plight is different from these investors. We are individual retail investors and are adversely affected to a large extent because it is our hard-earned money which is at stake now. There are quite a few investors who have no other option but to end their life because of this scam. This scandal is being monitored and highlighted by various media houses and publications taking into account not only the number of investors across the country but also the composition of these investors. Please note that there are retired people, ladies, widows etc. who are unfortunately amongst us, who invested their entire savings accumulated over their life and now have nowhere to go.

As a matter of fact, the group’s New Delhi office [International Trade Towers, E-Block, Suite-505, Nehru Place, New Delhi - 110019, Phone Nos: (011)46567651-59], proudly displays a “Letter of Recommendation” written by a minister from your cabinet viz. Mr Subodh Kant Sahay favouring the group’s tainted chairman Mr Syed Masood. There are multiple certificates claiming the group to be a recognized business entity by the Ministry of Tourism (Government of India) & was also the Official Sponsor of the Indian Women’s Hockey Team from 2006-09. [Certificate Of Registration Under Section 69 Of the Finance Act, 1994 (32 Of 1994), Registration No-RAC/MUM-I/186]. However the facts speak otherwise.
We earnestly request you to kindly look into this matter at the earliest bail us out from this situation. We request you to direct the concerned agencies to speed up the proceedings and resolve this scam as a priority.

Faithfully yours,


White collar crimes are wide spread in society

White-collar crime and its consequences are recognized from centuries which categorize number of crimes. Mostly business and government professionals are involved in series of frauds termed as white-collar crime because these are lucrative, comparatively risk-free, and nearly socially up to standard. Due to high occurrence of these crimes, security officials plan modern technique to fight back through prevention, investigation, and prosecution. When the term white-collar crime is conversed, people are encouraged to think decisively about the nature of crime, law, and criminal justice. In the criminal justice system, the focal point of the investigative efforts on the crimes of the poor. If it is viewed from same legal eye of the state, the crimes of the powerful are hidden. White-collar crime is defined as "those illegal acts which are characterized by deceit, concealment, or violation of trust and which are not dependent upon the application or threat of physical force or violence.
Individuals and organizations commit these acts to obtain money, property, or services; to avoid the payment or loss of money or services; or to secure personal or business advantage. Generally the white collar criminals commit range of frauds to get personal financial gain. White collar crimes do not show any vicious activity, but the extent of these crimes are intense and it can bring about great economic loss for companies, investors. Computer fraud is characterized as the crime committed to perform a plan or illegal activity and the targeting of a computer with the intention to modify, damage, or put out of action the data of computer system. There are many examples of crimes which include offering missing goods to a buyer, stealing someone's funds by hacking into his bank or credit card account. Hackers find passwords and delete information, create programs to steal passwords, or even rummage through company garbage to find secret information. Embezzlement is another type of white collar crime, termed as the misuse of items with which a person has been assigned. Charges of embezzlement can even be levied if the embezzler intended to return the property later. Employee theft is most common example of embezzlement. Company employees can have access to company property so they can easily misuse the property. Numerous examples can be quoted such as theft of retail items, discounted sale of retail items, and theft from cash registers.
Health care frauds are a stereotypical white collar crime in which highly qualified medical practitioners and health supervisory abuse their posts and professional skills through misleading nonviolent tactics such as fake bills just for individual financial gain. Environmental crimes are the infringement of laws which are made to protect the environment and human health. Littering, Improper waste disposal, Oil spills, Destruction of wetlands are some of the Environmental crimes. Perpetrator of Environmental law violation is fined, put on experimentation, sent to jail. Financial crimes are major white collar crimes. These are any non-violent felony that is committed by or against an individual or corporation and lead to great fiscal loss. These frauds include tax evasion, cheating of company funds, and the sale of fictitious insurance plans.
Another category of serious white collar crime is government fraud, which is an unlawful act that deliberately rid the government of funds through trickery. When the government gets fiddled, taxpayers pay the price. Procurement and contractor fraud are examples of costliest government fraud. In Identity theft the criminal use the personal information of another in order to commit fraud. Crooks of this type of crime have to face heavy penalties if trapped. Insurance fraud is very common in which offender forged claims to an insurance company, personal injury and property damage claims that are overstated in order to collect extra reimbursements. Mail fraud is committed by using Postal Service or any private or commercial interstate mail carrier, such as Mailboxes, etc. Money laundering is a felony in which lawbreakers hide the resource and objective of illegitimately acquired funds. Public corruption is an act of violating the public official's duty of faith towards his or her society. Anyone who is elected, appointed, hired, or employee of a constituency of citizens commits crime on the state, or local level when an official takes favorable decision in exchange of offered some value. Securities fraud is committed by white collar criminal such as corporations, broker-dealers, analysts, and private investors when the executor intentionally deceives investors for financial profits. The culprit of tax evasion deliberately and illegally avoids paying mandatory taxes to the government. Telemarketing fraud fall under white collar criminal in which wrongdoer make some plan that uses telephone contact to fraudulently rid its victims of funds or assets. The most regular type of telemarketing frauds are prize offers and sweepstakes, magazine sales, credit card sales.
In today's hi-tech world, white collar crimes are creating a serious trouble for government. People who commit white-collar crimes are sometimes the same kind of people who are in a position to see to it that their crimes are not defined too detrimental. While the impact of white-collar criminals leave an immense impact on the nation but the cost to each individual is petite. Practically it is observed that no effort from police department goes into skirmishing white-collar crime.
Our social system is corrupted by number of white collar crime and it is a great challenge for us to discover suitable resolution to the increasing menace of white-collar crime. These crimes are directly affecting the economy of the nation and the public's confidence, therefore corrective action must be taken immediately for preventing, detecting, investigating, and prosecuting economic crimes in order to minimize their outcome. Main blockade to get to the bottom of the white-collar crime hazard is that the public is not aware of its seriousness. It is more important to create wakefulness and businesses, and the nation's lawmakers must be convinced with its significance in identifying that such high-tech and economic crimes have an undesirable effect on society. Mostly people are innocent and they are not aware of the degree to which their lives, financial status, businesses, families, or privacy might be pretentious by electronic crime. A rock-hard inspection or accounting background is obliging to detect white-collar crime because swindlers are very clever and they can manipulate the situation very well.
23rd FEB 2010
Folks-    Thanks to Raman, who compiled this list of FAQ's for us and especially the newer members joining our group. We are getting stronger by 50-75 new members everyday.  This FAQ has also been posted on the group homepage. If any of you have suggestions on how to improve this, please feel free to email me so I can get your questions added.   FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS- As of Feb 23rd-2010
1.  I am new to this group. What should I do?

Please go through all the discussions and emails that have been written by several group members over the last few months on this scandal.
2.  Do I have to pay any money to be part of this group or take part in it activities?

No need to pay anything. You can participate freely and contribute intellectually.
3. I have invested in Citylimouzine/Cityrealcom and my cheques have bounced. Should I file a complaint anywhere?
Yes, each and every investor needs to file a complaint at one of  the EOW/ Police Stations below.
  • Mumbai EOW  - Unit 5, Behind Azad Maidan Police Station, Fort.  PI Wadhankar  24691377
  • Delhi EOW- , Qutub Institutional Area, New Delhi-110016 PI Sher Singh 26528165
  • Chennai EOW Chennai Economic Offences Wing CID. C 48, II- Avenue, TNHB, 3rd Floor,. Anna Nagar, Chennai-40.  NA  04426220332
  • Pune - Police Commissioner's office, near Sadhu Vaswani Chowk, Pune PI Dage 26208346/26122202
  • Jaipur -Vinayakpuri Police station, PI Lo Likhama Ram 9928075080, 9024675080
  • Bangalore- Seshadripuram Police Station, Seshadripuram, Banglaore - 20   PI Manjunath 080-22942586
  • Hyderabad -Premises of DGP office 3rd floor Opposite Ravindra Bharathi  Lakidi-ka  pool Hyderabad PI Balaji Rao 23212814/23230456
  • Chandigarh - Home Guard Building  Sector 17 Chandigarh  DSP Baljeet Singh Chadha  2741900- 1420
4.  What documents are required to file a complaint?
Please carry a photocopy of all your agreements, receipts, bounced cheques, company brochures to file complaints. If you did not receive any cheques or agreements, carry whatever you have with you. There are forms available at EOW's and Police Stations for you to fill out. Be as specific as possible in your complaints. Combine all files into one complaint. One complaint per person.
5.  Is there any format for filling complaint?
Please find the format for Mumbai EOW in the link.
Format for Bangalore investors
Other EOW/Police stations have their own format and they will help you when you approach them.
6.  Is there any deadline/last date to file complaints?
There is no deadline to file complaints. Please file at your convenience but at the same time don't wait for months.
7.  After filing a complaint what should I do?
After lodging complaints at EOW note down the register serial number of the complaint.
8.  I don’t live in any city where the above offices are located. What should I do?
If you live in some other city, for eg you live in Amritsar but invested in Delhi or if you live in Nagpur but invested in Mumbai, please try and get your local police stations to register complaints as your cheques have bounced in those cities. You can have the senior police inspectors from those stations call Mumbai EOW at 022-2469 1377 and speak to Sr. PI Wadhankar. He can provide instructions on how a complaint can be lodged in those police stations.
9.  I live in Hyderabad where the company has obtained a stay against all cases. What should I do?
Even Hyderabad inspectors need to pressure PI Vijayakumar to register additional FIR's like it has been done in Mumbai. 
10. Already so many people have registered their complaints. Is it required that I should file a complaint again? Will it be of any help?
Yes you have to. Firstly, it will strengthen the case of all investors in each city. We need multiple FIR's in each city. Keep in mind, that complaints being registered at EOW Mumbai, EOW Delhi and other places are NOT FIR's, but simply a complaint which will be used by police to fight in court against Masood and his fraudulent set ups.
11.  Apart from complaints are there any FIRs against the company?
Yes. At present there are only 20 FIRs across India. Of these 20, 13 are in Mumbai, 1 in Pune, 1 in Karad, 1 in Delhi, 1 in Chennai, 1 in Bangalore, 1 in Hyderabad and 1 in Jaipur.  The only city where an FIR has not been registered and City had an office was  Chandigarh. It will be of great help if investors from Chandigarh file a FIR. The Mumbai FIR's are 2 in Cuffe Parade, Vakola, Amboli, Bangur Nagar, Matunga, Kurla, Ghatkopar, Vikroli, EOW Unit 3, EOW Unit 5, Gamdevi.  Each of these FIR's have been done under different sections.

12.  Will it help if investors from other parts of the country file FIRs?
Investors from other parts of the country may also file FIRs on different offences against the company. Masood has committed crimes across the industry against his own employees, customers, suppliers and us investors.  Similar crimes have been committed in other cities but FIR's have not been registered. We investors need to force the police to accept our complaints and register new FIR's.  FIR's is a must cities like Kolkata, Bhopal, Lucknow, Cochin, Goa etc.
13.  Is there any All India Investors database?
We have tried to create one. Please go to the following link and fill all the details
14.  My family members and friends don’t have e-mail facility, is there any other way of getting updates?
Yes. SMS updates would be sent whenever there is any important development. We send approximately 80000 sms's every 3 days that too concealing the number being sent from. Since SMS facility to such a large number of investors is not available for free, it is requested that members of the forum may contribute for this cause voluntarily. This is only a request and not mandatory. The bank details for sending such contributions are:
Account Name - Virendra Rajput  ICICI Bank -  Lokhandwala Mumbai
Branch  Account Number- 026301517915  IFSC Code: ICIC0000263
Address:  Samarth Vaibhav, Off k.W.Marg, Lokhandwala Complex,  Oshiwara, Andheri (W)  Mumbai 400053
Name: State Bank of India  Account Number: 00000030468969264
Account Name: Virendra Rajput  
Address: Four Bunglows, Andheri West, Mumbai
15. Is it safe to circulate my mobile number on this group?
Not at all. Please do not post your mobile numbers on this group.

16.  I have invested a lot of money in the City group taking loans from banks. Will I get my money back? When will I get it and how much will I get?
At the moment we can only file complaints against the company and its Chairman Syed Masood. Investigations are on. Hopefully we will get our money back soon. At this juncture it is impossible to give any timeframe. Visit the group often and go through the older posts. You will know the developments. All the best.
To contact me directly, please email me at You can send your mobile numbers to my email address instead of posting it on the group.
22nd feb 2010.

Ex-mayor asked police to go easy on City Limo boss

Over two weeks after the arrest of S M Masood,
chairman of dubious investment
company City Limouzines, facts have
emerged about the efforts by two politicians to protect him
from prosecution. In October 2008, Nirmala
Samant Prabhavalkar, former Congress mayor and former
president of the state women’s right commission, had written
to then city police commissioner Hasan Gafoor requesting
him not to go in appeal against a Bombay high court
order quashing the FIR registered against City Limouzines.
On March 3, 2008, the HC had quashed the FIR registered
after a complaint by an investor, Jalandhar Pansare.
When the economic offences wing (EOW) took up the investigation
in September 2007, they only had Pansare’s complaint
in which he accused the company of cheating him of
Rs 55,000. The EOW was all geared up to go in appeal in the
Supreme Court. In her letter, Prabhavalkar said that it was
more of a civil dispute and “no harm will be done to the EOW,
if the appeal is not filed’’. The state government went in appeal
and the SC restored the FIR on August 4, 2009.
The former mayor also met Pansare twice, once at his residence
when she reportedly offered to settle the dispute but
wanted him to give in writing that he was not interested in
pursuing the case due to time constraint. Pansare told TOI,
“My wife got upset with her. Even I did not bow down to her
pressure. During that period, no investor was willing to
lodge complaints hoping that the company would return
their investments.’’ Pansare said he stuck to his stand even
after she asked him to become another Anna Hazare.
Prabhavalkar told TOI that since the case is under investigation,
she would not like to comment. EOW has reportedly
questioned Masood about his links with Prabhavalkar.
Subsequently, one of the seniormost Congress leaders
spoke to an IPS officer of the rank of additional director-general
posted in the police commissioner’s office, seeking his
intervention. “The IPS officer asked why the EOW was keen
to appeal in the SC when the amount involved was just Rs
55,000. The IPS officer also spoke about the senior politician’s
frequent telephone calls asking him not to proceed with
the matter,’’ the source said.
The matter was, however, put to rest after EOW submitted a
detailed letter to the said IPS officer, sources said.
“We knew then itself that Masood’s business module was
not a viable one and the bubble would burst one day. Now,
thousands of investors across the country have been duped
of crores of rupees,’’ a police officer said.

mamma isne hi apne paise churaye na....

Mumbai Mirror front page 21 feb 2010
Mumbai Mirror front page 21 feb 2010
Masood and his first wife Chand Kausar
Masood and his first wife Chand Kausar
For More updates go to:

21st Feb 2010.

I had a lengthy meeting with 2 senior EOW Mumbai officials yesterday and this is what they tell me: City Limouzine/ Realcom Fraud is a sensational matter having nationwide ramifications. It is not safe to keep Masood in a police station and hence even though there are 14 FIRs in various police stations across Mumbai, he is being held up in the crime branch mens cell and police from the stations comes to crime branch to take his statement on a daily basis. At present he has completed 14 days of police custody in FIR 74/ 2007 and was sent to judicial custody at Arthur Road Jail on Feb 17th. Same day, Vikroli Police Station took his custody from Arthur Road Jail and took him to Vikhroli. He was presented in Vikhroli Court on Feb 18th. He argued with the judge there and told him that given he and his family as muslims, they are being targetted. Hindu directors of the company and employees who received heavy incentives were being left out and not being arrested by police. He was hinting at Manoj Vighe, Santosh Dayalkar and others. The judge got mad at him and sentenced him to 8 days of police custody at Vikhroli Police Station. Today is the 4th day and even though he is supposed to be at the Vikhroli PS lock up, he is in Crime Branch lock up and officers from Vikhroli PS go to Crime Branch to interrogate and take his statement. He is extrememly arrogant as if he is used to this lock up lifestyle. He has not been permitted to speak to his wife and kids in the US since the 17th of Feb. Tomorrow is the bail application of Seema Razzaki in Mumbai Esplanade Court, which will certainly be shot down. She has been kept in Vikhroli Police Station lock up. I will update tomorrow anyways. I also have news that his advocates are trying to file an application in Mumbai High Court to club all FIR's. It probably won't even get admitted as a similar application has been rejected by Supreme Court on the 15th of February. Lastly, I have also have confirmed news from officers at EOW Mumbai that many of the people close to him are giving him the wrong advise. His advocates are giving him wrong advise and are telling him that he will not get out of the lock up even if he pays the investors. This is demoralizing him as per the police. Its a classical case of advocates wanting to make more and more money by keeping him locked up. I am trying to think how we can take some stern action against these 2-3 advocates that are seen sitting around him like vultures. More later.Manohar
There is news that Chennai EOW Officials were sent
their recommendation to the Commissioner of Police Chennai for
arresting Justin Devadoss GUNDER ACT who was the Chief Executive
of J B J Real Estate Chennai and who has already been arrested in
cheating case. Their recommendations were accepted by the Commissioner
of Police, Chennai and the order has been given to the accused for
arresting under GUNDER ACT on 20-02-2010.( Thinathanthi News Paper
Chennai dated 21-02-2010 Page No.11)

Hence, It is better to consider the same procedure by
the EOW Mumbai.
Kindly take steps on this point if deems fit.

19th Feb 2010
City Limo chief has duped ad agency too

Mumbai: Its the tiny newspaper advertisements put in by tainted
investment company City Limouzines that lured the public to invest in
its get rich quick scheme.Not just investors,even the advertising
agency,through whom these advertisements were released,is yet to be
paid by the company.
V K Yadav,who runs F M Advertising in Delhi,said the firms chairman S
M Masood owes him Rs 47 lakh.He stopped making payments since June
2009, Yadav said.He has lodged a complaint with the economic offences
wing of Delhi Police.
Investigating agencies believe that several others who had business
links with Masood may also have been duped.Some of them might be
embarrassed to openly admit or worried about income tax officials
asking questions, an officer said.
In Mumbai,businessman Vijay Kanuga claimed that he lost the BPCL
petrol pump dealership because of Masood,that led to a loss of Rs 5
crore.Kanuga,who ran Ashtabhuja petrol pump in Colaba,and Masood were
classmates.In 2003,Masood suggested getting into a partnership.Another
proposal was to give credit for filling petrol and that too at lesser
rates for his fleet of cars, Kanuga told TOI.
Kanugas father was ill then and he found it difficult to run between
the hospital and his business.Masood used to pay me around Rs 1 lakh
every three months,irrespective of whether he made profits, he
said.According to Kanuga,Masood got into a tiff with the BPCL and they
cancelled Kanugas dealership.Masood threatened me and demanded the
deposit,the money he paid as rental.I repaid even the rentals he had
given.I have taken up the matter with the police now, he said.
Meanwhile,a Vikhroli metropolitan magistrates court on Thursday
remanded Masood and firm director Seema Razzaki in police custody till
February 26.
18th feb 2010.
City Limo boss put money in Bollywood

Investigations into the sensational City Limouzine group's multi-crore scam revealed that chairman of the company, Sayed Masood, has allegedly invested money in big banner Bollywood movies.
According to sources in the Economic Offences Wing (EOW) of the Mumbai Crime Branch, Masood had financed a number of movies. "Investments were made in lakhs of rupees. It is also learnt that he had played a key role in sponsoring the posters of some big movies," said an EOW source.
He added that the group has also been organising fashion shows in five-star hotels in the city. "Masood is believed to have sponsored the shows of a well-known fashion designer in a suburban five-star hotel in 2007. He is also believed to have announced a sponsorship of Rs1crore for the Indian women's hockey team in the same year," he said.
"We had information that Masood has been investing money in real estate by funding projects of big builders in the city. Now, it has come to light that he has also been investing in other things. We have to investigate whether the money of investors duped in the scam was used to sponsor the 2007 fashion show and the hockey team by Masood," said an EOW official, requesting anonymity.
"It has been learnt that Masood had sponsored some Bollywood movies and we are conducting inquiries into the case," said Sanjay Saxena, additional commissioner of police, EOW.


17th feb 2010.

Happy Birthday!! Mr. Manohar, The fighter!!

16th Feb 2010

Criminal Transfer Petition 362 to 367 to HYD Hearing in Supreme Court adjourned to April 15th, 2010. Masood Judicial Custody Remand hearing tomorrow in Killa Court, Mumbai.

15th February 2010

Good News! Seema Razzaki Supreme Court Special Leave Petition 1274/2010 dismissed by Chief Justice. More details on the order to follow shortly from Mr. Ravi Puri. Manohar Lohia







Came up before the Court Room of Chief Justice of India on 15.2.2010.
Seema Umar Razzaki was represented by the noted Supreme Court lawyer
Mr. Abhishek Manu Singhvi while the Commissioner of Police, Mumbai was
represented by Mr. Uday Umesh Lalit.

The case was dismissed by the court inspite of very strong arguments
by Mr. Singhvi. This means that all the cases will not be clubbed
together but tried one after the other in various courts all over the
country wherever the cases are registered.

Ravi Puri


The lawyer has similar experience of helping Dow to escape its
liabilities in Bhopal disaster. Masood has identified a perfect Lawyer
to help escape from investors !!!


W.R.T it is a shame to our country that in spite of possessing highly educated citizens in our country, they hardly or rather FAIL TO UTILIZE their earned education for the Causes of the Benefit of the People of their own country and only FALL PREY TO THE GREED OF "MONEY"!!!! No Wonder, India today lacks the credibility of Finance and is still called "THE DEVELOPING COUNTRY", failing to become one of the SUPER POWER countries like The United States despite the fact that most of the works in their industries are actually dominated by the people of Asia!
For Chennai Protest Photoes and Videos go to:

12th Jan 2010

City Limouzine's Masood brough in 400 CR via Hawala

In a shocking news, Masood, Chairman of City Limouzine company which has duped over 25,000 investors to the tune of 3000 CR has brought in 400 CR via hawala to start his diamond export business.

It has also been found out that he has purchased properties in Mumbai and Gurgaon worth Rs. 300 CR. Where did he get this money from and how is currently being investigated by EOW.

It is said that he bought realestate worth Rs. 300 CR by enjoying an ultra rich life style and sweet talking to everyone. He would continue duping people had EOW not stepped in.

Since the year 2000, Masood has duped thousands of investors by getting them to invest in his car rental business. He became popular by purchasing cars on the investors name and then passing on the monthly rental to them. He opened offices across the country. It has come to light that Masood has only purchased 1000 cars in total using benami names and addresses, fake documents and fake license plates. In 1994, City Limouzine company was strictly into Car Rentals till Masood took it over.

Once masood took it over, he came up with new schemes. He came up with the 5 year schemes, where investors got monthly returns and a car on their name till the time the cheques start bouncing. There are 12 FIR's in Mumbai, Delhi, Karad, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bengaluru etc. As he has over 300 CR worth of property in India, he had decided to hide in India itself, said officers from EOW.


5th Jan 2010

Ending 21st century with happy new beginning decade to all our
investors, waits for the future actions to happen by EOW.
Or are they waiting for MASOOD’S ASTROLOGY REPORT FOR 2010 WITH
COMPLETE DETAILS Date, Place,Birth time and place of his appointments.
EOW is the centre of criticism right now over Masood’s arrest, all
execuse in arresting Masood has raised question whether the state
govt. wanted to give Five Lakhs panic investors case a silent burial
and making investors suffer more. Should they be not fired who bought
Manohar has rightly said “Police has been extremely incompetent in
this case. Its either going right over their head or they just don’t
want to take action”. Bombay high court did pull up the police for not
taking due action on arresting Masood.whereas in other similar PONZI
COMPANY “OMSAINATH’s”director Rupesh Verma was VERY SOON taken into
Delhi police custody no sooner THE NEWS SPREAD OF THEIR CHEQUES
In our next Rally with Commandable support of City investors group
AUTHORITY”. JOLTING POLITICIAN out of their comforts zone and long
standing reliable on feudal,caste base politics. Ending of 21st
century’s awkwad opening decade change in “Future political,economic
and cultural power structure and thus be ready for the truthfull
struggle and make it possible.


4th Jan 2010.

please its a request to all if you know how to get the money back let
us know as our whole investment is in it also these people should be
punished for playing with people's money and enjoying eveybenifit for
their childrens and family, masood had a sister-in law in miami
through whom he has send his children, wife, & a maid long before.
also his real name is masood sayed jamadar which not much people
know ..if the CBI wants to trace they can with a small peice of
information or if they want to eat money as corruption rate is very
high in india. no one can stop masood to leave the country and live a
high class life something its your own country money and
let not people like masood take advantage of it ...i will check for
more information and keep u guys updated.

Court Calender- City and Masood

After we celebrate new years tonight and get over the weekend, here is a long list of court cases waiting to be heard. We have to be present for all these hearings: APPP/559/2009, APPP/560/2009, APPP/561/2009 Masood Vs State of Maha Jan 4th Mumbai High Court APPLN/4668/2009 Masood Vs State of Maha Jan 5th Mumbai High Court CAL/1291/2009 City Limouzines Company App Hearing- Jan 8th Final Hearing High Court Mumbai. CAL/1290/2009 City Realcom Company App Hearing Jan 8th Final Hearing Mumbai High Court APPL/718/2009 City Limouzine Appeals Jan 12 Mumbai High Court APPL/714/2009 City Realcom Appeals Jan 12 Mumbai High Court WP/2406/2009 City Limouzine Vs State of Maha Feb 16 Mumbai High Court Geeta Razzaki Bail Hearing on Jan 5th- Sessions Court Mumbai There are more hearings in Chennai, Delhi (Supreme Court) and Jaipur which are not part of this list.

24th Dec 2009

Folks, Lets plan protests in all 3 cities in the first week of January. We have one in Chennai this Saturday and then I am planning a national protest in Mumbai. We need investors to start taking an active role across the country so we make this happen. After all this, one should think twice before starting such companies and putting so many innocent citizens at risk! Manohar

Hi, This is dinesh patil from mumbai. on 19th dec Mr. lohia was organized rally by sending SMS. i was present there. main motive of this rally was to get answers of ten questions from jcp mr. rakesh

maria but he was absent so lohia met with dcp .... but he didn’t gave any satisfactory answers, he just said that yes we are investigating the case. Hardly 400 to 500 people was there, I dont know why? lagta he log abhi thak gaye he are yaro KUCH NA KARNE SE ACCHA HE KUCH TO KARO. muje pata he k paisa kab milega bharosa nai lekin atleast har city mai company ke khilaf compliant hona jaruri he, ye hamara pehla hak he. I was forgot to write in my previous review that file the compliant to CRIME BRANCH, EOW DEPATRMENT OF YOUR CITY with cheque bounce statment.

I FORGOT TO WRITE THIS CHEQUE BOUNCE STATMENT ZEROX in documents. Actually many people have file the compliant without cheque bounce statment zerox amd me too. dekhiye jin logo ka cheque bounce nai huva he to un logo ko aapke har file ka ek to cheque bank mai dalna he to o tisre din bounce ho jayega aur ye bank ka cheque bounce statment ka zerox yadi ham documents ko attach karte hai to company par leagally cheating ka case banta he q k o section 138 mai aata he. so i request you all go to your bank and deposite the cheque and again file the complaint with this bounce statement zerox.

SOME people are saying that mr lohia is hiding his identity, his name is vedant ..... to mai aapko puchta hu es internet pe eaisa kon he jo geniune hai, aur khud ki identity nai chupata, hai koi jo khud ka number deta hai, lekin maine diya he, dekhiya KISI BHI ENSAN PER AAP SIRF 99% BHAROSA RAKH SAKTE HE, BACHA HUVA JO 1% HAI NA O BHAGWAN PE CHOD DETE HAI q k koi bhi ensan kisi bhi waqt badal sakta hai aur use badalne wali sirf us waqt ki situation hoti hai, halat majbur kar dete hai ensan ko ache se bure hone mai, niyat badal jati he paiso se, esliye ye jo 1% he na chod diya jat he. kya pata kal jab MASOOD milega aue mr lohia khud ki setting lagale aur unse bole ki " dekh bhay apun ne ye sab kiya he, etne log mere piche hai, tu mera paisa dede, mai satak jata hu, baki o case bis dalne de, merer ko lena dena nai" YARO ES DUNIYA MAI KUCH BHI HO SAKAT HE LEKIN WE DONT ANY OPTION, we have to SUPPORT HIM. ha he asking money 10/- 20/- on internet, that is ok yar, o stage ka kharcha, sound syestem, paper mai ad, eske liye paisa to lagat he, mai to de raha hu, baki aapki marji. recently i have also send SMS all over india to 200 people from my reliance number, ha o maine 25/- ka sms pack dala tha aur usme 15000 sms free hai, to muje jitne bhi call aate hai maine unko bhej diya he, 25 thik he yar, etna to mai kar sakta hu.

In this meeting i came to know that :

1. all over mumbai only 5 FIR has filed. According to me and mr. lohia are ha vedant more and more FIR should filed from all over india so court per, government per pressure aajaye.

2. jin logo ko gadiya nai mili hai o log mumbai ke crawfed market ke eow mai jaye aur vahape apni gadi dekhe, vahape 140 gadiya he, i listen about this from lohia

3. registration number of city cooperative society is also a fraud, o number kisi shanta durga trust ke nampe he jo mahim mai he.

4. At preset only 2 cases are in court 1. About next meeting going to held by company in January and 2. massod anticipatory bail

5. 3 directors are arrested and this is all because of lohia’s efforts

6. Company ISO certificate is also not renewed, actually o to har sal karna padta hai, lekin company ne kiya nai.

7. Mr. masood ke nam pe 2000 sal mai koi compliant thi o aaj bhi chal rahi he

8. No need to file case for everyone, quonki yadi koi ek bhi jit jata he to sabko paisa milega.

9. public ki taraf se government prosecutor lad rahe hai.

lastly very important that you all have to file compliant against company, this is our first right with your all documents with cheque bounce zerox copy. Ok ? GHAR MAI BHAITNSE ACCHA HE MERE DOSTO KUCH TO KARO, KAM TO HAM BHI KAR RAHE HAI, Compliant form chahiye to muje mail karo, I will send it for you and distribute to your friends. Review thik tarahse pado, vahi vahi likha huva mat pucho aakhir mai bhi busy hota hu na.


Dinesh Patil- You are making Manohar Lohia look like a politician. I think you have given up goodness in this world. If someone helps and that too selflessly, then its for his gain. If you think Manohar Lohia is trying to do his own setting with Masood or any other director, why did you attend his rally? Why are you telling people to support him? Get your facts clear and then tell people. Also when you tell people, please give accurate information. I was in the rally as well and on the stage behind Mr. Lohia.

So, correct info is as follows:

1. He did not tell people to give cheque bounce statements. He told everyone to give a xerox of the actual cheque along with the form that he distributed.

2. Bank statement zerox was for those people who invested in the company by cheque and have not received a single cheque in return from the company. The statement will prove that the cheque was cashed by the company.

3. He did not say cars are sitting in crawford market EOW, but they are in Cuffee Parade Budhwar Park area.

Please its a sincere request to give accurate information to investors who are already suffering.

Secondly, there is no point discussing the Mumbai Rally anymore because its already 4 days old and new developments have taken place since then. A rally is being organised in Chennai this Saturday. Neelam Gore raised the topic of City Limouzines in Nagpur adhivishan, again because of Mr. Lohia, who met with her 3 weeks ago. One person is trying to help us, and we keep doubting his intentions. We keep blaming him for not using his real name, not giving out his mobile number, his NRI status and people have gone to the extent of calling him a fraud. Watch what you people say. This is the very reason why companies like City Limouzines flourish today, its because of people like us who keep doubting the good. People will also doubt god very soon, what the hell is Manohar Lohia. The real fraudster is having a mighty laugh


22nd Dec 2009.
It is painful to note that Mr Zainab Sheikh had erected another tent
at the venue and going ahead with his own plans. I appeal to him and
his supporters not to start in-house politics. This is the best thing
that can happen to Masood and company. The more we are divided the
more we are prone to exploitation. Whatever are our differences, we
can resolve them by discussion because we are afterall fighting for
the same cause. Let that incident of 19th be an isolated one. Now let
us fight together and strengthen the hands of Mr Manohar is doing so
much for the cause. It would be un-wise and immoral of use to desert
him at this stage. THINK IT OVER


Geeta Razzaki's Police Custody increased to Dec 25th.

only tarikh pe tarikh


Amongst my famyly and friends There are 24 files, The investment is more than 36 Lakhs. All of us are Senior Citizens who have invested their Retirement benefits and now struggling to make a living. Amonsgst all of us we have more than 100 Post Dated Cheques. If we put all the cheques in different Banks where we have account i worked out it may cost us more than 15K. Perhaps none of us will be able to bear the expenses nder the present. Further we may have to bear other expenses also with respect to the complaint and also the legal charges to the Advocate. I have the following queries please answer I shall not bother you again being a busy person.1. Is it Ok if we present one cheque per file and make a complaint instead of all the outstanding cheques or we need to present all the cheques against each file for filling up the form you gave and lodging a complaint.2. All my famyly members are not in Bangalore but the address is mine only. Their investment also was paid through me only and they cannot do any thing for themselves and i only have to do every thing for them. By taking an authorization letter Can I do every thing on behalf of them.3. I have the address of EOW Chennai which is nearer to us and i also can take the help of Mr. Zulfiquar Sab. Where I need to submit the complaint at Bangalore or Chennai. You quick reply shall pave way for lodging our complaints. Thanks


INVESTIGATING OFFICER Mr Salgaonkar / Mr Nalawde,

Rally started with a punch on Police Intelligence as they were handed
over a list of Ten Queries:
1) Directors grade employee of the company SANTOSH DAYALKAR, MANOJ
VIGHE, CHIRAG DOSHI & KESAR BAIG and bieng a full time Directors
Mumbai based must be having vital informations, Why are they not
arrested ?
2) In Pune Wanavde’s Flat, Investors group (Manohar.L with seven group
members ) had plotted Geeta Razakki, Umar Razakki, Shaila Khan and
Umber Razakki, but then police let Shaila khan and Umber Razakki go
where as Shaila was incharge of Andheri branch,Umber used to go round
all the branches regularly and both were directors, authorized
signatory on the cheques issued. Is this not questionable ?
3) Since investors are not getting media’s support so let Police take
initiative by conducting a Press conference and inform about City
Limouzine group to all over India the actual status of what is
happening from august onwards till now and support us.
4)All over in Mumbai total five FIR and may be one in Pune, it is
very wrong that police calls investors those who are staying other
parts of Maharashtra like Nagpur, Ratnagiri, Nasik and others, to
lodge their FIR in Mumbai why they need to come to Mumbai, where as
FIR should be done over their local police station is our request.
5) Masood’s signature is there with all petition papers related with
his own bail application or even Geeta’s Bail produced in the court,
then is he not traceable ?
6) Masood and Seema Razakki’s arrest is very very important now as
lakhs of investors life are affected. Put up their photos in press
and media so Public will support you to trace them.
7)All over in India, even today in newspaper 20 to 25 adds are there,
we see hundreds of such company with ponzi scheme are still running
FINANCE and many like this, so what actions are you taking ?
8)Many amongst us doesn’t know much about the case what is happening
exactly e.g how many FIR is lodged,who are the directors now in the
custody, which petition is filed,weekly updates with plan of action
for next week and many other like so our request is to weekly put
on the matter with updates on your website or in local news paper
‘Public Notice’column or send SMS to all or even why not arrange press
with updates till the case is solved.
9)Govt is using different prosecutor for each case, we need one
special public prosecutor having full knowledge about the case
history. Single pros. should fight for every cases whether it is
related with company application or bail application or whatever may
be the case against City Limouzine and its group of co.
10)Finally from investors what help you need ? regarding investors
case history and any documents needed, we all lakhs of investors
there to help you always regarding any queries on investment schemes.

Answers given by the Investigating Officer Incharge then (as JCP
Rakesh Maria was not present) WAS NOT SATISFACTORY though he said we
have a sympathy on you but did not give specific answer to the
related questions. On replying he appreciated the queries and said EOW
IS DOING ALL NECESSARY INVESTIGATIONS, we shall make a note of all
queries submitted, our cooperation will be always there.
Very shortly we shall communicate with Rakesh Maria and then let you
know his views about our above queries.



Folks- fresh news hot off the press:

Shiv Sena's Neelam Gore raised the topic of city limouzines in the Nagpur adhiveshan. Inspector Salgaonkar and Bangur Nagar's Inspector Nalawade have been summoned to Nagpur. So our hope just got stronger.


Great job by manohar, My thanks to all those who attended the rally
and made it a success. Our Protest by legal means will continue till
we get our money back. My humble appeal to all investors, Masood has
diversified business,iand we have investors from different professions
if any body has any info abt him do let us know so that the guilty is
punished . Delhi, chennai continue your struggle as well.

19th Dec 2009

I have latest news about city group. police has arrested 3 directors of company, anticipatory bail of MASSOD is rejected by high court and mumbai high court has given surrender order to MASSOOD. If he didnt surrender himself then court will issue warrant against him also high court given orders to EOW department to collect his all properties. some investors have filled case against company and advocate jaiswal is handling that case. he was present in court. Aap sab logo ko companypar case dalne ki jaroorat nai, q k judge ke anusar ek aadmi par chahe 1 aadmi case dale ya lakho log case dale us aadmi ke against 1 hi case chal

ega ye bat dhyan rakhiye, khali fukat vakilki jebe mat bharo, aap pareshan ho jaoge.

One investor prasad mhatre was ordering investors not to file case against company. Actually he is cheater man, he formed city group association & he has duped many investors for 500. his number is dont trust him. company ka erada cheating ka dikhta he esliye we all investors in mumbai have filled compliant against company in EOW department(SAKSENA OFFICE) of CRIME BRANCH of mumbai-V.T (CRAWFED MARKET). INVESTIGATING OFFICER OF EOW IS MR. NALAVDE.

So i request to all of you that you too do one thing go to your city crime branch eow office and write a application to the additional commisssionar of police that my name is ... my file no is ... i have invested ..... amt and company is delaying the payments and so on....... sab story likho and write your all phone numbers,address on application and attach zerox copies of your all documents sach as reciepts, agreements, share certificates and make 2 sets of this. one set give it to them and another get attested for your proof to you. By doing this goverment and court will come to know that you have invested .... amount and companyne kitne crorea ghotal kiya he so jab high court se final result ayega to o apko phone karke paisa lene ke liye bulayenge. Ye karna sabko jaroori he. we have done so you too do it for getting money. but dont asked me about money, paisa kab milega pata nai q k mere ek dostne eaise hi C.U.MARKETING mai 1 lakh invest kiya tha aur uska ghotal huva aur 9 sal bad company ka result laga aur usko 500/- leneko bulaya, o bichra gay bhi nai. ye sacchayi he jo bata raha hu. ye court ki tarikhe kabtak chalegi pata nai shyyad ek dialog apko yad hoga-tarikh pe tarikh, tarikh pe tarikh, judge sab ensaf kab milega? yad he kya apko? muje lagta he ensaf bal safed hone k bad milega ,ye indian law he dhyan rakhna. so i am advising you all that from next onwords if you wish then invest only 20% of your money in this type of companies q k yadi gaya to gam nai hona chahiye, if we invest 100% of what we have and yadi eaisa kuch huva to suicide karneki bari aa jati he q k filal us din court mai ye malum pada k 7 familly ne sucide kiya he to aap jara socho, if you have invested money in sach type of companies to ek dhan rakhna ye company aaj na kal, 2,5,sal bad company paisa leke bhagne wali he q k enka motive hi easia hota he so yadi apka principal vasul hogaya he aur uske bad ek sal profit lene ke bad yadi chahe to firse thoda invest karo lekin pehle principal aur thoda profit jaroor apne jeb mai rakhna naito LALACH BAHOOT BURI BALA HE ye pata chal gaya hoga bahot jan ko. Shyyad apko pata nai aaj tak eaisi ek bhi investment company nai he jo 20 sal tak chali he, cu marketing, sanchayani, sherekar, unique finance, aur najane kitni companyiya aaj nai he, q k ye dhandahi legal nai he, yadi hota to ambani q nai karta? ye EOW, government, neta log sale paisa khake en company yoko chalane ka licencse dete he, paisa chapte he, jab target khatam hota he to eaise ye company ke malik leagally bahar padne ke liye ye sab natak karte he, ye masood paper mai bol raha tha k eow muje pareshan kar rahe he, are sala abhi yes cube company eow k sath 12 crore ka setting kar sakta he to kya masood nai kar sakta? are yaro o karna nai chahata, q k uska bhi target complete hogaya he aur usne bahot sara paisa india k bahar transfer kiya hoga bhi, yadi uski galti na hoti to sab investors ke samne aake bolta na k daro mat mai hu, ek bar bhi company k directors ne meeting liya kya? nai na, eske bare mai socho, enka erada hi cheating ka tha, are ye bahot shyane log he, aur ye tum jaise logo ko shyyad nai samjega jinko eske bare mai pata nai. ye sari companiya money rolling ka business karti he matlab apka paise muje deneka, mera paisa tisreko deneka, ye sab eaisa mamla he, ye business sirf nam keliye karte he aur dikhate he, sala enka business etna profitable he k sale har mahina time to time apko 6, 8 % interest dete he, to ambani se jyada ye log profit kamate he kya? to duniya k top most 500 company yoke list mai q nai aate? ambani ko etna fayda nai he to sale ye kya chij he, naito ambanine hi shuru kiya hota ye dhanda. ek bat dhyan rakhna paisa gaya eaisa samjo aur apna kam karo, jab ayega to milega, sabko lagat he are positive socho, o muje bhi pata he, lekin indian law ko samjo mere dosto, sacchai ko mano, mind set karo, ab pareshan honese kuch fayda nai, duniya hamne bahot dekhi he, sach ko mano. aagese savdhan rehna, case k bare mai updates lete rehna, chahe to muje bhi batana.


Investor friends,





There are many Ponzi Schemes in India Also. It is not that only Bernard Maddof was running a Giant Ponzi scheme in which the money from new investors was given to the old investors as a profit. One Such scheme in India is “City Limousine Investment Scheme”.

City Limouzine, promoted by Sayed Masood, had offered investors a return of 48% on their investments and said it would be invested in buying Maruti cars, which were to be registered in the name of investors. In September 2007, the EOW (Economic Offense Wings) registered a case of cheating.

The company issued newspaper advertisements offering investors 40% more than the investment on maturity or vehicles . For instance, on a deposit of Rs 5 lakh for six months, the company offered Rs 1.25 lakh per month. On a down payment of Rs 8.1 lakh, the company offered Rs 40,500 every month for five years beside a Skoda vehicle at the end of the maturity period.

Mritunjaya Pande of Car Run Way opened an office at Crystal Plaza, Andheri, in December 2006 and got the firm registered. He opened offices in Bhandup, Vashi and Nashik. The directors of the company included Mritunjaya's brother Rakesh, father Premnarayan and Devang Zaveri.

It is very surprising that, in the modern economy, people believe in these types of schemes and unbelievable Guaranteed returns. While the Stock Market, Real Estate & Businesses are trading at all time low levels, people tend to attract towards these types of ponzi schemes which offer unbelievably high returns.

So How to Protect yourself from these types if Investment Schemes -

Well, the Key to protect you from these types of Investment Schemes is - “Be Honest – Because if its not impossible than it is next to impossible to cheat the Honest person.”

So if someone offers you such a high return than beware & remember the fact that, such unbelievably high returns simply not possible.

If someone offers you Rs.1.25 Lakh per month return on Rs.5 Lakh of deposit only than these types of returns simply doesn’t exist.

So Control your GREED & Stay away from these types of Schemes.


Mumbai: “You can enjoy the state privileges like free food, free
shelter and free clothing,’’ said Justice V M Kanade on Monday while
rejecting the anticipatory bail application of City Limouzines
chairman S M Masood. The court was making it clear that since Masood
had failed to work out a settlement scheme as promised, he will have
to be taken into custody.
Masood had filed an application in the high court after the sessions
court rejected his anticipatory bail a month ago. On December 3,
Justice Kanade had granted interim protection to Masood after his
counsel assured that his assets would be liquidated to clear the dues
of investors. The court had asked Masood to report to the economic
offences wing (EOW) for three days and discuss the repayment scheme
with various investors’ groups.
Apprehending arrest by the Chennai police, Masood did not turn up
before the EOW as the interim protection was granted only from arrest
by the police in Maharashtra. Masood’s counsel, S Jha, told the court
that he had informed the same to EOW and hence modified his
application for blanket protection from arrest by police from other
Jha told the court that he discussed the repayment pattern with some
investors’ groups. However, this was contested by lawyers representing
several investors’ groups. Jha also told the court that sending Masood
to custody will not serve any purpose. He also promised to make a
deposit in court to prove his bonafides.
Justice Kanade, after going through the details of the case and the
various orders passed, said that several people have invested their
savings, including retirement benefits in the scheme. On a lighter
vein, Justice Kanade said the scheme offered by City Limouzines looked
attractive compared to other offers where companies promise double
their investments in 20 days

19th Dec Rally at Mumbai Azad Maidan People have gathered to protest City Lomouzine
19th Dec Rally at Mumbai Azad Maidan People have gathered to protest City Lomouzine

Chennai and Delhi City limouzine Rally

15th Nov 2009
Folks- Please email CBI at and cc the local CBI office ( ) and inundate them with complaints re City Limouzines India Ltd and SM. Masood. I have already sent in a report, but we need a lot more complaints. Its a request to each one of you to send it atleast one complaint, so CBI wakes up. Thanks, Manohar

Hello all,
i sent my complaint to CBI and submitted my small contribution for
rally also. it is my humble request to all those passive members of
this forum to send online complaints atleast. it will cost u nothing.
we all should contribute in some manner for our own sake. contribution
of any nature (monetory/ physical) will help you in getting your own
money back. please understand, to have a fight against great evil one
required lot of support. Being sufferers by same evil we must support
each other and unite ourselves. So, again it is my humle request that
please contribute whatever you can afford by means of physical and in
other ways. My request to all of you is spread the news as much as
possible and it is not necessary that only investors are required to
participate, we can come with our friends, reletives, neighbors and
helpers/ maids etc. we need to put up a big show by physical
appearences. So please bring as many people as possible with u. Keep
yourself planned to be free on the Saturday. Cheer up the efforts put
in by Mr. Manohar and many unknown warrioirs with him. Cheer them up
at the venue only not on the blogs, forums.

See you all at Rally
People, this is definitely NOT the time to play around with void words of promises! PLEASE, if anybody is taking the initiative of Leading the RALLY in the respective Cities, KINDLY keep up to it!! After all WE ALL ARE FIGHTING FOR ONE CAUSE BEING ONE! PLEASE JOIN HANDS AND BE ONE TO FIGHT AGAINST the Fraudulent and the CORRUPT PEOPLE in the COUNTRY!!! IT is HIGH TIME WE SHOW them that WE HAVE OUR VOICES HEARD TO THEM!!==============================================
1.Honble Home Minister
Govt of India, New delhi

2. Honble Chief Minister
Govt Of TN

3. Honble Home secretary
Govt of TN

4. The Additional DGP
Economic Offences Wing
Anna Nagar, Chennai.

Sub : Deliberate Procrastination and cheating of
Investors money, Breach of promise/Trust, Misappropriation of
investors amount and Dishonor of cheques by City Group CMD SM Masood
& Mrs Geeta umar Razakki and other Directors at regd off #96, Mittal
Tower, B-wing, 9th floor, Nariman point Mumbai-400021.Ph;022-22028090
and Mr Mohammed Hussain BM Chennai branch.

we have the honor to request your good office that
Individually and collectively submit the following few lines for your
kind perusal for suitable recovery action and suitable criminal
proceedings against city group directors and BM,chennai and staffs
immediately with great concern of Investors welfare.

we have invested our hard earned money with City Group Chennai
branch office for assured monthly returns in City Limouzines limited
and City Real com limited companies and other group companies . City
group confirmed that company registered with all Govt agencies and
runs the company within stipulated norms of the Government. The
investors had invested these money from their hard earned sources and
even in some cases retired people like us had also invested money in
order to supplement their lively hood and other domestic commitments
of the present society scenario. The investors have been lured with
various investment schemes for monthly returns. (encl : scheme
Details and company bruchers )From our known Investor sources reveals
that, the company has appx 25000 member investors and investment
approximately to the tune of Rs 400 crores in Chennai branch
itself ,Though company has number of branches at various places in
India and abroad.

The city group has dishonored the cheques to all the Investors
wef Aug 2009 without any confirmed notice from CMD and other
directors which clearly exhibits deliberate Procrastination without
notice to the Investors and cheating of Investors money, Breach of
promise/Trust, Misappropriation of investors money and Dishonor of
cheques by City Group CMD SM Masood & Mrs Geeta umar Razakki and
other Directors at regd off #96, Mittal Tower, B-wing, 9th floor,
Nariman point Mumbai-400021.Ph;022-22028090 and Mr Mohammed Hussain BM
Chennai branch.( Encl : list of directors and their address and DIN of
the city group from Min of Company affairs website)

In view of captioned facts and circumstances stated above, your
office would see city group directors and Independent directors
dismayed approach and in disciplinary conduct of their business
with ulterior motive to cheat the investors hard earned money , breach
of promises/trust and Siphoning fund activities by issuing promising
agreement, besides deliberate procrastination by closed the branch
office in Chennai and other branches ,exploiting investors money and
dishonoring cheques of the investors. we request your good office
should kindly intervene in this case to recover our hard earned
money investment at the earliest and initiate suitable criminal
action against all Directors , Independent Directors and Branch
manager Chennai and staffs.
we heard someone flashing news of City limo office is opening, it is
all rumour, Mr. Masood. why is he hiding, if he has no intentions of
cheating public then why has he not come out in the media so long.
Where is the press and the cops who were acting as if they were
helping us in getting our money back. All the modified schemes and
meetings are eyewash. They are just buying time to think what to do
and when to do. They have a website where they can update everything
that they are planning to do. Why no news from them. Its high time,I
think on next rally we should decide the date and deposit the cheques
to be bounce all over and file FIR for every cheque bounce for large
impact on judicial procedure to speedup.We all investors now take to
the street to protest against the investigation procedure going on
since last two years till now even after some of the Directors Geeta
Razzaki & Rakesh Choudhary arrested more than two weeks now EOW could
not produce any concrete evidence isn’t this questionable ? Hon.Chief
Ministers and Hon.Home Minister and respected MPs should initiate
stern action against Directors , If you really to take care of all

Yours truly,
The Executive Members and their contact Numbers

14th Dec 2009.
I was at the Riaz garden premises till 1.00 pm and the news is that overall about 150 people turned up and registered their names and mobile numbers which would be used to get the police permission for the protest rally on 19th December. Also about 35-40 people contributed funds in a small way towards the protest rally expenses. As soon as we get police permission which is expected by tomorrow or the day after, everyone will be informed to participate in the protest rally.
I was not able to attend the meeting from the beginning as there was a death in my relatives family and could attend the meeting only by 11.15 am.

I will keep you informed of the further developments as soon as I get it.
thanx and regrds
Well there was very positive turnaround of people in chennai. There
were 150 people who came to the venue of the meeting with very little
information and contributed close to 3000 Rs.

Decided to have the protest on Saturday and we need atleast 3000
people for the rally to make an impact.

Mr Shakir would have a master list of 3000 investors in chennai and
request Mr. Manohar to send an sms thro citylimo at the earliest which
is our only official messanger.

I request all investors to participate and make this rally a grand
success even though there may be various difference of opinion.
Because I saw none of the leaders of chennai in the past turned to
chennai meeting yesterday.

I look forward for Mr. Zulfiqar Khan, Mr. Vijayan to spearhead the
Rally at Mumbai 2nd Dec 2009
Rally at Mumbai 2nd Dec 2009

Ready to pay only 50% of the settlement money those who have deposited money in August 2009

14th Dec 2009.
Hello Dear Investors
Now I do not see any hope early except to get more time. Company is
approaching investors to get file implead petition and as per Mrs.
Bhosele they are even ready to pay fees of Advocate so that they can
easily can get protections from different High Court. Masoods Advocate
are saying they are ready to pay only 50% of the settlement money
those who have deposited money in August 2009. Rest all should forget
it. This is information from Mr Jha and Mrs. Bhosele Advocates to one
of the Investor who file F.I.R before E.O.W against them. I can not
disclose the name of that investor but it is 100% correct. They want
safeguard from different High Courts for Masood nothing else than
that. They and their Advocates are making fools of Judiciary, EOW and
Large scale Investors. They already got safeguarded from Mumbai High
Court by taking Interim protection, from Andhra Pradesh High Court
Stay on proceeding against company and same stay they have from High
Court Madras. Now I do not see anything is going to come very early.
First they want protection for Masood safe passage. Than only if they
want to pay something may pay or may not pay money. Because Big shorts
are involved. Once Satyam Chairman Mr Raju can be caught within
fortnight why not Masood. So very big doubt on the credibility of
authorities. What Masood is above law. or Citizen cum Investors have
no value in eye of law for protection authorities. It is shame on the
part of our system. A man is running within a country and Our Police
system are not able to catch hold that person who have done one of the
biggest fraud in our country because he is having links with Top
police officials and top Bureaucrats and Top politician of the States
and country. What no honest official is there, if there than what they
are doing. If they brings any arrangement of scheme at this juncture
than again six months will go. So if you all can stand up stand and
fight. Otherwise I am sure those who are fighting for their rights
they may also quite slowely- slowely. Because here single person is
not involved so many investors involved some says thousand and some
say lakhs. Though I am also one of the investor.

12th Dec 2009
Hi I heard that Om Sai Nath Car On Rent Ltd checks started bouncing
from yesterday and they are planning to clear the money through ECS
going forward is that true. Any investor for om sainath here.
11th dec 2009
Are u from chennai? if so, i wish to inform that we investors will be meeting at City Limouzines office building premises on Sunday the 13th of December 2009 between 9.00 am and 1.00 pm to discuss and decide abt the protest rally/meeting so that it can be conducted simultaneously with our investor friends in mumbai, delhi and hyderabad on 19th December to create an impact on the authorities to take quick action against the fraudsters and get back our hard-earned money. The rally/protest on 19th December will take place provided we get the police permission for which the above meeting has been called for. And to conduct the rally we need funds and its my humble request to all investors to be ready to contribute in whatever way you can. This can be discussed when we all meet on Sunday... If you need more clarifications, kindly provide your contact number so that we can discuss further.

9th Dec 2009.


City Limo chief gets interim relief

C Unnikrishnan I TNN

Mumbai: S M Masood, chief of investment company City Groups, has been granted interim protection from arrest till December 11 after his lawyer assured the Bombay high court to repay the investors.
Masood’s lawyer gave a two-page brief on the details of the money that the companies owed investors. The City Limouzines and City Realcom would liquidate their assets and repay the investors in three months, he said.
According to the scheme,
for City Limouzines, Rs 20 crore has to be paid to 20,000 investors. Rs 200 crore was invested of which, the company had already repaid Rs 180 crore, he claimed. The company had assets of Rs 58 crore, he added.
In the case of City Realcom, it still has to pay Rs 160 crore and the total number of investors is 1 lakh. The company claims to have assets of Rs 180 crore.
Granting him the interim protection, Justice V M Kanade said Masood should report to EOW office for three days next week.

8th Dec 2009
Bombay High Court hearing postponed to tomorrow 9th Dec 2009 as there was a huge backlog from yday.

Over 200 investors were presen in high court today.

Tomorrow is the JC ext for Geeta Razzaki.
As of 2pm Masood has not come to Mumbai EOW.
Dear Fellow Investors,

Just want to highlight some events in happening in our group :
1) Manohar and team meet local leaders for help
2) They meet Supreme court lawyers in 'Delhi
3) In between they attend court proceedings and update us.
4) They meet top politicians in the state.
5) They become virtual cops to get the directors arrested.
6) Conducted the Dec 2 meet in Azad maidan
7) CM assures help
8) The above points see that Masood and co deposit security amount in
9) Massood applies for transit bail
10)Eight member police team formed to investigate.

These 10 points are some main highlights of investors in Tamilnad &
Mumbai supported by many from other states.
In veiw of the above, to sustain our fight and to put some more
pressure so that
we get our money fast, investors need to support the Dec 19 meet
The rally would be seeing more crowd, Saturday being half day.

We are more that 1000 members, but the contribution sheet displays
only around 40 members who are serious about the movement. The account
statment provides proof of Manohar & teams commitment to the cause.

Friends, I urge you to come forward and contribute miserly for this
meet. Definitely,
contributing Rs 100 per member would not strain anybody's pocket.
If you feel Rs 100 is on the higher side, I would say contribute Rs
50. Every drop counts.
3rd Dec 2009.

Masood has been told to be present at Mumbai EOW on Monday at 11am to 5pm then again on Tue and Wed. Police will interrogate him and see if the scheme explained in court is viable. The scheme has not been audited so it may be false, but police will verify that. Hosting another Rally and involving media is extremely important now, so we need to get this going. We cannot let Masood walk freely on the streets of Mumbai. Join the 2nd City Limouzine Rally at Azad Maidan on Sunday, Dec 20th ,2009 at 2pm. We need contributions to make this rally a success. Unity is our ONE and ONLY strength. This is a do or die situation!

2nd December 2009.
The rally just wrapped up. A fantastic start. 400-500 people were here at peak time. Lot of media was here. CM sent a report that he knows about this case and he will help in all ways possible.

This is not enough. Another protest is going to be held in 2 weeks with a much bigger crowd. Stay tuned for more info.

I paste below, the contents which my friend had mailed from ground

hi vinod,

i had gone to the rally, reached there around 11.30am on my way to
my office. i saw there was a huge crowd near the gate. the crowd
were listening to a speaker,a short and plump guy in jeans wearing
goggles on a makeshift stage.
could not hear much, as i was already late. he was telling the need
to put up a sustained fight till the investors are paid.
i could gather that, they were on their way to meet CM & Home minister
with their petition.
i could understand from his talk that in some police stations, the
officer never took FIR, for which he has made some arrangement with
the police that any investor could easily make an FIR at local police
This complaint would then be acted upon by lawyers appointed.

Sorry not much to write as i had to leave quickly.
29th Nov 2009
Whatever you are saying that seems to be correct because about Adv Maurya and Narendra Khetan relationship I know very well. Narendra Khetan is visible all the spots start from the meeting day of 14 Oct 2009, Frequent visitor to EOW Mumbai office,and Different Courts on Company case hearing days. Not some relationship big conspiracy and very good relationship between Khetan and Masood, I know it very well . Maurya is sitting in Narendra Khetan office only. So many things which not feasible to discuss here.
One writ petition on which company took stay from High Court Madras , We filed Implead petition coming for hearing on 30 Nov as item no 52 In court No 21 at High Court Madras COURT NO. 21
FOR STAY IN WP.20711/2009
AND For Injunction
MP.2/2009 - DO -
Khetan, This is Prasad Mhatre about whom u have mentioned in your review. This seems that u have woken from your sleep now, before writing such comments, have it verified and and write your dirty comments on this sites. When cheaters like Masood had collected money that too Crores of Rupees from lakhs of people, even u had invested. Before me and my group was supporting Masood because we believed and we trusted him like lakhs of people, because he was giving money for the past 14-15 years. It was not me alone that supported Masood, but i did because many people came to me saying that you knew Masood and was talking to Masood at that situation, therefore people told me to ask him what support he needed. Secondly for Claim registering, the lawyer is not my family member nor my friend, that he would rendered his service for free. You can ask any lawyer the amount of fee he charges.

Kindly also let me know with Police officer from which police station and which EOW officer is investigating about me, because none of them have contacted me. So instead of building up stories show proofs about what u write

If you cannot do something good for the people who have lost their hard earned money to Masood, so pls shut up your mouth and be in the place where u were for so many months. If u want to speak to me directly if u are a man and not a coward this is my no 9821893172.
This is Prasad Mhatre, I stopped supporting Masood, after the 14th October meeting it has been cleared that he is not ready to pay our money, because after the meeting when i had a word with Maurya he said he would be putting an application for police protection and submit the minutes of the 14th October meeting in the high court after diwali vacations, but till date no procedure has been done by Maurya.

I have been trying to call him to know if he has submitted the minutes of the meeting, and when the office would be started, he has not picking up my calls. It is clear that they do not want to return are hard earned money.

Masood had gone to the court saying that he has only Rs. 159 Crores, which was mentioned in the proxy form sent to investors, which know it is not true. The company had collected money from new investors till 15th of Septmber, which means they now have more than 3000 crores. I had spoken to Masood from Maurya’s personal Cell phone;-9768115353 and 9820062585 on 1st October.

Now people pls think, if masood can go to the court officialy and claim that he has only 159 crores, cant we go and claim our money from the court. We also need to show the court that we are more than 3,00,000 investors in whole of India. I would request people to kindly to see a lawyer and start filing claims, for their investments. I have already started the procedure, and my lawyer is Mullani and Company, if anybody interested pls contact on 9821893172, or u have ur ways to do it.

I would also request people to come for the rally which would be held on 2nd Dec at Azad Maidan, so that we can show are unity against Masood, and pressure the govt and EOW official to arrests Masood, and not to allow Adovcate Maurya to stand for any of the hearing of Masoods, because he is misguiding us in favor of Masood, Narendra Khetan’s no is 9820072000. He is Masood’s best friend and very close to Masood. Because he gave Masood his office.
Khetan FYI, Manohar Lohia is asking people to contribute money for his rally on 2nd Dec 2009. Why does he want the money if he is doing for the well being of the investors. IS He calling lawyers for the meetings or some ministers. Rally from Azad Maidan does not need any money. Can u pls explain this, it feels that u are very good friend of Manohar.

These are the details of the bank, where he is asking people to put the money. Imagine how much money he will collect, would be richer than masood. When we attended Mhatre meeting on Dassera day and 2nd October no money was collected from us. This means Manohar wants to get back his invested money from asking people to contribute Rs.100 for the meeting. Imagine 2000 people removing 100 Rs. he would be earning 4Lakhs nearly 4 files covered. Nice way of getting your invested money back.

ICICI Bank - Lokhandwala Mumbai Branch
Account Number- 026301517915
IFSC Code: ICIC0000263
Address: Samarth Vaibhav, Off k.W.Marg, Lokhandwala Complex,
Oshiwara, Andheri (W) Mumbai 400053
manohar asking only for advetisement costs n preparing banners for the rally. what u thinking is wrong. he wished to give ads all over india in newspapers and that cost expected around 3 lakhs. u can ask any ad agency about the ad costs then u come to know. he clearly keep a record of contribution in google group. every investor who contributed for rally can find the name in the list. it maintained openly. till now he collected below then 50 thousand only. do u think it is enough for ads? except this he already spent 50 thousand of his own money. the ads come tmrow newspapers. if u thing he can colect his investment frm us that never to be happen. he and his frinds investd in crores. he is taking painful efforts physically n finiancially to recover our money. you and me not doing anything just watching n reading. Even iam frm chennai i try my best to inform abt rally thru sms to my known investors, and given a small contribution. u need not to contribute anything. atleast stop blaming others who taking real efforts for us. this is my kind request. join in the rally n show our unity. hope u wil understand

26th Nov 2009.
For starters, this mail was sent long time back, and I had given up wasting time talking with you. Now that you've broached the topic, I find it necessary to respond to you.

You had asked me if the only thing I do is fighting in this forum. My answer is YES and NO. First I'll explain why the NO first. This forum was started by Manohar in the immediate aftermath of the CITI check bounce incidents. Since then, I along with a few others like Vijayan, Rautela Sir, Manguly Sir, Zulfikhar and some others have been active participants in this group. We have gone beyond that and remain in constant touch with almost everybody in this group over the phone and some among us have met each other also. Which means that we know of developments and the efforts Manohar and a few friends in Mumbai are taking. Right from day one, this forum has seen only people who just "TALK" and do nothing else. The moment there is a need for some sort of contribution, either physical or financial or both, they remain silent and tell stupid stories. I and a few others here know the efforts of Manohar and the way he has been running around like a dog to mobilize people and funds. And needless to say, he has only been facing obstacles or indifference from people who expect him to spend his time and money for a purpose that's common to all. The attititude is: let Manohar spend and we'll just reap the rewards. This rally needs an amount of 3 lakhs, even if each one in this group sends 500, it will substantially reduce the burden of Manohar. People that cannot send 500 can at least send 100 as a sign of involvement. There are some people who are also contributing by way of banners and stuff in lieu of money, which is fine. You said you are broke because you had invested 50 lakhs and you dont have money to send. Doesn't this sound stupid to you? FYI, my late father(I'm not the investor) had only invested 1/5 of what you invested and some of the accounts have already been recovered. This makes me, technically, 5 times poorer than you. Manohar and a few others here know that I really dont care about the money. God has fortunately kept me self sufficient enough to take care of my old mother and my family. This does not make me rich but self sufficient. Since I, just like you, live far off from Mumbai and cannot be present there physically, the least we can do is contribute whatever money we can. So I have sent and amount, which I do not want to disclose( Manohar can if he wants to) and that amount is not commiserate with my expectations from this issue or in accordance with my status. I just felt that was the right thing to do because I had self respect and conscience. I do not want to go eat something that I neither cooked nor provided for. Likewise, many other good people have also contributed well beyond their means coz this is about right and wrong and about self respect and conscience.

You had also said lets stop fighting between each other and fight Masood? DUH!!!! I don't understand. You mean to say, "you idiots spend money, time and effort while I'll just pop in once in a while and gather information or talk. For your kind information, if you want to do just that, you're late by about 3 months. We also talked and shared information in the beginning, but what we want is action and that can be physical or financial'.

Tell me honestly, Nivedhitha, what is your contribution? It can be anything. Financial, physical or intellectual. Now if you say that you're so broke that you don't even have 100 to contribute, borrow from someone and contribute. My ex driver has sent in 500 and he doesnt have a job now nor the investment. He did it coz he told me that it is his right and duty to contribute when I offered to send that 500 on his behalf. In spite of all this, if you still feel the same, then I dont have any thing to tell you. But I request you to have some kind of shame and self respect. God bless.
25th Nov 2009
I C.J.A Azeez khan(regional director) city limouizines&city realcom,hereby humbly appeal to mr.Syed Masood,(chairman city groups)to kindly give a statement through city group or through media as to

when the offices of city group will re-open and start functioning with the schemes as assured to the investors,taking the booking even upto 21st-aug-09.I have recieved my award by way of arrest,kept in lock-up for 5days and later in jail.and then released through bail for having honestly rendering my services in the city group till the last working day as per the directions of the corporate offices the chairman&M.D who used to speak to me atleast once in a day enquiring about the daily remittance to the bank.after giving the award by way of arrest,lock-up&jail when i was bed ridden along with my wife and daughter suffering from chicken gunia,for all the three not even a single call for atleast enquiring the health came from any quaters.When this is the state of affair of a honest employee with the designation as a Regional Director,i rather worry a lot what may be the plight of thousands of investors who have invested lakhs of rupees through my influence in the company with an earnest hope that the company will smoothly function seeing its past 15yrs records.I have no face to go before the investors even though i have not committed any crime or mistake from my side. I most humbly request the chairman Mr.syed masood to give a statement by himself or through his authorized persons regarding opening of offices and schemes to save myself and my family from any further harresments which is highly expected.I am greatful to mr.Kaleemullah khan(convinor city group investors forum) for his moral support during the very worse days of my life&of my wife&daughter when i was in police lock-up&judicial custody.due to his advice i did not mistake the investors who lodged complaint against me due to frustation.their main anger was on the corporate office mumbai managment for the wrong information given via sms to hold the cheque from 5thsep,later 15thsep&afterwards there was no information at all,which is the main cause for their frustation.I assure the investors of karnataka in particular&all india level in general my whole hearted support in their strrugle to get back their hard-earned money from the city groups&to continue the schemes the booking of which was till 21st-aug-09.

C.J.A Azeez Khan,(regional director,city group)karnataka
Hello Mr Azeez you were regional Director, It is very much astonishing that you were not knowing all these things, which happened up to 21 Aug 2009 in Company and how you can say that you were not knowing about those things . the Scheme of arrangement with investors as per the Company notice was signed on 03 Aug 2009. Mr Azeez and Mr Masood we will not leave neither forget in ourlife time like you people who made the life of lakhs of Investors hell by shipping our money. If you were not knowing than how Scheme of arrangement how it got signed. I want to Know Branch managers and regional Directors are same. Now I know very well that Company offices are not going to open no chance at all , Because now if opened also no body in near future also no body invest money in this company. So Company is not going to open their offices nor going to give our money easily. If you want you can help us in someway. there will be some City Group Property in Bangalore if you can specify or tell us that will be better for us Investors so that we can get attach that property through Courts. Otherwise no Chance and you also can not escape from your liability In all 138 cases of bangalore you will be made one of the party. So if you can try contact with Mr Masood and Razaki family you try. One thing is sure Masood can run away from country but not from this world. I wish you all the best for trying to Contact Mr Masood and there are some people who may be knowing as claims time to time you can take help from them also.
today you are asking masood to come forward that too after four months.masood was highlighted only after you both husband and wife vanished from bangalore.Being educated you have destroyed lives of thousands of investors.Seeing you both i myself have invested and there are thousands more who have invested seeing you and your wife.You yourself have told me that you are related to masood.Call him and ask for clarification and please dont tell us that being a regional director you dont know about the facts of the company.what for the money was being used.and above all where is masood.please help us as thousands of people are waiting throughout india.our future is at stake.You are the best person to help us.
all the govt authorities, police, eow, politicians and others all paid heavily by masood. so they cant open their mouth. masood bas**rd throwed our hard earnd money to the officials. they collected that like as beggers and satisfied. nobody will to come for help us. no other option left to us, only legal way is now left. all file FIRs n wait for the court decision. we investors not ready to do anything, simply sitting and reading and want our money back. if we are not united n co operated then no one wont get our money. atleast do some useful for mr manohar lohia who taken painful efforts for us. if u want to do anything pls attend the mumbai rally on dec 2. or pls contribute some amount for advertisements, n banners, for that rally. This only we can to do now. otherwise u can read mail as usual simply sit.
23rd Nov 2009.

I am an Investor with City Limo & Real Com and know about 14 to 15
files and 8 to 9 people in 3 families who have invested. I commend on
all the efforts by all those who go the extra mile on behalf of scores
of investors. My questions are these.

1.On reading a lot of reviews and write ups in Google Groups and in
Mouth Shut I come across three names in pertaining to efforts
towards recovery from city limo & com. Manohar Lohia, Zulfikar Ali
Khan & Khaleemulla Khan. Hope there is a collaborated effort between

2. Is there a a common list of investors of all India level that has
been created where one could register with city name, file
number ,name and contact no. This may be of use to those who are
upfront fighting for the cause .

3. Although in Chennai, I hope to contribute towards the rally in
Mumbai on the 2nd Dec to the account No found here one of the
group's messages from Manohar Lohia.

4. I read a suggestion that we deposit all the cheques held in one
deposit slip that might aid in a case registration if need be and
follow up with a letter of complain to the Company. Although I doubt
any of us would want to go through a court case....perhaps it may help
in the forerunners fighting for our cause.

5. I am wondering as to the possibility of Company Directors intention
of returning the invested amount with 7%.....whether the chances of
this happening are high or not ? I realise there seems to be no light
at the end of the dates keep getting postponed....which
could be because of court cases.....or could be an intentional action
to flee/dupe investors by buying in to more time.
20th Nov 2009
It is very simple to seat at Home or in Aircondition office & write an email with different - 2 advices, to do this n that...Boss it won't be possible without hardwork.& some Pagalpan.....SARKAR KO HILANA CHAHIYE....I am ready to do something Nonsense...but I need atleast darrer 5000 Invetsor with me in all Metro City...BLOCK THE MAJOR ROADS....TRAINS.....TRANSPORT..etc.(don't hurt anybody or don't try to damage anything)...which is the life of Mumbai as well as of other City's. I know it sounds odd..but it is the way I know when no body is listening to body care for our problems....2nd December...2:00pm AZAD Maidan (Rally is arranged by Mr. Manohar after facing lots of Pain & hardwork)..after rally & Press Conference...why don't we try this also....Investors ...Show your gutts...all media will cover this story...come together..will make a history....need to teach a lesson to Dogs like MASOOD & his sub ordinates.....CHALO AZAD MAIDAN...2nd Dec.09 2 PM.....
Hi Friends,
Did you see the full front page coverage of Cane farmers protesting at jantar Mantar ,N.Delhi in todays news papers !

Media covered this by front full page story and entire national New papers like TOI/HT covered entire proceeedings.

Similar protest needed in other parts of india at places like Jantar Mantar (heart of Connaught place,New Delhi).

Hope everyone will co-operate and plan and implement accordingly, than only our honest PM will come to know the situation and he is only our last hope, no-one else .
17th Nov 2009
Anticipatory Bail petition has been applied for Geeta and Seema Razzaki in
Sessions Court, Mumbai. The first hearing is tomorrow at 11am, court room
number 30 in Sessions Court.

Secondly, a media conference and a investor’s summit has been arranged in
Azad Maidan on Dec 2nd and 2pm. We have obtained the required police
permissions. Please spread the news everywhere, start making banners etc.
This is our one and only chance left to make some noise about this scandal.
In this battle, so far Masood seems to be taking the lead.

The transfer petitions filed in Supreme Court ask for all cases to be
transferred to Hyderabad. We do not know the reason behind this, but most
likely there is some setting done in HYD with govt authorities and
politicians. Can an HYD investors look into this and report back?

It is confirmed that Masood is known criminal, so we are fighting against a
ex- convict.
Guys, This is the only chance we have to place before the people and authorities as a National issue. Lets do our bit.
It is a very good initiative and praiseworty. I belong to Delhi but I have a lot of relatiives in Mumbai who have invested a large amount with City Group. I would advise them to attend the summit. I am also requesting a few friends From Delhi to attend the summit.

We will render you our whole-hearted support in your endevours and wish you all the very best for bringing the culprits to book.
Very sad but good to hope for yielding our hardearned money back. Thanks for the information supplied. How all we can together to fight for our money back? In the company’s website, it is still noted that ’’next meeting will be informed to all the clients/investors by taking necessary steps’’ But so far nothing was informed to any either in their Website or SMS or by phone. They dont have any obligation/responsibility towards their poor investors. All it seems that they are totally fraud to manupulate anything.
Please update any new news and eventuality
How the whole concept of Game playing started on 04/8/2009 Supreme

Court gave its verdict on special leave petition filed by State of Maharashtra in Here

I am writing Judgement some lines which was the main reason for bringing all the arrangement of scheme and other Drama.

Special Leave Petition (Criminal) No. 3176 of 2008]



Supreme Courts Verdict para 15 Lines:

We have, however, no doubt in our mind that the Investigating Officer shall conduct the investigation fairly and impartially and shall allow the company to carry on its business without any hindrance whatsoever.

If any books of account or other documents are required, the Investigating Officer subject to just exceptions may take the xerox copies thereof duly certified by the accused as also an undertaking

that, as and when called upon, they would produce the said books of account in a court of law. Subject to the aforementioned directions, the Investigating Officer shall carry out the investigation in accordance with law.

Order Dated : August 4, 2009

When ever Company was contacted by EOW Mumbai , Addl Commissioner of

Police Sanjay Saxena or by its subordinate officers Some documents Masood & Company Directors  started giving Dodging to EOW. Till now documents shout by EOW are not provided to EOW Mumbai in this matter.

Now Question is that When on 03/8/2009 they have already signed arrangement of scheme with investors than why they took investment up to 20th Aug 2009. This is all cocked storey. They are speaking baseless false on face itself to avoid the attention of the 2007 case verdict in which they have to give documents to EOW Mumbai. The Bloody Directors of Company signed this arrangement of scheme in backdate name means 03/8/2009. originally this arrangement of scheme was signed on 21 aug 2009 So all these people were knowing all this if it was signed on 03/8/2009 . Why they have not infomed Regional offices where Regional Directors were sitting . So as per my view all Specially Managing Director Syed Mohammed Masood, Managing Director Geeta Umar Razzaki, Director Seema,> Umar Razzaki, Director Farhan Ahmed Khan, Director Shehla Khan, Director > Naeem Munawar Sayed, Director Amber Razzaki, Director Rajesh Choudary, > Director Santosh Dayalkar, Director Manoj Vighe, Director Rajiv Lamba, Sales > Manager Akram Khan, Marketing Manager Vivek Patil, Marketing Manager Anil , > D’Mello, Marketing Manager Chirag Doshi and Mr. Kesar Baig (CA)

Marketing managers and CA Kesar Baig all are equally participle in the meeting. They all were knowing this things very well in time. Chartered Accountant Knows everything about the all course of actions. He can not deny that.

Now for all your Information Company filed case in Mumbai High Court First application was filed on 21/8/2009 and their last application filed by advocate maurya on behalf of Ms Bhosele before Mumbai High court ,Company petitions was on 9/10/2009 By Advocate Maurya Though he was not appointed Chairman for meeting than also he filed proof of Service that Notice have been sent to all investors in India. Though till now also we have not got it.

All below given Six Petition have been disposed absolutely after last application 09/10/2009 They have not filed any petition. they have not filed any report of meeting also till now.


All the cases filed by city Group in Mumbai were Six in quantity and all the case has been disposed by Mumbai High court. So at present no application of company is pending in High court in company original jurisdiction.

1. City limouzines (I) Ltd

              Filed on:21/8/2009                    Registration

Date: 08/9/2009

              Disposed on 09/9/2009  Disposal: Absolute


2. City limouzines (I) Ltd

              Filed on:08/9/2009

                Disposed on 23/9/2009  Disposal: Absolute

              CAL/940/2009,                       CA/931/2009

3.City limouzines (I) Ltd

              Filed on:09/10/2009

                Disposed on 12/10/2009  Disposal: Absolute

           CAL/1082/2009,         CA/1109/2009

4. City Real Com Ltd

              Filed on:21/8/2009

                Disposed on 09/09/2009  Disposal: Absolute

           CAL/871/2009,         CA/932/2009Filed U/s 391 to 394

Company law

5.City Real Com Ltd

              Filed on:08/9/2009

                Disposed on 23/09/2009  Disposal: Absolute

           CAL/939/2009,         CA/930/2009  Filed U/s 391 to 394

Company law

6. City Real Com Ltd

   Filed on:09/10/2009

   Disposed on 12/10/2009  Disposal: Absolute

   CAL/1081/2009,         CA/1108/2009

   Filed U/s 391 to 394 Company law
Criminal Writ petition Filed by company Pending
1.Criminal Writ petition 2406/2009 File on 8/9/09
City limouzies Vs State of Maharshtra Next HG 19/12/09
2. Criminal Writ petition 2513/2009 File on 17/9/09

City Real com  Vs State of Maharshtra last  HG 03/11/09
 There are cases filed by Kirti Bhai in Bombay High court also
High Court Andhra Pradesh
WPMP No. 27760 of 2009
in WP No.21362 of 2009
In this Writ petition There is Interim Stay. So Andhra Pradesh Investors file Implead petition and Stay vacate Petition in High Court


Crl.O.P.:21415/2009, Anticipatory Bail Petition, Geeta Umer Razaki

Crl.O.P.:21415/2009 Anticipatory Bail Petition, Syed Mohammed Masood

In these two bail petitions we filed intervening petition and that was

allowed by high court and after argument they withdrawn their

petition. On 02 Nov 2009.

Crl.O.P.:22967/2009, Bail Petition of Branch manager . In this

petition our Intervene petition accepted by court ordered . We argued

the matter more than 1  hr. Lastely conditional bail was granted

W.P No.20711/2009 on which stay order

Change is the law of life. City Limouzine was a company which gave returns on time in past. Now if this co. is not able to pay the members/shareholders due to some reasons.This has amounted

to a eco-political home terror attack. Here people will die slow death since company has failed to pay their investors on time. Many retired people have invested their life earnings in this company many age old people are investors.
Now the question is who is suppossed to safe-guard the interest of the investors. Or should the investors die agonising death.

Following are the questions that are worrying me night and day.

In whoes reign ( Govt. ) thiscompany started ? Who gave them them commencement certificate and who gave them ISO?

Why these people used " Recognized by ministry of tourism " ?

Why Mumbai HC gave clean chit earlier to the co. in Pansare’s case?

Who qualified them to become sponsors for Indian women hockey team which represents India ?

Why Times Of India is now criticising when this very news paper was giving advertisement of this company?

Is Times of India trying to tell people that money is lost for ever ?

What does this headlines means "Masood faces arrest" ?

Are we getting true support from media? Or is media trustworthy?

What about the enforement Directorates action on the company regarding diamond case?

If Co. is defaulter in FERA then Why Govt. has delayed in taking action?

Is it not the Govt. role to Safe guard life property and interest of the citizens?

Are we going to become victims of scam?

If Co. knew about its financial problem than why it attracted investors by offering heavy discounts ?

Suddenly how IT dept. woke up?

If we think seriously we will come to know exactly how we are getting exploited and victimised with proper planning. People behind the scene must not forget the power of citizen. Todays citizen is not a fool he will discover the truth. Once again I say Change is law of life and it is inevitable and it will be brought by enlightenment of the truth. Let the exploiters grow richer but they will have to pay the penalty sooner or later.

I pray for the families who are victim of entire "MILIZULI SYSTEM" and who are dying economicaly.

People who not aware please use this.

 We need to show our MASS, To do a mass  petition, which i also floated in various forum . it is available in google also

pl open this link and append ur signature. if it is signed en mass it  will knock the doors of supreme court before massod makes any move. it requires no money no file charges.
So far 220 members signed. I know its one 1% over,  we need to show our strength, so kindly pass this infomation as u know people who invested.
Mumbai: The city police have launched a hunt for City Limouzines chairman S M Masood after the sessions court rejected his anticipatory bail on Friday.
More than 200 investors had gathered at the court from the morning to hear the verdict. Sessions judge N D Dhote pushed it back twice, and finally pronounced a one-line order saying Masoods anticipatory bail was rejected. There are three FIRs against him in Mumbai.
City Limouzines and its sister concern City Realcom have been accused of defaulting on interest payments to thousands of investors nationwide. Weve been trying to locate Masood. We checked several places where he might be hiding, a senior police officer said.
Masoods lawyers had argued that it was a civil dispute, but the police contended that it was a case of cheating and said several investors had been duped by the company.
The court order is a major setback for Masood, who has been filing numerous petitions in several courts for relief. He has filed six transfer petitions in the Supreme Court, for which the apex court has asked the state to file its reply.
The police have also initiated a separate investigation into group company City Realcoms agreement with some landowners where a plot of the land was shown to investors as belonging to them.
City Realcom had floated a scheme promising investors 20 square feet of land at the end of the maturity period. The investigations are at a preliminary stage, and we are still in the process of verifying the documents, a police officer said.
The sessions court on Friday rejected the anticipatory bail plea of City Limouzines chairman S M Masood, paving way for his arrest.
City Limouzines had collected money from the public saying it would be used to buy vehicles in the name of the investors, that would be rented out. Assuring returns as high as 48 per cent, the company had promised to hand over the vehicles to the investors at the end of five years. After the scheme was found to be bogus, investors filed police complaints against the company and its chairman Masood. Last month, Masood moved the sessions court seeking anticipatory bail on grounds that the dispute was civil in nature, and that he would co-operate with the investigation.
Representing the investors, advocate Roopesh Jaiswal argued that in such a ‘large-scale scandal of around Rs 400 crores’, Masood’s arrest was essential for the police to know where the investors’ money has gone. Jaiswal also pointed out that Masood, despite giving an undertaking in the court that he would remain present, has repeatedly failed to do so – which is enough for the court to deny anticipatory bail.
Finding no merit in Masood’s plea, the sessions court rejected his plea. Last week, the Bombay HC had pulled up the police for not taking due action or arresting Masood.
Investors seek return of capital and income 226 Signatures

Published by ganeshvenkatachalam on Nov 03, 2009
Category: Consumer Affairs
Region: India
Target: supreme court of india
Web site:
Background (Preamble):
WE investors of M/s. city limousines, city real com group of companies denied our return on investment for the past three months. the com has collected several corers of rupees from hundred thousand of investors from all walks of life. the com on the cover of economic melt down/ harassment by govt agencies went underground and not coming with define repayment programs.

Honorable Chief JUSTICE OF India

Sir, it is with great respect to the Judiciary of India, I submit this appeal of ours on behalf of thousands of poor investors of M/S. CITY LIMOUSINES; CITY REAL COM GROUP OF COMPANIES, who are deprived of their monthly income from from the huge deposits collected by the company. The company stopped the return of income suddenly from AUG-09, stating organization/ regrouping/ inquiry by Govt.Authorities like FEMA/E.O.W/.

Various cases field in Bombay H.c are moving in snail’s space.

1. The company as per summons for Directions by Hon. company Judge has called for a creditors meet on 14th Oct-09, which was not properly organized and ended in a chaos;

2. Though it seems the intention of the company is not to run away, their lukewarm approach, and not informing the investors the factual position made the thousands of investor’s life miserable. Sorrowing tales of such customers are pouring in in so many web sites.

3. In view of the above i appeal MY LORD, to issue direction to to the Company to have a ONE TO ONE MEETING WITH A CHOSEN 25 REPRESENTATIVES OF THE INVESTORS ACCORDING TO VARIOUS PREVALE
we should wait till 20 nov, as Mr.Masood given his word to Mr.Khan to open office from 20 nov with police protection....

he should honor his word with Mr.Khan... till time we have to wait after that we can go for futher .. if we will lodges lots of complaints then Mr.Masood will be bussy to solve them, so we shuold wait till 20 nov, if he not honored his word with mr.khan as well as DNA , we will go ahead..

till time pl. wait only for next weak, when we waited almost three month then we can wait for next weak.

A month after City Limouzines
chairman S M Masood moved the sessions court seeking anticipatory bail, on Saturday, the court heard the arguments and reserved its order for November 13.

The defence argued that anticipatory bail has to be granted as it is a civil dispute and they failed to pay because their accounts had been frozen and operations stopped by the police and other authorities.

The prosecution argued that if that were the case, then the banks would have made a remark while dishonouring the cheques. The remarks for not honouring the cheques were "insufficient funds and stop payment’’. This shows that the company has no money in its accounts and funds have been diverted for which investigation has to be carried out. Masood’s custody is hence required, the prosecution said.

Advocate Bhavesh Parmar, who had intervened on behalf of the investors, urged that the arguments should be only on the issue of anticipatory bail. When an anticipatory bail application is moved in the court, the arguments should not encroach on the topic of whether an offence of cheating has been made out. He added that Masood, despite giving an undertaking in the court that he would be present, has failed to do so. This is enough for the court to deny anticipatory bail, he said.

Meanwhile, the company has moved the Supreme Court seeking relief. "We have not received a copy of his petition. The state has been asked to file its reply in four weeks. We will be able to comment only when we get the copy of the petition,’’ a police officer said.
As per mr.syed masood,advocate mr.veerendra maurya itseems mr.syed masood keeps up his words expressed on 3rd september and 5th october to set-right things by november 2009.

mr.syed masood has decided to open the offices by 20th november without fail with police protection for smooth functioning to refund the hard earned money of investors like rtd.defence officers who served to safe gaurd the country,rtd.central and state government staff ,small b’ssman,widows,NRI’s etc.i have explained the sufferings of different type of investors and requested not to boher them any more like 5th september and then 15th september to hold the cheques and later 14th october meeting,i have informed that 90% of investors likes mr.masood chairman city groups who has run the city groups for the last 15 years and expect the same from him in the future also as per the phone talks of hundreds of investors daily with is learnt from the talk that mr.syed masood is very much in favour of runing the schemes

Dear friends dont believe kaleemula khan words he is masood man (masood’s dog).first of all whole india knows that masood bail pettition has been rejected,then why police still waiting to arrest masood,even once upon a time our former country prime minister indira gandhi was arrested and put in jail,i think you friends know masood become more powerfull person than indiragandhi.
first realcom agreement is that what masood mentioned as his property is not belonging to him.that belongs to maharastra state government.this is enough to arrest masood.already he done this type of fraud,but you friends still believe that masood will give our money back.
masood is director for the film name city group now that film has finished,thats all.
friends the things which happened before are well planned pls try to aug 3 they gone for scheme of arrangement then why they collected money still august end.
masood is having storng political power thats why no one cant do anything.this political dogs in india are useless fellows they think about their wealth only and not ours.friends i like to say one thing pls confirm the city office building owner in your cities and ask them what is the status of the office.then only we can know what is happening.iam interior of tamilnadu now iam not in the position to go to chennai.if it happens means i will make that enquiry and inform in this website.
Hi,I am one of the invester from Bangalore,and the above comment is true,but presently what actioncan be done ,this is inportent,Why Insted of masood we can catch the Director who collected money from us and sue him for the frad,and try to grab his propertys,he too may be having lots of property and he only collected money from us and signed in the cheques,so pl,think in this Direction,we will give sleeples nights for the Directors,Just like we have,wether it is passible.

I just spoke to Mr. Mauraya and he stated that they are moving to High Court against the judgement of 13th Nov and are just waiting for the certified copy of the judgement.

He also stated that another case filed by one of the investor (advocate) is alos pending in the High Court and scheduled for hearing on 18th Nov. This case relates to the MEETING NOT PROPERLY CONDUCTED IN MUMBAI BY THE CITY GROUP.

To my querr as to why you keep on shifting the dates for opening the offices, he replied that if we open the offices, City staff is likely to be harassed and that is why they are waiting for the review petition likely to be filed in the High Court against the 13th Nov. judgemebt. He is optimistic once the petition is admitted in the high court it would hardlt take a maximum of a week’s time and hence he has has given 30th as the date for opening the offices.

mauriya making fool to all of us, if masood come in front of all investor & tell he is going to return money, i am sure we all investor required our mony we are not intersted to go courts...

if he tells us all investors can take back there complaints... but masood ensured to all investor.... he lost the faith of investor

i am a investor from delhi and instrested to file a case against the co. iw be great help that the people who has filed a case can send me a copy of the case. instead of wasting time........this is the right move
Dear all first of all thanks to Mr.K.khan who framed all over India Association , I am representing from Hyderabad, I would like to share the fact that There is a 14000 Investors deposited nearly 100 crores in Hyderabad office since 2006. And now they wind up from August 2010. Now this is the time to Frame Association Against Mr.Masood and Company to get our money Back. Today morning I spoke to VN Associates he is again telling that they are trying to open all their offices latest by 20/11/2009, even they are trying to start before the mentioned date. Hope everyone waiting for the November 3rd , after 5th ,10th and now 20th of this month. Now we need to give last and final chance to them above date. And before that I am request to all Hyderabad investors please form the following group of people by the investors or recommended by investors who can fight against the situation with our support 1) ACP level ranker from police department one person 2) Popular News chaneel One person 3) Member of Parliament or Legislative Assembly one person 4) senior Criminal lawer one person. Please look for above people and mail or call me at me their details if they are ready to help poor investors. And I request to all the city’s like Mumbai,pune,Chennai,Bangalore,delhi,Jaip
ur with the same pattern one person should have all the above 4 people and we should ready with them latest by 15/11/2009 after this date we need to start fight against company seriously.
“we are strong when united” ,

i need to tell u that 05/11/2009 case had been postponed to 07/11/2009 because the judge was not come to the court as per advocate muriya at the same time he told me that 18/11/2009 only we know the clear picture obout citi group and i called to kesar beig he told me from next week onwards office will be open and i had called to brejay one of the invester from mumbai she told me every thing will be allright from 07/11/2009 and mr masood is in delhi applying for the bail once he get the bail he wl open the office with police protection what is happening did masood hired the judge? any how we hope for the best let all the city investor join hands together pl update ur massage from all the citys than only we know whats going on


I,thank all the investors of India for selecting me as the conviner of all india city groups investors forum Through their mails and S.M.S and i here by agree to work as conviner in the hard conditions

presenting,I fervently hope that syed masood chairman city groups will certainly keep up his words as per his phone conversation with me on 21st august and 3rd september 2009 and interview to the D.N.A newspaper on 5th october that he will set-right the things by nov 15th.And i here by nominate mr.M.SRao G.M hotel silver park,ameerpet,hydrabad...mob: as coviner of all india city groups forum for andra state and mr.Guruprasad bangaluru for karnataka state,conviners for chennai,maharashtra,delhi and luckhnow were the offices were functioning will be announced very shortly....
Mr.Nayar Razaqi Rtd.vice air marshal reginol director in city groups(resignation invalid), mrs.nigar razaqi reginol director ,mrs.geetha razaqi managing director, mr.ummer razaqi director ,mrs.shayala razaqi director, mrs.seema razaqi director ,and mr.rajiv lamba executive director are equally responsible in the fraudulent acts in the city groups along with syed masood chairman city groups....
As i have investigated the city groups are not under any financial crunch on 3rd aug the board of directors mentioned above in a meeting have stated due to financial crunch the schemes cannot be continued and formulated a scheme of arrangements to refund the principle amounts with 7%intrest in 12 equal instalments but in the same month upto 19 of aug the bookings were going on with dicounts,insentives etc.can this happen when the company takes the deccision on 3rd aug to refund the principle amount due to financial crunch.the booking continues under different schemes only when the company is healthy and sounds financially.There are false rumours that mr.syed masood has run away from the country to u.s.a with 350crores,when the city group company has more than 12thousand crores distributed among the chairman and above mentioned directors to safe gaurd the hard earned money of retd.officers of air force&other defence depts of the country due to the influence of india’s retd.air vice marshel mr.nayar iqbal razaqi,retd.central and state govt employees saved money,small buisnessmen,widow’s&other who have even gone to the extent of pledginng there gold ornaments,mortgage loan on their living houses&many have taken diffrent loans on the monthly e.m.i basis&have become defaulters for the past 3months.I would like to inform all the investors of city groups that mr.syed masood and the above mentioned directors troop are very much in the country.

Court raps police for inaction in Limo case

Mumbai: The Bombay high court came down heavily on the police on Tuesday, questioning why they were not taking any action against City Limouzines and its sister concern, City Realcom, for allegedly duping thousands of investors.
The HC was hearing a petition filed by the City Group, urging the court to issue directions that the EOW probe all the cases against it. The EOW has registered a case of cheating against the firms, while Cuffe Parade and Amboli police have registered two FIRs against them.
When the public prosecutor said the company was not cooperating in the probe, Justice J N Patel asked why the officials were not arrested for not helping in the probe. According to the EOW, the company has been refusing to give provide the documents required in the probe.
Justice Patel said the police should not at least come to his court, saying the accused was not cooperating. He also asked why the accused was not arrested if he did not have a legal protection.==================================

Frauds harvest Mumbai city con fields

Hunt Is On For Mumbai’s Latest Scamster Who Duped Investors To The Tune Of Rs 40 Cr

Mumbai: A Red Corner Notice has been issued against a white-collar criminal who along with his wife and four others duped over 3,000 gullible investors to the tune of over Rs 40 crore by offering them unbelievable returns. The notice seeks the arrest of the accused, Sandeep Kandalkar, who is believed to have left the country. Kandalkar, along with his wife Lina and four others, floated a scheme that promised investors over 100% returns and an Indigo car at the end of five years. Lina is still at large. One of the other accused Shantaram Naik was an employee of MTNL.
According to the Economic Offences Wing (EOW) of the city police, the fraudsters had distributed around Rs 13.5 lakh to the investors. The police have seized Rs 50 lakh, and attached several of their properties across the city. In his complaint, one of the investors, businessman Kailash Gonge, said he was lured into the scheme by a Sunil Mhatre who introduced him to Naik. The latter boasted about his clout and claimed to be a partner in four companies along with Kandalkar.
On an investment of Rs 1.6 lakh, they offered him a maximum return of Rs 25,000 every month for five years. On completion of one year of the investment, Gonge was promised that an Indigo car would be purchased in his name. He was told that the vehicle would be handed over to him at the end of five years.
Gonge and his wife invested Rs 6 lakh and spread the word. In fact, acting on his advice, Gonge’s friends invested a total of Rs 54 lakh. For a few months, Gonge got his returns, but later the cheques began to bounce. The conmen initially covered their tracks and told Gonge that their funds, which were they were expecting, had “got stuck”. One fine day, their offices were shut and investors were left in the lurch.
There have been numerous instances in the past where fly-by-night operators have been luring the public to invest in such schemes. “Despite exhorting people to refrain from investing in such companies, they continue to flourish,” a police officer said. People do not realise that a business module offering such huge returns are not viable. “For instance, if a company offers a 50% interest as returns on investments, it should be earning 300%
to offer such gains in the first place.
People should use
their common sense before falling prey to such schemes,” said the police officer said.
The investors that prey on Mumbaikars include both the rich and the poor, and it’s sheer greed that lures the public into such schemes. “If my earning is meagre and if these companies are offering me fantastic returns, I will certainly be interested. This is to ensure my family’s future,” said one investor. White-collar crime is the crime of the future, says joint commissioner of police, Rakesh Maria. “When we learn of such cases, we verify them and take action,” he said.
In April 2009, the state had enacted the Maharashtra Protection of Interests of Depositors (in financial establishments) Act, when a plethora of plantation companies vanished after collecting money from public. The Bombay High Court, in September 2005, struck down the Act after several companies challenged the legislative competence of the state to enact it. One of the Act’s salient features was that the properties could be auctioned off and the proceeds used to return the investments. The state has now approached the Supreme Court in an appeal and the matter is still pending. After the high court struck down the act in September 5 2005, all cheating cases went into a limbo as the HC had ordered a stay on the trial.
The RBI has also expressed its helplessness saying that these companies do not fall under the category of Non-banking Financial Companies, which they are empowered to regulate. The money collected by such companies cannot be termed as a deposit, thereby preventing the RBI from intervening and taking action.
BIG BUCKS According to EOW officials, the amount involved in cheating cases registered with them, including banking frauds and property cases, is estimated at nearly Rs 400 crore for the 10 month period beginning January 2009


An easy ride In 2007, Aim Limouzines floated a car-rental investment scheme, where investors were asked to invest anywhere between Rs 85,000 and Rs 3.2 lakh. They were told the money would be used to buy cars, which would be transferred in their names after a few years. During this period, the company promised monthly returns of Rs 6,000-12,000. Over 2,000 people across India invested in the company, which allegedly stopped payments to many of them. The Economic Offences Wing, Mumbai, has frozen 11 bank accounts, and the Hyderabad police recently arrested a company official
The Gandhi connection Ejaz Ahmed Khan (29) conned eight people in Mumbra of Rs 40 lakh by claiming acquaintance to no less a person than the Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi. Khan, now on bail, morphed a photograph showing Gandhi resting his hands on his shoulders before attending a meeting with a British general in 1945. The copies of this photograph were widely circulated in Mumbra and eight people fell prey to this smoothtalking conman. They lent him the money to set up a computer business
From Rs 3,000 to Rs 3L In Thane, Shivaji Kamble, who ran a vada-paav stall, made off with Rs 18crores that he was able to collect from over 32,000 people after promising them high returns. Kamble, who floated Maharashtra Marketing Golden Holidays, promised investors Rs 3 lakh at the end of one year on an investment of Rs 3,000. The matter is pending in the court
Double or nothing Powai-based Kaustubh Choksi (31) and his six accomplices offered 1,100 investors a chance to double their investments in just 20 days. Choksi collected Rs 3.14 crore in a short period. He claimed to have used the money to revive his company, which had been hit by the economic downturn. The accused are currently in judicial custody
Two-hour investment A 30-year-old college lecturer from Thane, Arvind Ojha, conned people by offering them returns of Rs 45,000 in 2 to 3 hours. He asked the public to register online after paying a nominal amount of Rs 500. Each member was provided a business kit and asked to enrol at least five others. The returns they got, he told them, would depend on the number of people they managed to rope in. Ojha is currently out on bail

Duped by elaborate schemes

Mumbai: More than a thousand investors were left in the lurch when Powai-based conman 31-year-old Kaustubh Choksi and his six accomplices made off with Rs 3.14 crore. On September 24, Choksi and his partners offered investors a chance to double their money in just 20 days. As investors hoping to make a quick buck lined up, the accused allegedly took their money and in return, gave them a computergenerated invoice as well as post-dated cheques from an account with a reliable government-owned bank, which they had opened recently.
“They did not advertise but relied on word of mouth through agents and vendors,” said one of the duped investors, a retiree, who did not wish to be named. He said the scheme relied on a “chain system” where agents were hired to attract investors for which they would get a commission ranging from 10 to 40 per cent for every person they were able to dupe. An agent from Navi Mumbai said, “All the 1,100 investors put in a minimum amount of Rs 1 lakh. Many invested more money, and were told that their returns could be as high as Rs 10 crore.”
The scheme was so well thought out that investors who had arrived in Mumbai from other parts of the country were put up in five-star hotels and provided with free transport, said the agent. The scam came to light on September 29, when cheques began to bounce. On investigating, the police found that the bank account from which the cheques had been issued had only Rs 50,000. After following the paper trail, they traced Rs 2.5 crore, which was parked with a private bank. The account has been frozen, said an investigating officer. The seven accused are currently in judicial custody.

Man takes investors for a ride, held

Mumbai: Manoj Kumar Mohan Sarvade (40), the main accused who had opened fictitious companies and floated a dubious money doubling scheme, duping investors to the tune of Rs 14 crore, was arrested by the city crime branch on Monday. He was picked up from his relative’s house in Dahanu late on Sunday.
Last month, the police had arrested his accomplices—Mohan Kadam and Devesh Tulaskar—and seized several documents, Rs 23,500 in cash, gold ornaments and ATM cards.
Sarvade, who used to work for an insurance company, started Jupiter International Trading Company after Kadam and Tulaskar persuaded him start the business.
The trio started a website——in Sarvade’s name and address and asked depositors to transfer money online.
“The scheme promised to double the money in just one month,’’ said inspector Dinesh Kadam.
A complaint was filed by a newspaper dealer and resident of Byculla, Jayram Shelke, who said he had deposited Rs 1 lakh in Jupiter International’s office at Lower Parel.
The accused initially paid some of the investors to gain
confidence in the market and as the word spread, more investors deposited large amounts, said Kadam. The minimum deposit for the double-your-money scheme was Rs 5,000.
After a month, when Shelke’s scheme matured, he was shocked to find the company’s office shut and the officebearers untraceable. When Shelke started probing, he came across a few others who were also enquiring about the company. The police said that the investors were from all walks of life from places like Nashik, Pune, Orissa, Jharkhand and Uttar Pradesh.
“When the investors learnt about the arrest of the accused, they approached us with fresh complaints. So far, we have got 8,640 complaints and the amount of fraud has reached Rs 14 crore. We have been able to seize property worth Rs 4 crore,’’ said Rakesh Maria, joint commissioner of police (crime).
Investigations revealed that the accused were previously arrested in 2004 by the Nashik and Pune police for floating a similar scheme. They were also arrested by the Borivli police in chequebouncing cases.

Viewers may comment

A decade back it was GOLDEN FOREST, after that followed MONEY MANTRA, FORTUNE etc. Now it’s the turn of CITY LIMOUZINES to run on the tracks of history. There are huge investors for City Limouzines

who made huge investments. Since Aug 09 all the investors are made to suffer only because of the mastermind games played by the management of City Limouzines.

The steps taken by City limouzines such as Conducting a meeting on 14 Oct 09 and thereafter unable to conduct meeting on 15 Oct 09 due to "notice issued to us u/s 149of Cr........ " is all non-sense. Also, some viewers commented that "the amount will be returned tru cheques and will be despatched to the addresses of the investors" which is also a mere loss again (what I believe).

If at all they have an idea of refunding the amount to the investors, they should do it by opening the branches again at respective places ’coz there are many who are either transfered or changed their addresses.

If the company was suffering losses (as per the balance sheets) since last year, then why did City limouzines accept investements from the citizens from last year, they have taken investments till Jul 09 (’coz i had invested on 27 Jun 09). They should have atleast stopped taking investments once they came to know that the company was running into losses.

If the mgmt of City Limz. thinks that they will be able to pay 7% interest against the investments made by the investors, its a bull shit. Since banks are paying more interest than what City Limz have offered to pay. In my opinion this should not be accepted, since many of the investors took huge amounts of loan on interest (higher than what City Limz is offering now) either from Banks or from other sources and made investments and from the incentives received from City Limz. they (investors) were able to repay and satisfy their needs.

What is the basic idea of an Investor for investing money? "To earn money from money" Should be the answer. Is it correct? If its is so, then the investors are not at fault who are expecting higher returns. Now the investors benefit is not being looked into by City Limz.

Now what happens to the TAG "Official Sponsor for Indian Hockey Federation".
These type of companis should not be given recognition by any of the Indian Govt. Bodies/Agencies.

So, what i assume is that this is a pre-planned elope venture of city limouzines. What they wanted to acheive is acheived (might be) and now pay no-attention to the investors.

Its high time for investors. We just can expect for the best to happen but "It never happens". Investors need to check the movements of the mgmt. of City Limz. If some body can make it happen that all the offices, ventures etc be ciezed by the court until City Limz does justice to its investors, it would be greatful.

Viewers may comment if my idealogy or presumption is wrong.

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Dont loose cool.

Its all lies. This is just another way of buying more time. Senior Inspector Wadankar of Mumbai EOW told me on the 28th of Oct, that Masood has left Mumbai and is holed up at the house of some Union Minister in Delhi. The offices will open with police protection but nothing will get done. It will only calm investors down, so they don’t file FIR’s etc which make it easier of masood to get away. We are simply falling victims to each and every strategy of Masood since August 12th. He has played his cards very well. Investors need to wake up and take action. Masood is NOT speaking to anyone. Not even the big investors. So if anyone says, they have spoken to Masood, its all false. Masood has disregarded court orders like he owns the court of law. This should be a signal for all investors to wake up!
WE investors of M/s. city limousines, city real com group of companies denied our return on investment for the past three months. the com has collected several corers of rupees from hundred thousand of investors from all walks of life. the com on the cover of economic melt down/ harassment by govt agencies went underground and not coming with define repayment programs.

Honorable Chief JUSTICE OF India

Sir, it is with great respect to the Judiciary of India, I submit this appeal of ours on behalf of thousands of poor investors of M/S. CITY LIMOUSINES; CITY REAL COM GROUP OF COMPANIES, who are deprived of their monthly income from from the huge deposits collected by the company. The company stopped the return of income suddenly from AUG-09, stating organization/ regrouping/ inquiry by Govt.Authorities like FEMA/E.O.W/.

Various cases field in Bombay H.c are moving in snail’s space.

1. The company as per summons for Directions by Hon. company Judge has called for a creditors meet on 14th Oct-09, which was not properly organized and ended in a chaos;

2. Though it seems the intention of the company is not to run away, their lukewarm approach, and not informing the investors the factual position made the thousands of investor’s life miserable. Sorrowing tales of such customers are pouring in in so many web sites.

4. If the intention of the company is good and it really respects the feeling of the investors let them openly come out with an announcement in their website.


Sign the petition

The Investors seek return of capital and income petition to supreme court of india was written by ganeshvenkatachalam and is hosted free of charge at Go Petition.
Just now spoke to City’s main advocate Virendra Maurya
He confirmed that everything would be fine once the court gives order to open offices with police protection.
He told that obviously by 1st week of November they would be able to open offices across India. Once the offices get opened, work would start and you can start expecting your payment by Jan 2010.
Asking whether the company has money or not, he told company has enough money to pay...if not, they would have declared themselves bankrupt long back.

Asking, if the company opens, whether balance principle would be given back with 7% interest or company is going to start new schemes also...he told..that has to be decided by the company whether to start the new scheme or not but only after the offices open..
He also told that because of the impatience of investors only for filing FIRs, things are getting more delayed and complicated.
So, please wait till the court gives them permission to open offices with police protection.
Asking why Mr.Masood is not opening mouth, he told that until all the things get cleared, company wont open mouth every now and then.

So guys, wait few more days....let the offices open, things would be fine.



u r absolutely correct.

On Nov 3rd, City would appeal in Mumbai High Court for police protection for opening offices.
Once the permission is granted, they wd open offices everywhere with police protection.
I know that all of us are sad, depressed and loosing hope day by day.
But only Mr.Masood and his company must be knowing what technical problems they are facing to speak openly...or fulfill commitment.
Its also confirmed today that CCS in Hyderabad has stopped investigation against City as per Hyderabad High Court order.
So something good is definitely happening.
Today came to know from rajdr comments they have gone to Chennai high court also.
At least City people are moving their bodies and doing something positive instead of sitting idle.
Lets hope for the best guys.


Limo chief faces arrest as court withdraws relief

29th oct 2009

Mumbai: The sessions court on Wednesday withdrew the relief granted to City Limouzines chairman S M Masood from being arrested, paving the way for the police to put him behind the bars.
The investors, who were duped in the investment scheme, converged on the court in huge numbers, and demanded that the police should act tough with Masood, who cheated them by collecting huge amounts of money and offering interests as high as 48%. Till now, many of them have not received the amount back.
Since October 3, investors have been visiting the court on every date that the hearing for Masood’s anticipatory bail application (ABA) would come up. The trial went on for nearly a month without any arguments on the merits of Masood’s contention. On every occasion, the judge adjourned the matter to another day after Masood’s advocate would give an undertaking that he would be present on the next date.
After his lawyer promised that Masood would attend court on Wednesday, judge N D Dhote had given an ultimatum that the arguments would start on that day. However, the case again got postponed to November 5. The public prosecutor has now told the court that the anticipatory bail application was not maintainable anymore, considering Masood’s conduct. On October 15, Masood’s counsel had said he had gone to Delhi, trying for legal remedies in the Supreme Court.
“In spite of him cheating us of so much of money, the authorities have not taken any tangible action against Masood. I have written off my investments, but at least, I want Masood to be punished. Every official we approach passes on the buck to the other. Even after this scam came to the fore, we still come across advertisements of several companies offering such fantastic investment returns but the authorities have not cracked down on them. We plan to take out a huge rally to highlight our plight,’’ said Manohar Lohia, who along with his family, invested lakhs of rupees in the scheme.
There are three separate cases registered against City Limouzines and its sister concern City Realcom with the economic offences wing of the city police, Cuffe Parade and Amboli police stations. The investors are also in the process of lodging fresh complaints with other police stations.
Meanwhile, the police denied that they were going slow on the case. “The SC, while restoring the FIR, had imposed certain restrictions, such as not hampering their business. We have to act according to the law,’’ a police officer said.
Dear Investers of Citi Limouzines we should fight for our hard earned money, don’t give up we all should write a letter to the Central Government i.e to the PM. First of all why the government allowed such frauds to grow in our Country. We as Indians hard working citizens compare to any country. All the people who are invested in this company are middle class people that is why these frauds are taking for granted that we will keep quite. In India specially only middle class people will suffer till the end. In this case if our Government support the investors surely we will get our money back. Many government officials may be involved in this case i think Citi Limouzines are taking care of these government officials so nobody is taking seriously. I feel we should not keep quite in this. Mr. Masoodi don’t cheat further return our hard earn money, many senior citizens are put their retired money, penson money their last 15 - 20 yrs small savings money how can we explain to you about our money what we have invested with you. How much we were supporting you till last week now we lost respect on you, if you are a human you return our principal money that is enough for us.

Our curses will not live you and your family Mr. Masoodi.
His name is Masood, and what you talking about the case that has already been in process and you should know abt our indian government’s legal systems it will take time baby to resolve, everybody is in panic like you and nobody wants loose their hard earned money at any cost, we all of us making alarm to conduct meetings at different different places and you will see the result in near future, hopefully company will open their offices from the first week of November onward as I heard from one of our trustworthy investor, any way lets hope for the best and pray to almighty god for the quick recovery of our hard earned money.
very correct. in india only the middle class men being midle class at their entire life. rich only become richer.This beggar’s government begging money frm peoples like masood, and support to their fraud. they never feel about the suffer of investers. is like this happen in any other country? more n more masoods come in future n sucking the blood of poor midle clas men until this idiotic government, democracy, law system being alive. THIS GOVT NEVER READY TO HELP INVESTERS. ’’ LONG LIVE INDIA’’ BE PROUD TO OF AN INDIAN.
really hats off to this review writer. if you are a family friend of some vvip you can escape from the case and run out of this country to the native country after taking money invested in this country very safely. if we are not so, we have to suffer under the hands of each and every fraud person. that is our fate.
I am one among you who has lost almost 6 Lacs in the company. Do you all think that we are going to get our money back. The company is planning for a bankrupcy very soon. The company was
there for 10 years and now we see so many things happening to the company. What happened to all the promises that the company gave at the time of looting out money. Where is Mr. Masood. Why is he hiding, if he has no intentions of cheating then why has he not come out in the media so long. Where is the press and the cops who were acting as if they were helping us in getting our money back. I think now we are all helpless and we are not sure what will happen next. All the meeting and everything are eyewash. They are just buying time to think what to do and when to do. They have a website where they can update everything that they are planning to do. Why no news from them. Its high time, we will bounce all our cheques and file FIR for every cheque bounce and then instead of just waiting doing nothing, lets atleast hope the indian law(which is slowest in nature) gives any positive response for us. Lets all finally pray to god to give us the strenght to fight the evil.


D-day for investors ends in chaos

City Limouzines in the News

  • Mumbai’s peacekeepers prep for Ayodhya verdictNDTV7 hours ago
    Mumbai was scarred by the post-Babri riots more than a decade ago. Today as the country gears up for the Ayodhya verdict, many in the city have turned the corner. Like a Shiv Sainik then part of the mob, who is now on a peace committee.
  • Mumbai to become Asian hub for research and trainingNew Kerala6 hours ago
    Mumbai, Sep 28 : Mumbai is all set to host the research and training institute catering course for the research and training needs in Asia on mass transit systems by March 2011.
  • Mumbai film fest to hold world premiere of international filmNew Kerala30 hours ago
    Mumbai, Sep 27 : The Mumbai Film Festival, organized by Mumbai Academy of the Moving Image (MAMI) in collaboration with Reliance Big Entertainment, will hold a world premiere of an international film, the first time ever in an Indian film festival, an official said Monday.

City Limouzines case help investors



Multi-crore investment fraud busted
Mateen Hafeez | TNN

Mumbai: The police on Monday arrested two persons for duping about 2,000 investors of Rs 6 crore by promising to double their investments in a span of just a month. The police have written to banks to freeze the duo’s 10 accounts.
The accused — Mohan Yeshwant Kadam (42) and Divesh Tulaskar (48) — have been remanded to police custody till October 25, by a local court. Both are Class-XII dropouts.
The police say they acted on a complaint received from an old paper dealer and Byculla resident Jayram Shelke, who said he had deposited Rs 1 lakh in one Jupiter International Trading Company office located at God’s Gift building, Lower Parel. “There were many people who had come to invest in the scheme. After a week, I learnt that the office had suddenly shut and the office bearers had vanished,” Shelke told the police.
After conducting investigations, the police arrested Kadam and Tulaskar. While Kadam was the proprietor of the firm, Tulaskar acted as its CEO. “We have seized Rs 48.50 lakh from a Worli flat in Adarsh Cooperative Housing Society that the accused had recently purchased,” said crime branch chief Rakesh Maria. He added that an Opel Astra, a Wagon R, four mobile phones, three laptops and several SIM cards were also seized from the accused.
“In 2004, Kadam had floated a company, Dun Hill Security Pvt Ltd, in Satara, Nashik and Pune and duped about 567 investors with the same modus operandi. There are similar cheating cases registered in Nashik, Satara and with the Mumbai economic offences wing against Kadam. A case of cheque bouncing was registered against Tulaskar with the Borivili police in 2006,” said Maria.
The accused also created a website of their company — — and asked depositors to transfer money online. The minimum deposit for the ‘double-your-money scheme’ was Rs 5,000. Surprisingly, this scheme was started on September 10 and within a month, the accused managed to collect around Rs 6 crore. “We have written to ICICI, HDFC, Apna Sahakar Cooperative Bank and State Bank of India to freeze their accounts.”
According to the police, most of the victims belong to the middle class and hail from Jharkhand, West Bengal, Orissa, Rajasthan and Maharashtra.
After shutting Jupiter International Trading Company, the accused had planned to start another company, Smart Plan Marketing Pvt Ltd, which they had got registered as well. The police have been advising public not fall prey to such schemes. “Unfortunately, people invest in such fly-by-night companies,” said a police officer. ====================================================

Get rich quick’ schemes are thriving, as dubious investment firms continue to run Ponzi schemes with impunity, taking care to ensure that they do not fall under the purview of any regulatory body.
ON 12/10/2009 MONDAY morning a motley crowd gathered outside the city sessions court awaiting the outcome of an anticipatory bail application. The man who sought bail was the promoter of a company that had attracted investments from a multitude across the country by promising fancy returns. The crowd outside the courtroom was anxious to find out what happened next. After the judge granted the promoter a week-long bail — an interim protection — the investors, some of whom had come from distant cities, hired a cab to meet a senior official of the Mumbai police. “We don’t know how to recover our investments... we hope the police does something,” said a lady who was part of the crowd. Driven by police complaints, the media glare and a separate set of allegations related to alleged violation of foreign currency rules, the company will soon hold meetings with investors, some of whom have given up hope.
It’s a re-run of the ‘get rich quick’ schemes floated by dubious investment companies in the 1990s, promising fantastic returns in a short period to gullible investors, only to leave them high and dry later. Amazingly, such schemes still continue to find takers even today. More than 12 years after the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) tightened norms for nonbanking finance companies (NBFCs) in the wake of the scam involving the high-profile CRB Group, many ‘investment firms’ continue to run Ponzi schemes with impunity, taking care to ensure that they do not fall under the purview of any regulatory body. Ponzi schemes, named after American swindler Charles Ponzi, give returns to investors from money taken from other investors.. At some point, the chain snaps when fresh money stops coming in, and the scam is exposed.

Citylimofraud: EOW seeks help from I-T dept:

mumbai: the economic offence wing (EOW) of the city police has written to the income tax department and serious fraud investigation office SFIO to probe into the accounts of the tainted investment firm city limouzines and its sister concern city realcom. however both I-T and SFIO are yet to coordinate with the EOW, a source said,the companies are currently being investigated by the EOW on charges of cheating after it failed to repay investors their interest since augest. the company had offered 48% returns on the investments, a police officer said the extend of the scam is not clear as the company hasnot submitted the required documents. We expect atleast 1.5 lakh people across the country to have invested,this take the amount involved into crores of rupees. It is also not clear as to what the firm did with the money collected,the officer said. Earlier too, the ITdepartment had initiated a probe after the firms profits declared shot up every year exponentially though the business module was not a viable one. However the probe didnot reach anywhere,sources said. An IT official said there are discrepancies in the functioning of the company in relation to the accounts but refused to elobarate.the SFIO set up under the ministry of corborate affairs,has power to carry out a special audit though it can initiate criminal proceedings,after the investigations it submits a report to centre. in 2007 too, after the first FIR was registered,the police had asked the SFIO to carryout a special audit but it didnt happen. the office of the registrar of cooperative socities has written to the collector,seeking assistance in getting the audit reports of the city co-op credit society. An official said they had sought reports from the society but it refused. several of the investment schemes promoted by the company was routed through the credit society.


at this moment getting return is expected though it will take 2 to 3 months. we will get our remaining principle amount with 7 pc interest rate. we will be unsecured creditor. class A is one who has balance amount in 60 cheques. class B is one who has recovered 60 months but waiting for the term end preferential share amount redemption. so hope for the outcome by court on 28.10.09.


City Limo scam: D-day for investors ends in chaos

Mumbai: It was D-day for City Realcom investors, who came from all over the country to the Wilson High School compound near V P Road police station on Wednesday morning. Around 10,000 investors turned up, spilling over into adjoining lanes as well as nearby buildings, causing a massive traffic jam for hours in south Mumbai.
The investors, who had been looking forward to this meeting for over a month, were disappointed. “After three hours of discussion, we’re more confused than before,” an investor said.
The meeting was held following directions of the Bombay high court on an application by the company, which is part of the same group as City Limouzines, to restructure its debts. City Realcom had promised investors unbelievable returns, but cheques began bouncing in August.
At the meeting, the company’s advocate Nirmala Bhosle tried to calm investors and presented a proposal to return their principal along with 7% interest—a fraction of the 48% originally promised. Investors would receive this amount via 12 post-dated cheques three months from now, according to the proposal. Some investors were amenable to this but others, like Zulfiqar Khan from Chennai, insisted that payments already received as interest not be adjusted against the principal. Many investors supported him but the company did not agree.
Another investor suggested the company immediately pay the principal without interest, but the firm vetoed the idea. Some investors demanded a guarantee that the post-dated cheques wouldn’t bounce, to which the firm agreed. The company has to submit a report on the meeting’s outcome to the high court.
Bhosle blamed the Economic Offences Wing of the city police and Enforcement Directorate for the crisis. The two agencies said the company was trying to pass the buck for its own mistakes.
Investors who had been asked to assemble at Wilson Gymkhana, Chowpatty turned up only to be redirected to Wilson School four kilometres away. The venue could not accommodate the attendees.
A leading advocate said, “There should have been a register of investors who attended. Or they should send their representative with a signed proxy form. The minutes of the meeting should be properly recorded,” he said.
Senior inspector of V P Road police station V Patil cancelled the two other meetings planned by the company. saying they were illegal. “This is no way to hold a meeting for an important discussion. The company still hasn’t cleared our doubts,” said investor Sneha Kokate angrily.

Meeting Cancelled
The police have denied the City Group permission to hold a meeting with City Limouzines’ creditors on Thursday, after the poorly planned meeting of sister firm City Realcom’s investors on Wednesday.
As per high court directives, City Realcom was to hold the meeting at Wilson High school. Senior inspector V Patil of V P Road police station told TOI, “They simply dropped a letter in our drop box and expected us to be prepared for 10,000 people.” He added, “This meeting was against the law. We will not allow such a meeting again.” The police said City Realcom waited until the last moment to inform them, causing a major traffic snarl in South Mumbai. Company officials said they would approach the court and seek permission to hold the meeting on another date.

Confusion Over Venue
A month ago, on the directions of the Bombay high court, the City Group decided to hold a meeting at Garware Club in the first week of October. It then shifted the date to October 14 for investors of City Realcom and October 15 for those of City Limouzines. As per the Bombay high court’s directions, the promoters advertised that the City Realcom meeting would be held at Wilson High School. Three days ago the firm’s representatives said it would be at Wilson Gymkhana, Chowpatty. On Wednesday morning when investors gathered at the Gymkhana, they were told the meeting would take place at the school after all. “We’re running from pillar to post. Our plight gets worse day by day,” said M Mukherjee, an investor who had come all the way from Kolkata.


Am an aggrieved investor from Delhi like many of you. We and thousands of other investors outside of Mumbai are absolutely cut off from any relevant and correct development. This is to request all our

fellow investors in Mumbai who happened to attend the 14th October meeting, to please post as far and as much as possible unbiased details / reports /interaction that they may have had with any person deemed relevant. Although there are a few comments posted post 14th meeting they are conflicting and unclear.Also if during the meeting it was stated that the principal amount will be repayed with 7% interest then how will the same be computed. Did they also mention about the scheme being continued albeit in its modified form? You will do us a lot favour by keeping us updated on a regular basis. Also please let us know whether their offices are open. Also what is the revised schedule for the 15th meeting. Pl check with the local police whether they have been informed about the revised schedule. Am also sure that many of you can also check with their lawyers and personal in the high court.


14th meeting .... nirmala bhosle did asked 1 question .how may of you do support of getting the balance amount from the principle with 7% intrest in 12 instalments ... people did raise there hand in this favour . later she said compay will start working after diwali ... then by jan,,, people will get the balance amount.... to this many of the unsatisfied investors did oppose ..... I want to know what i have missed .. pls correct me






This is high time and every single day we come across a new story, now this is the time we must meet or rather must take an action.
How ???????? we all have to take a quick decision so that we investors dont rely totally on the court, we all know how the system runs over here, I think lets decide a date and a venue so that every body meets and specially if we know Masoods resident than why not right over there, (please post his address on the net), I am not asking anybody to fight but till the time we dont show them that we are One Team any Tom Dick and Harry would come and take we people for a a ride and believe me we dont want any other company to come in the market and repeat the same.
So please wake up and lets meet because if we just sit and expect the other man to help us than just forget about it nothing is gonna happen!!!!!!!!!!!
I am really very tensed about the whole situation and am sure every investor is going through the sleepless nights.
Masood if you are reading this than please think about the people who trusted in you and invested the money, please come on the TV and inform everybody whats your next step coz somebody is watching you.(what goes around the same comes around)


Due to unavoidable circumstances in view of notice issued to us u/s 149of Cr Pc from the V. P. Road Police station, we are unable to conduct meeting with creditors of City Limouzines (I) Ltd. on 15/10/09at Wilson School. Next date of meeting shall be intimated to all the creditors by taking necessary steps. We are sorry for inconvenience.THIS IS THE MESSAGE APPERS IN THE COMP WEBSITE.LET US THINK CALMLY IN THESE LINES







City Limouzine will be back in business after diwali:
City Limouzine is likely to start after Diwali. soon, we will start repaying our investors. Those who have balance principal amount will be repaid in 12 equal installments, along with 7% interest on the principal amount. Nirmal Bhosale, advocate for City Limouzine, said. she added that the company was ready to give bank guarantee with respect to cheques. "I am very happy that the comapny has given a positive reply. It will be Diwali gift for me if my money returned." Investor said.


City Limouzine spills onto street, five executives arrested

The City Limouzine executives seem to have a knack for getting into trouble. A meeting of its investors, organised by the company on Wednesday, led to a three-hour traffic chaos on VP Road as 10,000 investors gathered at the Wilson School premises.

The police registered a case against five company executives for not taking the required permissions to hold such a meeting. Starting around 11am, the meeting led to traffic jams on and around VP Road. The local police had to call in state reserve police force and home guards to control the crowd and the traffic. The cops also made announcements on megaphones, saying that the meeting was cancelled.

"No police permission was given for this meeting," said Sanjay Mohite, deputy commissioner of police, Zone II. "The organisers had applied for permission to conduct a meeting at Wilson School, but their application was rejected. Yet they went ahead with the meeting. We were shocked to see such a huge crowd," Mohite said.

The Wilson School ground, where the meeting was held, was so packed with investors that some had to find space atop trees, and the boundary walls to listen to the City Limouzine officials. The investors came from all over the country. The high court had directed the company to organise a meeting of its investors after it triggered a controversy by allegedly cheating several thousand investors.

"As per the HC directives, a meeting was organised by the company officials. But they did not follow proper procedures. A representative of the company should have discussed with the police about the meeting and about the expected crowd. A case was registered against five persons, including company lawyer Virendra Maurya, finance manager and other company representatives. They have been placed under arrest," senior inspector Vilas Patil of VP Road police station said. Another meeting, scheduled for 3 pm on Wednesday, was cancelled.

"Normally, it takes not more than three minutes to reach Sikka Nagar from CP Tank. But today, it took more than 20 minutes to travel the distance. I had to reach Harkishan Hospital, but got stuck in the jam. I have never seen such a huge crowd on this road," said Rajiv Joshi, a garment dealer.
Duped investors desist from getting tougher with firm

City Limouzine finance company investors are reluctant to file fresh cases against the firm after they got to know that more police probe into the fraud charges were affecting their chances of getting their money back.

Prasad Mhatre, member of City Group Welfare Association Mhatre, said, "We have appealed to all the investors to unite in this crisis. We have also requested the investors to be patient and not to register any fresh complaint against Sayed Masood [chairman of the company] as this can further result in delay in payments to investors. One complaint filed against the company has resulted in such a huge problem. If more cases are registered, this will result in more problems. We have full faith in the company and hope that our hard-earned money should be paid to us."

"The Supreme Court has given directions that we can investigate the case but the business of the company should not hamper due to the investigations. Therefore, bank accounts of the company have not been frozen by the police," said additional commissioner of police (EOW), Sanjay Saxena.

About 200 investors of City Limouzine finance company gathered at Azad Maidan on Friday to protest the investigations carried out by the Economic Offences Wing (EOW) of Mumbai Police with regard to a cheating case.

"The EOW has taken an extreme step against the company on the basis of a bogus complaint filed by one of the investors Jalinder Phansare.

In the name of investigating that case, the EOW officials are harassing the company, which, in turn, is affecting lakhs of members of City Group," Mhatre said.

I want to own car so I invested in City Limouzine in Sep.2004. I opted Car option and city bought TATA INDICAB on my name . My 5 year agreement is upto Sep.2009. I invested around 160000/- rs.

Gives me return of 6000/-+6743/-(Car Loan EMI)=12743. Total. My last cheque of agreement was bounced in sep.2009. But my car loan is upto feb 2010 .and city has not given any cheques for this
EMI as per agreement.
If city is noy honouring my agreement then I want my car back. But problem is City gives the vechicle to
AMBEDKAR PRATISTHAN. and AMBEDKAR PRATISTHAN gives the vechicle to another person on hire .
They took 1.5 lakh security deposite from that third person.
Now in this critical sitiuation, How I can get my Vechicle back.?
What is the role of AMBEDKAR PRATISHTAN in all this scheme?
Also they have all the original documents of vechiclw with them ?

Can any one help me or guide me in this direction.?
If company have a good intentions then why not they communicate with investor via their website ?
In the Scheme of Arrangement, the definition of principal and creditor is not clear. I think we may be in for a surprise after voting "YES".

I think the "Scheme of Arrangement" defines "Principal"

as the amount of money deposited dehors the preferential shares. "Dehors" is a legal term meaning "outside of". So per the "Scheme of Arrangement" it appears the "Principal" is defined as (Deposit - Value of Preference shares).

So this is not really what most people might be thinking of as Principal.

As an example: for those who deposited 1.3 Lakhs and hold preference shares worth 70K, the Principal is only 60K (= 130K - 70K). In fact, even legally this is the unsecured debt. As long as they have returned the 60K with interest, they are meeting the commitments of this "Scheme of Arrangement".

The preference shares continue to remain valid. However, legally when a company is liquidated, whatever remains after paying the creditors is distributed among preference share holders and then equity share holders.

In this case, after paying the "Principals" to the "Creditors", there might be nothing left for the preference shares. In other words, we may not be getting what we think is Principal.

Those at the meeting, please ensure you get this fine point clarified.


i have some information about 14oct today i talk to mr kaiser beig this what he said to me. is going to shutdown
2.15oct meeting cacelled as investor are not lising us.

are not giving any money what so ever to those who receved principal amount.asking about prefential share he said throw it into dusbin. dont want to run any scheme furthere as it is going to shut down. will pay only those who have not receved their principal amount by 7% in 12 inst. (the remaining amount) its all over

this is all i have to tell to all invester.


14th Oct 2009 hi, dear all investors, i just came from the meeting. I present you in brief---
1. the initials-- meeting venue suddenly changed from gymkhana to high school, chairman didnt come, there were sea of

people and only around half of them were able to get accomodated inside the campus of the school.
2.people who were present- chairman of the meeting appointed by high court- nirmala bhosale, accountant of city group kaisar baig, a retired justice of high court.
3.what happened-- nirmala proposed on behalf of company to return the balance principal amount with 7% interest in 12 equal installments with bank guarantee. many of the people demanded that the initial amount should be considered as the principal amount and there should be no deduction of the monthly paid amount but she didnt accept and she assured that those investor will be considered after the class A investors, the company is going to run but with new schemes which will be different from the previous. voting didnt take place and it was obviously not possible for such a huge crowd in such a small place- there were fear of law and order problem and the police were angry that they were told only last night about the meeting and they were unable to do proper bandobast in such small time span. the investors who were able to catch the mike- a lawyer from chennai- Piramal, Prasad Mhatre and few others. outcome- no voting took place,the representatives assured about principle amount, nirmala requested to cooperate and let them open their offices and let them work. she told initially that there were five schemes of arrangament but she explained only one, majority of people gave their consent by raising hands for the scheme of principle amount getting back but many queries remained unclear. let us see what happens tomorrow.

Wilson gymkhana is situated at the marine drive, facing the sea, near the mumbai police gymkhana. It is at a walking distance from MARINE LINES STATION of mumbai local train in the western railway. People

deboarding at this station should get out of the station towards the sea face. In the central railway, around 2 km from mumbai cst station. From airport around 22 km. When I did an enquiry, I came to know that meeting venue anounced as wilson high school itself means as wilson gymkhana or wilson high school gymkhana, as wilson gymkhana is the open ground of the school.----- regards, an investor who invested in july and got stuck in august. sur mundate hi olay parey. COPY------ Wilson gymkhana is situated at the marine drive, facing the sea, near the mumbai police gymkhana. It is at a walking distance from MARINE LINES STATION of mumbai local train in the western railway. People deboarding at this station should get out of the station towards the sea face. In the central railway, around 2 km from mumbai cst station. From airport around 22 km. When I did an enquiry, I came to know that meeting venue anounced as wilson high school itself means as wilson gymkhana or wilson high school gymkhana, as wilson gymkhana is the open ground of the school.----- regards, an investor who invested in july and got stuck in august. sur mundate hi olay parey.
Now, investor’s lawyer appears for City Limo chief

Mumbai: In a twist in the City Limouzines cheating case, an advocate who fought against the company two weeks ago is now fighting

for the company’s chairman. Advocate Rajesh Singh had represented one of City Limouzines’ investors in the Bombay high court and objected to company’s plea seeking a stay on all civil and criminal proceedings. But on Monday he appeared in the sessions
court on behalf of City Limouzines chairman S M Masood seeking anticipatory bail.
Singh defended his action, saying he had taken the consent of the investor in question before appearing for Masood. In the high court, the company had moved an application in the court of Justice S J Kathawala for restructuring the debts.
The company had also urged the court to grant a stay on all proceedings it on account of bounced cheques when Singh intervened. The court however did not grant a stay.
City Limouzines is under investigation for defaulting on returns to be paid to thousands of investors.
On Monday, in the sessions court where the anticipatory bail application of Masood is being heard, advocate Bhavesh Parmar objected to Singh representing Masood. Parmar who had filed a PIL in the high court, seeking proper investigation by the economic offences wing of the city police, plans to intervene against the anticipatory bail.
The sessions court made no observation on Monday, and adjourned the matter to October 15. Singh’s action has not gone down well with the economic offences wing. A police officer said the department would take it up with the proper authorities.
Meanwhile, the public prosecutor alleged that Masood was playing mischief by not turning up in the court. The court has insisted that Masood be present on October 15.
Meanwhile, Singh said the meeting of the creditors scheduled for October 14 and 15 will be held at Wilson Gymkhana at Marine Lines.







Plz. let me know any one received call notice / intimation received for the meeting to be held on 14 & 15th October, 2009. The very sadest thing is the company didnt interact with its investors/customers

directly and we need to follow up the matter even after our hard earned money invested with them. Let us all pray for a good outcome. So far the company sent only one SMS telling us to hold their cheques issued till further intimation. However, their phone and mails are not in operative and it become very difficult to contact with any of their staff/ officer. It is not at all fare doing from the company’s part.

If any one received intimation about the meeting plz let me know and kindly forward the same to me at

I am in a very stringent financial crises to manage to invest with them all for a good cause. Plz. also let me know if one cannot attend the meeting, how it will be treated.

hello all investers, tomorrow meeting is the last oppertunity for all of us to get back our investment safely. so pls keep calm in the meeting and observe carefully what they say. most of the investers

intrested in get back their investment only without any delay. the scheme is also acceptable in many of the investers views.however it need some clarifications before accepting the scheme. we dont know the law points deeply in their proposal so that we must be aware while accepting it. we, the investers have the well educated lawers,cas, doctors, financial firm guys,etc.pls u all take responsibility on behalf of the all investers and come forward. each and everybody take responsibility and clear all the doubts arising . i think the old investers wont be create any problems , they already got their principal amont. i hope they will help for to get our original investment back.after lossing three months all investers dont like to extend the time further.if we finished the meeting successfully then we are the all of u thing well and expect good result from the meeting.hope the god will be with us, and pray for better future for investers and company. HAPPY DIWALI TO ALL
Count down started. City limouzines story is coming to an end for the time being ,End in the sense that it’s issues with the customers and the investor’s woos .Whether they are to be either

cleared or compounded is to be seen on 15th .Whether it is one way traffic or a high way is to be decided on that day.

Proxies play a major role, I feel so because some persons each holding hundreds and thousands play havoc .Most of the reviewers here and google groups are in favour of accepting the offer.Less number are against the offer..To tilt the balance , if one or few persons each in collusion,holding lumpsum votes to achieve their goals , the justice is not done.But one can not stop it.Of course these are all common and expected things but the team leaders should show their wit and presence of mind to avert these things to take place.

Since it is an open forum,I can write. Everybody knows,One’s difficulties make way to somebody’s fortunes.These are the by products of the great scam.Scam feeders ,pollce , Lawyers .In the name of fighting the case , many are in a way forming associations and collecting money. I am not against the idea.But they can form the associations after seeing the results of thisAugust Meeting. I hear the fee is Rs 1000/- per file and in Hyd some fellow collecting Rs200/- per file.For an individual to pay 1000 or 200 is not a problem. But the innocent victims , with a hope to get back their savings joining now it self.This is in no way correct.Some associations are only in the process of formation. They have not been registered.Right now what will you do with this collected money. which runs in thousands and lacs even.
This review is intended only to warn besides to get the feed back.

Last but not the least , wishing all our investors a very happy DIWALI with the good news of amicable solution to our immediete problems.


Dear Fellas,
Lets not loose all hopes. We have to utilise this one opportunity to makesure the decision is in the favour of we investors.
Points to be taken care to make sure we dont loose.

1)Some of the active investors residing in Mumbai have to take leadership & publish their email ID & Cell no. You guyswill have to ack as leaders for thousands of investors who will not e able to travel to Mumbai & attens the meeting.

2) Close coordination has to happen between these leaders/representatives.
3) It would be preferable that the leaders are from emenent areas having exposure to Law/ Marketing/ working at a respectable post in company, or someone how knows how to talk & negotiate without loosing his cool & getting angry or disturbed.
4) All these leaders have to be extremely carefull not to make any illogical representations. We do not want Unions & slogans or fights during the meeting. It is utmost important that the meeting venue should be well organised & no one should be allowed to create chaos. At any point in time only one person should raise his hand & talk.
5) Our intension should be to
(a) Get the balance principal returned to the investors who have recently joined & have not yet recovered the basic invested principal amount. This should be in shortest possible time.
(b) It would be wise not to fight for interest. Whatwever interest company is ready to pay , accept it, make sure the money return period is the shortest not more that 3-6 months.
(c) If any investor has faith & wants to keep the money for a longer tenure for higher interest, separate option to be given for such investors. But make sure dont put everyone in same boat.
I know few old people who invested major part of their retirement fund to get a decent amount every month that can help them buy monthly groceries & pay rent.
6) My personal appeal would be to list out old people above 60 years who have invested less than or equal to 130000(Single Scheme) . Make sure they are first refunded their remaining amount if they have not got their principal back.
7) We who stay away from Mumbai can send out proxy forms downloaded from the website, filled & email to the representatives.
8) Stay calm & logically talk to the Citigroup management/Lawyers/Dorectors. Convince tham that the investors have faith in them & will support, provided there is transparency, immediate start of repayment is established.
9) No point going in to courts or filing a case at this juncture. We should not spoil our chances of getting atleast part of our investment if not full immediately.
Please remember. " A bird in hand is worth two in a bush"
A Sensible investor who has learned, not to be gready.


Hello All Investors

I am also an investor in City Limouzines as well as City Realcom. I would like to suggest all investors of City Limouzines as well as City Realcom be calm during both meeting andtry to get back our Principal Amount safely.
It’s personal thinking our anger in meeting will be indirectly dangerous for us and may be City group’s owner and director want same response from our side for stopage of Principal Amount of our investment. Court cases will take couple of years and they are having nice fund and can hire best lawyers of the country and can make this case much complicated and longer and lastly who will be looser only investors.
So it’s my personal advice and request to all investors who are going to attend both meeting be calm and try to make such solution to get back our atleast Principal Amount back.
New Delhi

Hi Friends,
The Scheme which requires votes on 14th and 15th looks beneficial to the investors and the company. It is not very clear just by reading the scheme but an in-depth analysis to the scheme

sounds interesting. For Guys who have invested in City limouzines alone, they will not form part of creditors if they had invested just in the 1 lakh(+/- approx) scheme. Their due amount would be only the 70,000 promised at the end of 5 years. Those who have invested about 1.3 lakhs(+/- approx), would form part of creditors. Class A if they haven’t received it for about approx 50 months+ which means, if someone has received payments for more than approx 50 months, they would be class B creditors. The calculation is based on the interest rates involved. But all the non-cummulative preference shares of 70K would be either redeemed or paid back in 12 months instalments. The agreement states - This scheme doesn’t alter the rights of the shareholders.I feel all should vote Yes.. you will definitely get back 70K in 12 instalments right away even though you may not get the 4k or 7k per month. something is better than nothing. If there are cases piled up against the company, we will be the losers. If we agree, then there is a clause in the proposed scheme that all cases will be set aside and the scheme would get effective when it gets approved.

Now regarding the Combo(City Limouzines+city realcom) The total initial amount was - 2,79,825/- repayable at 4664 per month as principal repayment(4664*60=2,79,840). The entire combo investors would be a part of Class A creditors provided they have received the amounts for approx 50 + months(again, based on interest rates calculation - because the current scheme says 7%). The combo agreement has the amounts 6250 for vehicle rent and 3210(1st year and 10% addition every year) for house rent. The remaining amount is the repayment of principal 4664 + 10.5%(approx per anum) interest on 2,79,825 every month. Now what the company in its new scheme suggests is that it wont pay the vehicle rent and house rent going forward which was their business income sharing but in turn would pay off the balance principal amount outstanding in 12 equal instalments. I’ll give an example.
If a person Mr A has invested in combo 12 months ago, he would have received 16541 for 12 months. this includes 4 parts - 1. vehicle rent 6250 2. house rent 3210 3. repayment of principal 4664 4.Interest on the initial payment of 2.8lakhs which would be (16541-6250-3210-4664)=2417.
So, this Mr A will get back 4664*48 months = 223872(less additional interest received above 7%) 2417 is what we received as interest but if we calculate at 7% it will come to approx 1625 or so per month. So the additional interest(800*12=9600 approx) would be deducted from the 223872. therefore this Mr A would be getting back 214272 (223872-9600) approximately in 12 equal instalments which would be 17856/- approx each month for 12 months(+interest at 7%). Once this is received, the entire agreement will come to an end. Apart from this, Mr A will not get/encash any other monthly cheques.
If my explanation is what the management would explain on 14th and 15th, this sounds justified. This would mean that proportionately, our Principal is being returned in 12 equal instalments with 7% interest. I would have high regards to Mr Masood if my above explanation is what he intends.
If you understand my explanations clearly, and if this is what the management explains on 14th and 15th, then please vote ’YES’ for this scheme. If you find any malafide intent in their explanation, then please ask people around you who would have better understanding and then vote YES or NO. Please do not vote in haste.
This scheme will return our proportionate principal investment in 12 months and also bring Mr Masood out of this crisis in 12 months if he is able to pay off as promised in this scheme.
If any highly learned person feels my explanation is wrong, please let me know. I would be available at .
Disclosure: I’m basically a Chartered.Accountant and have 3 Combos invested. My family has about 7 Combos and other investments in City.

Interim relief for City Limo chief
9th Oct 2009 @ TOI Mumbai page 11

Mumbai: S M Masood, chairman of City Limouzines who is accused of cheating investor, has moved the sessions court for anticipatory bail. Police in Mumbai, Chennai and Hyderabad are conducting investigations in the case.

The sessions court on Thursday posted the matter for hearing to October 12 and granted interim protection from Masood being arrested. A police team from Chennai was also in the city as part of the investigations.
Masood moved the court, fearing arrest by the economic offences wing (EOW) of the city police after fresh complaints were lodged against him. Till August, when cheques issued by the company began bouncing, the firm was being investigated only for a lone complaint lodged by investor Jalandar Pandhare in 2007.
EOW has opposed the anticipatory bail plea, saying there have been several complaints and sought his custody. The sessions court granted interim relief to Masood, saying he will not be arrested in Mumbai till October 8.

I am also a investor with the City Limo.... since Feb 2005 and i am reading all the reviews posted by fellow investors on this very useful site. Kindly go through thebelow news on City Limouzines appeared in TOI (Mumbai Edition) on 08 Oct 09 (Today). May GOD give strength to all of us to come over this crisis

Thanks & Regards,

City Limouzines meetings put school in a tizzyC Unnikrishnan , TNN 8 October 2009, 02:56am ISTMUMBAI: The City Lim-ouzines scam is proving to be a headache for staffers of a south Mumbai school. Although there is no direct link between the two, Wilson High School is the venue of creditors’ meetings to be held next week by the company management. City Group has arranged meetings of City Realcom and City Limouzines’ creditors on October 14 and 15, respectively, to finalise the repayment pattern.

The clerical staff of the school, which is located a little away from V P Road police station, is furious at the number of calls received every day besides having to reply to queries from investors who drop by. "We do not have any information about this meeting. We are fed up of the queries from the public. Exams are going on,’’ one of the staff members said. Although the company inserted ads in newspapers about the meeting weeks ago, there has been no initiative to make arrangements, investors alleged.

The school has been receiving calls from Kolkata and Bangalore. "Our sympathies are with them. But we are helpless,’’ said a staff member said. Initially the staff used to be more responsive to the calls. "Now the moment we hear the word meeting, we reply `wrong number’. At times we disconnect the telephone line.’’ The security guard too has kept himself abreast of the developments that the moment a stranger enters the school premises, he promptly asks, "You want to know about City Limouzine meeting?’’

On Wednesday, at least two investors visited the school. One of them, a retired railway employee, had travelled all the way from Badlapur. "A part of my retirement benefits was invested in the company,’’ he said.

Many investors called TOI asking whether they stand a chance of getting the money. "The repayment scheme is not clear. Does it make any sense to travel all the way from Kolkata for the meeting?’’ one of them asked.

Masood has given some hopes thru his interview published in DNA
( Mumbai Edition)

MUMBAI TOP NEWS Monday, October 5, 2009
Somendra Sharma

In the midst of a row over allegedly

several thousand investors
to the tune of crores of rupees, City
Limouzine chairman Sayed Masood,
in an exclusive interview with DNA,
said he is ready to repay the money
to his investors if officials of the economic
offences wing (EOW) of the
Mumbai police stop ‘harassing’ him.
Who do you blame for the current
problems in your company?
The EOW investigations are responsible.
I have a company that
has been functioning for more than
15 years. I never defaulted in making
payments. However, I could not
focus on the company ever since
the EOW began harassing me. After
being constantly summoned by
the police, I had to shut shop. I also
blame the media for their wrong
What is stopping you from
carrying on with your business?
The investors say you have
assured repayments from the
next month
The Supreme Court had said that
the police can investigate the alleged
cheating case of Rs55,000 filed
by one of the investors. But on the
pretext of investigating the case,
the police is making lakhs of investors
suffer. The EOW is not allowing
me to run my operations. I
can start repaying people from next
week itself if the EOW stops harassing
me. I believe there should
be some outcome of the case by November.
How is the police ‘harassing’ you?
Every now and then, EOW officers
come to my office and asks for
various documents and use pressure
tactics. I have appointed a PR
person and lawyers who can answer
all their queries, yet they summon
me to their office at Crawford
The police say they fear that you
might flee the country and have
hence impounded your passport.
What is your take on that?
My passport was never impounded.
I wanted to meet my family,
which stays abroad, for Eid, but
the police felt that it was a tactic to
flee the country.
Do you fear coming before the
investors? Do you still go to your
I have no fear from my investors
as they are with me and will always
support me. I had to stop my business
operations as I could not focus
on them. I have stopped visiting my
What is your appeal to your
investors ?
I can only ask them to be patient
and stand by me in this situation. I
hope the situation will be fine like
before and soon we will be able to
come out of all our problems.
‘I can repay investors from next week’

City Limouzines (India) Ltd, a Cuffe
Parade-based firm, had been accused
of defrauding people by luring them into
making investments against the promise
of a car. Jalandhar Phansare, an
investor, had filed a criminal complaint
against the company at the Cuffe Parade
police station last year. The Economic
Offences Wing later took over the
investigation of the case.


The SATYAM SCANDAL was not known to thepublic till the time, the Director of the company Chairman Ramalinga Raju, in his nowfamous 5-page letter outlining

the deception, said no other board member --past or present -- was aware of the financial irregularities. That was on 7thJanuary 2009. Prior to this date there was no inquiry into the company’s affair.
CITY LIMOUZINES has been facing thewrath of the EOW only on the basis of one single complainant, since Nov 2007. Thecasewas quashed, but the Hon. SupremeCourt of India gave the order to initiate the inquiry of the company. From the time ofthis order – till today the EOW has not been able to detect any malpractices orfraudulent affairs of the company. The ED was asked to conduct raids, yet thereis no clarification from the ED into any irregularities till date. Does it takeso long to detect a fraud?
The company seems to be coming intoclear. But the detractors are simply creating confusion in the mind of thepeople. The company should be allowed to operate normally. The share holdersshould wait patiently till 15th October, and hope for the best.
I quote from Prasad Mhatre’s appeal tothe share holder about the company’s chairman declaration “I will not go any ofmy investor’s money in vain. I owe all of their money and I will surely returnthe same to them.” And the company admission about the investor’s money being safe.i would also like the investors to read the DNA (MUMBAI edition)INTERVIEW given by Mr Masood on 5 th October , submitted by jollyboy_m
I am of the firm view that there is nofraud, no scandal, no scam, no fraudulent practices or any irregularities or associationto any unlawful person or organization. I believe the honest intention of Mr.Masood and trust him fully. My vote is for him to conduct the business, as bynow he may have figure out the best possible way to do it.


Prasad Mhatre,
While addressing the gathering at Azad Maidan you claimed that you are also an investor,throughout your verbal dairohea you did not utter a word regarding reimburement of monthly EMI

at Azad Maidan,& your assertion every now & then that you have personally spoken to Mr Masood & he has assured that he will return investors money but will also launch new Scheme which you are not in a position to disclose details( classified secret,) in your opinion we all must fully cooperate with City.
Assume all investors stand behind him,what is the guarantee he will return investors money, I will be more then happy if I am proved wrong. The reason I very much doubt his intentions as per my inside souce working in City Mumbai Office Mr Masood was fully aware / informed on 1st of August 2009 that the company is in RED / financial mess still he continued to accept money from the investors, finally drama unfolded on 11th August giving lame excuse of EOW raid stopped all payments, at a time when the world economy is recovering, sensex touching 17000 points Mr Masood & Co felt the effects of Global Economic Slowdown / meltdown?
The story is other war round the ills facing the company it is not due to Global Melt Down, but Mr Masood is caught with his " PANT DOWN"


Dear investors,

I feel it important to write this because today when I seen over 500 investors gathered at Azad maidan, Mumbai to discuss about the fate of the investors with city limouzine(india)

Ltd.,and I feel that some persons who were in favour of the company with the company lawyer and with company own persons trying to collect the proxy in favour of them . As the company in his order what obtained to them by High Court Bombay at least 20 persons required from each group declared by Scheme of arrangement like Class A and class B to pass his scheme of arrangement before the High Court Bombay with in 14days soon afrer the meetting. Now the 20 persons who collected the proxy of peoples will decide the fate of lacs of customers who are already looking influenced by the company.

As i asked to one person named Sri Mahtrey who is the organaiser of the meetting after his interview to sahara TV that will you please describe me what is the scheme of arrangement and what do u mean for it. Please make it claear before the peoples present here so that everybody can understand the scheme before they bliendly support you in this difficult situation. What is a secured investor ?, What is a prefence share holder ? what is debenture holder ? what is non secured investor ? what is class A and what is class B and what exact;ly meaning of Principle amount ? He is avoid to discuss and showing his arrogant he try to make me cool and as his supporters also ask me to keep quite as they only want proxy.

The scheme of arrangement is not a clear subject still now as many have many meaning of it as it is written in majic sequence of words. One side it showing it have no link with shareholders other side it have different meaning. Please ask the people who were leading now from front to ask the company before meetting to make it claear and you can give your valuable openion or support to any one.

Once the proposed scheme passed by 20 representative and handed over to company then what the return invcestors will get is it the responisble of that 20 representatives ? does they provide food and return of us ?? Will it is good if we are alive and available then we can proxy to any one for our investment who were influenced. If representative required then select the persons who have reputation or big groups of peoples can make their own representative of their own to represent them . Please try to understand all game what will not take us to ruin.

The time is very needful to understand all coz we have a little time. We are never against to any body in personal or against the company. If the company is doing well then its very good for everybody and if any body doing good for us its a tremedious job but please be serious and concious about the scheme which is what understand before you give your concent to any one in this regard.

Thanks................This is an awareness only nothing against any personal. if it hurt to any body then please excuse me as think its a dicsuccion only and personal opinion.


A group of investors who lost their money in the schemes floated by City Limouzines have organised a meeting on Monday to extend support

to company chairman S M Masood. Investigating agencies, however, dismissed such meetings as a ploy by the company to put pressure on them.

Prasad Mhatre, who has organised the meeting, told TOI on Sunday that he believed that Masood has not been able to return the money because investigating agencies have frozen his bank accounts. "I saw his television interview where Masood reiterated the same. I also spoke to Masood,'' Mhatre claimed. He said that a group of them have distributed pamphlets mobilising support.

Mhatre himself has invested over Rs 12 lakh in the various schemes. "There are several others like me who have put our hard earned money in the company. I myself took loan to invest in the company. It is true that we are yet to get our money back,'' he said.

However, some investors said, "If the company's intentions were honest, they would not avoided the investors for such a long period.''

On Dussehra day I went to the Nariman point office of CL and along with nearly 200 investors pledged support to the company. I met a lot of investors and all had the same tale to

tell. But I have noticed that the hardest hit are the new investors like me. My first cheque itself bounced. My first scheme has got me the principal amount as I have completed 16 months but I am worried about my combo scheme. I am continously in touch with fellow investors whom I met on that day and all have a feeling that putting court cases on the company will plunge the company deeper into crises. I am only praying that I get some positive feed back on the 14th and 15th.

I was a bit let down today as I went to the lawyer’s office at Girgaum only to find a note pasted on the wall with his contact number. I met other investors who also came there and I feel sorry that there are so many senior citizens who are being affected. I think the company has given the date of 15/16 so as to get adeqate police bandobast for the meeting as the elections will be over by then. But I am a bit suprised that no political party has come forward so far to pledge support nor this is being made an election issue. But one thing is sure if any politician comes forward and fights for us I will definetely vote for him or his party in future. Then I will know that the politician is really for us and our problems.

I do read many reviews in this website and all are giving their own opinions. I definetely feel we all investors should come together and appoint a commitee probably of 5-10 persons amongst us to negotiate with the company. Many investors are adopting the wait and let others take the trouble attitude. But we should unite. More importantly we should maintain peace and calm during the meeting so as to hear the company spell out their soloutions.

All the best for the meeting but do remember ’NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE WITH GOD’. Pray and you will get results.


Today meeting of investors was called at Mittal Tower at 11:30AM upon reaching there found four police vehicles guarding entrance of Mittal Tower, when inquired about the meeting they said the venue changed

meeting will be held at Azad Maidan somehow when I reached there, around 200 investors in different groups were having loose talk, some in favour of City Limouzine some neutral and some just wearing worried looks on their faces.
This meeting was supposed to be addressed by City representative, nobody from City came to address the meeting, instead Mr Masood & Co took the help of Mr Mhatre & his goons followed by some other street smart ’’JHOOLA CHHAP’’ wheeler dealers took the centre stage and forcibly addressed the gathering with condition that nobody should ask any questions,he started with showering praise on Mr Masood & Co and criticising Times Of India reporter Mr Unnikrishnan, classic case of shooting the messenger.
person name Vivek who has the guts to interrupt Mhatre & his cronies to ask why this gathering which was suppose to be addressed by City representative is addressed by you , where is City representative , commotion broke out Mhatre was left speechless, conclusion Mr Masood & Co is now relying on GOONS strong arm tactics.
Conclusion Only Divine intervention can only help investors




Dear investors,

Gone through the scheme of arrangement which is proposed by the company before the Hon’ble high Court Bombay. This is totaly a mind game prepared by the lawyers for the company

and i am regreat to say that how the High court is agree to pass an order like this which is not makeing claer of any thing in special when lacs of investors are involved with this.
As per the scheme the company in one side devide the whole investors in to groups where they are out of pressure and in other side due to this logical sequence he will get sufficient time to handell all activities of them.
The claver company people purchase the prefence share in term of investment and make fool to the investors who were sold the shares now they they got very less.
The company made the investors in to gropus and make class A and Class B and hold separatre meetting for the preference share holders. As per the present scheme of arrangement as per point no. 2 the company dont alter any thing by any maner of the shares and their holders and as per point No. 6 the company give the all rights of the share holder which not effect to the share holder and their investment and policy.
Class A and Class B investors have to understand what is their principle money . where in class B it is mentioned in point no 4 that as per agreement if any investor is not getting his priniciple money ( what is his principle as he is getting return up to 60 months as per agreement). if here priniciple is 60 months money what company promised to pay the investor then the meaning og prinicple is same for all as their principle.
The matter should be cleared by the company before the High court with an immidiate effect before the meetting to keep their vote or view in this mtting by the investor that whats the real meaning of magic words of the company for the investors who were totaly wrongly interpitted by some persons in City and helping them to gather people in wrong sense.
Every body law savvy soughted when time is need they are silence coz it should be objected in the same High court to make it clear which makeing various doubts on the mind of invesors. If any one organaising the investors he is requested to make an application to the company authority or to the high Court to make it clear. If any body have any openion pz inform me.
By latest news: EOW Mumbai inform me that he is turn my complain of fruad, haressment, misrepresentation of facts to me, killing my finacial credit with my banker and also effect my carrer to rigister case for natural justice. if the company comeing out openly and clearly with a good faith with investors which suits the investors we will thankful to them.

Currently the topic of of City Limouzines is in too much discussion. And why not ? Because lot of investors of this company are very much confused. All are worried about a question of whether we will get our money back or not which is invested in this company ? Some people have put in their entire life’s saving into it, where some members have found a support to their life by returns from this company and in some cases families are running their livelihood just on the income which they get from the monthly cheques of this company. After the order of Hon. Supreme Court of India to initiate enquiry of this company, govt. authorities like EOW (Economic Offence Wing), FERA (Foreign Exchange Regulation Act) and Income Tax departments raided this company and freezed/sealed their Bank Accounts. Due to this company’s financial transactions have been completely stopped and therefore all members are more worried. It’s a sincere effort of some of we members to circulate this letter which will give relief to all members to some extent and will also ease the tension they have on their minds.

This company is established in the year 1995. Before starting the functions of this company, it has obtained all the necessary govt permissions and licenses. Company’s Chairman Mr. Sayed Masood is a clean person and very famous in the society as a through gentleman. One thing is to be observed here that nobody has doubted about this company since its inception in 1995. In all these years the company has not cheated any member , and nothing has happened so far which is doubtful. All members were getting their monthly cheques and company management has not refused to do so till August 2009. Still we don’t understand the reason why this company is under court matters ? The forthcoming elections might be the only reason !! Some vested interests might have put the company in legal troubles due to not satisfying their exorbitant financial demands. We all read in daily newspapers about the opening of new such type companies and winding up of them also. How they are getting permissions ? If such companies are not coming into existence, then the question of people investing into such companies will not arise at all. But it doesn’t happen as these vested interests have found out a way of earning money out of it.

Company’s Chairman Mr. Sayed Masood has come out with a statement from his office, in which he says that “ I will not let go any of my investor’s money in vein. I owe all of their money and I will surely return the same to them. But currently some people are troubling me through their desciples by way of involving me in court cases and due to this my company’s smooth working has been stopped. Soon truth and facts will surface by the decision of Hon. Court. After this I promise you all that our company will start its smooth functions like it was operating previously. I request you all to have patience till such time. “ This is a open statement given by him. So it is need of the hour to have patience and trust in this company. This in turn will increase morale of the company. Some advocates are advising few members to initiate legal cases against this company, this will create more legal problem for the company to restart its business activities. Hence please don’t fall prey to such advocates and so called social workers. Rest assured that after the Hon. Court order soon, each and every member will start getting his/her monthly cheques and whoever wish to withdraw will get back his/her invested amount.

Why we should be angry with ? whom to be tense with ? lot of company’s have financial broken, owners of these companies have fled the city, court has sealed the properties of such companies, but its not the case with City Limouzines, its office was still open and working. Due to mis behavior of some investors with the employees, company has closed the office for some days. It will be open soon , management wishes to make payments to its members. Please make a note that due to court restrictions, the company’s business activities have been hampered.


Thank you all.
We all pray to the Almighty God to re open City Limouzines soon.

nvested 139525.00 Rupees in City Realcom scheme on during end of July 2009. Agreement (MoU)clause mentioned in the second page says "60 months commencing from 21-July-2009 for tentative ownership of the

tentative owner for the proposed project. The tentative ownership shall not be terminated before the end of the above period, EXCEPT as provided herein on mutual consent by giving 3 months notice from either side from the date of signing the MOU. AFTER the expiry of 3 months it will be deemed a confirmed memorandum of Understanding and in the event of cancellation after that, it will be deemed a breach of the memorandum of understanding and the amount paid by the tentative owner shall be forefeited and he/she shall not raise claim of any nature what so ever.

Whether there is any chance of getting the principle (no EMI received; only MoU and post dated cheque (8800 Rupees cheques received) amount together (not by monthly EMI for 12months) by terminating the agreement (as we can terminate the agreement within 3 months as per the above nmentioned clause) as the company failed to honour the cheques issued which is against the agreement made with us. Refer MOU page 2 para "Period" for details of City Realcom Scheme.

Guys, think on it and comment on your plan quickly as we may be crossing 3 months soon and after that noone can cancel the MoU. We will get back the money in bits and pieces; if you have good luck!!!!!!!!!


Is it true ?.

As i read some information in a particular website ( ) there are opportunities that can deleiver a very good profit.

Then Why 7 % per annum now ? what happened to 48 % ?

Also not in a single settlement ?

Read the below information in column 7.1.

*And Interference of Central and State Government Agencies and suffering serious damages. Due to this incident the company was forced to halt certain activity. The above incidents has affected the company very badly and created major financial difficulties for the company.

What does it mean ?

From the specimen copy of proxy now the returns may be only 7 % only per annum .

Proxy 3.

7.The commercial rationale of the proposed scheme of Arrangement between City Limouzines (I) Limited and Preference Shares Holder and Unsecured Creditors of City Limouzines(I) Limited as follows:
7.1 The Company was facing an acute financial crisis mainly due to the economic crunch and global meltdown and interference of Central and State Government Agencies and suffering serious damages. Due to this incident the company was forced to halt certain activity. The above incidents has affected the company very badly and created major financial difficulties for the company.
7.2 The Company faces significant capital constraint and relatively heavy interest on account of highly leveraged capital structure.

Keep faith in God.


The hearings in Mumbai Courts had originally given dates of 7th Sept., and subsequently certain cases were posted to 15th September. The dates for meetings were arrived at as 7th October and now stand

at 15th October.,2009. The dates seem to somehow go farther and farther and though it is good that City Group has at last recognised that it was time that they come up with a statement as to the position of affairs, the suspense is intolerable.

I had invested in City Limouzines from Chennai, and last several months i was receiving cheques from City imousines. However, suddenly, 6 cheques came to me from July, 2009 to December, 2009 in the name of City Hospitalities. I would like to know if there any cases pending against City Hospitalities also
It is not clear if the meetings of Mumbai dated 15th October, 2009 if and when they are held would also take care of the investors from other centers such as Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Delhi,etc., can anybody enlighten me


In a twist to the City Limouzine issue, the Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) on Monday jumped on to the bandwagon and extended its support to the lakhs of investors who have almost lost hope of getting their money back.

Around 500 investors had gathered at Shivaji Park grounds on Monday hoping to come together and fight for their money. MNS chief Raj Thackeray's residence Krishna Kunj is a stone's throw from where the investors had gathered. Soon after news of the meeting reached Raj's aides, some investors were invited to explain the matter.

Though Raj did not meet the investors, his aide Manoj Hate listened to their grievances. He then phoned advocate Sayaji Nangre, an MNS counsel, and fixed up a meeting with the investors.

Nangre advised them to come together and identify the company's properties, in addition to lodging individual complaints. The properties could be attached and sold to recover the dues, Nangre said, although he cautioned them that it was a lengthy process.

The investors are planning to join an association recently formed by one of them, Kirti Patel. He has filed a public interest litigation in the Bombay high court, urging the court to direct the police to register FIRs and arrest the company's officials. As of now, the economic offences wing (EOW) of the police has registered only one FIR, based on a complaint by an investor in 2007.

Meanwhile, sources said that City Limouzines has invested Rs 150 crore in a hotel project in Gurgaon. The City Group has also set up a trading company called City Trading in the US. An amount of Rs 60 lakh has been transferred to this company from City Limouzine, sources said. "We are still to understand where they invested the amounts collected from the public,'' a police officer said.

High returns lured all of us. By the way, i grew from one investment to five. Not lost anything. But when i invested i promised myself, if this company winds up tomorrow i will not let this hurt my future. City Limouzine company has got running contracts with Indian Navy and Coast Guard for supplying light vehicles. See, its govt money and will come to the company, after third party gets their cuts. Mumbai branch always had problems because of few competitors as well. Every time they did come out victorious. Unfortunately, all of us have put our unaccounted wealth as investment into this company evading taxes to the govt on the returns we are getting. What you sow is what you reap. I can only assure you (by the way who am i, i have gone through this turmoil twice in last 12 years) that things will work out. There wont be any loss perse. Ya, we all have the God to help us.

The office of the registrar of cooperatives has begun an inspection into the accounts of City Cooperative Credit Society, a sister

concern of City Limouzines.

"There is a web of transactions which we are trying to figure out. The credit society financed the vehicles that were purchased by City Limouzines and given on hire. It also financed the properties purchased through City Realcom. Of the investments collected from the public, a part was deposited as fixed deposits in the credit society,'' said an official from the registrar of cooperatives.

City Limouzines, a part of the City Group, is being investigated by the economic offences wing (EOW) of the city police for cheating and by the Enforcement Directorate for foreign exchange violations. The cheques issued by the company as returns on investments have started bouncing, causing panic among thousands of investors.

Meanwhile, EOW will file an application in the Bombay high court to modify a December 2007 order which imposed certain conditions on the company's chief Sayeed Masood and two directors while going abroad. "There was only one complaint then but now several investors have come forward. Hence, those conditions need to be modified,'' said additional commissioner of police (EOW) Sanjay Saxena. The HC had asked the directors to deposit Rs 55,000, make an application in the Esplanade Court and provide their travel itinerary before leaving the country.

One of the investors, Kirti Patel has filed a PIL urging the court to direct EOW to register fresh FIRs against the company. "The police have registered only one FIR. Our complaints should also be registered,'' he said.

Its been many days when v r leaving in suspense, today i read in times of india that city investors are meeting on 17th sept at shivaji maidan, mumbai, have anyone been to their office today as no one is taking calls.

Today i called up Pune Office of City Limo..I spoke to Mr.Ajit. They are working fine and told that all the problems would be resolvedby 7th October. When asked, why your MD is not speaking..he confirmed that yesterday his MD has given statement in Mumbai Mirror. He also told that Mr.Masood would start giving returns to all the investors once again and the people who are talking bad about him would keep their mouth shut very soon.

I also spoke to investor Nikunj of Mumbai...He went to Andheri office and found its working with full throttle.

When asked him about the scenario of nariman point office....he told me that staff did come today but they were not allowed to go inside office anticipating some problems may happen to their safety.
For clarification , please call up Nikunj.

Third, but not the least, lot of people from Delhi are speaking a lot!! My advice to them that they should team up and go to Prime Minister’s or President’s office immediately and intimate them about the facts. if they start taking care of the things, i am sure that things would be sorted out very soon...
Now, i do feel that , if we dont stop worrying, then we would get struck up in all legal proceedings.
My gut feeling is that City never expected this much trouble and thought that the hearing would be in their favor and judgement would be positive. So they started replacing cheques with Hospitality cheques.
Now, im feeling a bit lighter since i have invested rs 4 lakhs in 3 realcom schemes and getting some positive energy to manage bank emi of September by hook or crook.

Regards all.....Please Delhiwale, sab milke PM ya President ke pass jao..and let them understand that common people are suffering from August with no income...
Then they can put pressure on court or EOW or ED to solve the problems earlier.
I do feel that people came up with cheating case just becoz of panic. And for this panic also, Mr.Masood is responsible.

i have been reading all the reviews regularly, but i think there is lot more fishy inside. i think there is lot of political game behind this and Masood is also involved. these guys know

indian publics mentality, they know the most we can do is gossip and after certain period of time everybody will forget. you can take examples like harshad mehta, telgi etc.
if u check the company’s recent plans, they were giving huge discounts to attract more people.

Masood and the government must have come togather and made this plan otherwise you just think the media who creates bawaal over nothing why they are not putting this news on the front page.
when some child falls in a drain this media will show it as breaking news. that means the media have got instructions to stay away from this matter. the news that they are providing is not sufficient. they should bring Masood in front of the public and media has the power to do so. As u know media is always hungry for such Cnews.
I can figure out what would happen on 7th oct, when all the investors will meet. there might be few people who will start the mess and the meeting would be cancelled due to chaos. this people would be hired by the government or Masood to do this. Government can go upto any level. I personally feel that all the polticians should be brutally killed, this motherfuckers would’nt spare anybody for their benefit, not even their mother.
Now the only solution i can see is that we have to straight away speak to the president or any higher authority of government to solve this ASAP. why can’t they make it simple, as they are seeing howmany people are suffering because of this. otherwise we can warn the government that if the problem is not resolved ASAP all the investors and thier realtives and friends will not vote to any political party henceforth, we can vote for nobody as there is option of this. By doing this they will lose lakhs of votes.

By the way what happened in the investors meeting which was going to held at shivaji park, mumbai on 17th sep?


Like everyone else , i have also invested my hard earned money in the company.
initially when the payment of cheques was stopped i was also panicing and geting very hyper,
but eventually i have come

to a conclusion that at this hour when the company is going through such a rough phase , panicking and getting hyper won’t help any of us.
city group has been a trustworthy and reliable company in the history , in my database i never had a cheque bounce.
and we all need to admit tht till now when this problem dawned upon the company , we all were enjoying the benefits to the fullest , no banking institution , no other financial institution promises and delievers such huge returns to its investors , city group did it for so many past years.
we should not create a chaos and havoc and wait till the october meeting,
i am sure that the company wont let our hard earned money drown like this.
my entire family is dependent on this.
and even the court oreder is going to help us .
we all dont need to panic , be calm and wait for the meeting
i am very much sure that the company will come out of this problem and we all will
get back our invested money.



14th AND 15th OCTOBER 2009




Welcome to City Limouzines India Ltd.

City Realcom Ltd. is fast growing, professionally managed Public Limited Company catering all types of Construction, Property Development Activities and related services all over the country and abroad. The Organization is managed by a group of professionals, each having a longstanding industry experience in the field of property development and related services. Together with their experience, expertise and talent, City Realcom Ltd. strives to provide quality commercial, government and residential building spaces and solutions with the best features and facilities, conforming to the highest standards and specifications, in a cost-effective and time-bound manner. City Realcom Ltd is a group company of the City Limouzines India Ltd., an international conglomerate covering a range of organizations, products and services. City Limouzines India Ltd was one of the first organization to offer its fleet management and vehicle leasing services to a large pool of clients in private and public sector. It's a Mumbai-based Public Limited company having its offices at all prominent cities in India . The group quickly diversified into various businesses from City Limouzines to City Airlines. City Realcom is one of the important parts of this huge conglomerate. Right from its inception the Company has worked hard to ensure the hallmark of quality building and construction services in India. So while being one of the youngest companies in India, City Realcom has constantly innovated and improve making it one of the top property development firms today. Today Realcom is thankful to its dedicates success to its over fifty thousand customers, shareholders, and debenture holders. Strength The City team comprises of dynamic young professionals with strong educational background and an industry experience of more than two decades. The time-conscious team procures a proven track record of delivering quality solutions and services using innovative ideas and knowledge of industry standards. We have a distinct corporate culture that gives us a significant leverage in this competitive industry making our business model unique. We focus on providing consultancy and customized solutions that cater to different needs of client, giving incredible results despite of all inevitable constraints. Timely delivery is one of the key issues in the services industry and we are very well aware of the fact. Our project management approach helps us stand by all the deadlines and requirements.


Integrity: We conduct the business not only with business standards but also with highest ethical principles “intellectual, financial and moral, with honesty and transparency that reflects the highest level of commitment to our customers, employees and stakeholders. Conduct :We treat our customers and colleagues with utmost respect - in a manner we would like to be treated ourself. Respect and humanity towards everyone is an integral part of the practices of City Properties.

Leaders: We constantly strive to achieve the highest standards in our day-to-day work and in the quality of services we provide. Unity : We work cohesively with our colleagues, associates, stakeholders and customers, as partners, building a strong relationship based on tolerance, mutual understanding and cooperation. Responsibility: We have a sense of responsibility and corporate accountability towards the country, community, humanity and the environment in which we work, always ensuring that what comes from people goes back to the people with our contributions added in.

About Us

City Limouzines (India) Ltd. is client-oriented full-fledged company with a unique approach to the
practice of vehicle leasing and fleet management. At City, we are
committed to success through principal involvement and collaborative
project teamwork. City's attitude and dedication to maintain quality
through hands-on principal involvement, open lines of communication,
attention to budgets and schedules, state-of-the-art technology and the
highest standard of customer service has rewarded its clients and staff
with outstanding and cost-effective solutions.


To provide world-class solutions and services to our clients with
innovative and creative ideas, comprehending the emerging technology
and trends


To share business issues with our clients by providing proactive,
quality professional services in vehicle leasing and fleet management
so that their precious time is spent on profit-generating activities
and not in looking for solutions.

Background of City Limouzines

Founded by Mr. S. M. Masood two decade ago, City Limouzines offers its
fleet management and vehicle leasing services to a large pool of
clients in private and public sector. It's a Mumbai-based Public
Limited company having its offices at all prominent cities in India .
While being one of the earliest companies in the fleet management
business in India , City Limouzines has developed ways to make the
vehicle rental process more efficient to time-sensitive business and
leisure travelers. Today City limouzines is thankful to and dedicates
its success to its over fifty thousand customers, shareholders, and
debenture holders.


The City team comprises of dynamic young professionals with strong educational background and an industry experience of more than two decades. The time-conscious team procures a proven track record of delivering quality solutions and services using their intellectual brains and knowledge of industry standards. We have a distinct corporate culture that gives us a significant leverage in this competitive industry making our business model unique. We focus on providing consultancy and customized solutions that cater to different needs of client, giving incredible results despite of all inevitable constraints. Timely delivery is one of the key issues in the services industry and we are very well aware of the fact. Our project management approach helps us stand by all the deadlines and requirements.

Dear All, My view on the City Limouzine Scam is completely non- biased. I have been reading most part of this scam and have known many who have been with the company. The basic is the company has been very good to most of its investors. Until date they have not had a single cheque bounce. Their payments were prompt. This has been the bread to many not in thousands , i guess much more than that. A few so called who have complained are nothing but a bunch of people who claim themselves to be great profounders of honesty in society whereas its simply jealousy which is a human nature. I am sure they too have hidden skeletons in their cupboard. Ultimately the complainant is done it for their benefit , little do they realise that they are creating a huge conflict of disharmony and misery to the many who depend on this monthly return for their livelihood. The officials who are investigating, again the so called law makers, keepers are just not bothered about the millions who are suffering. This is how the world is. When one provides a livelihood or shares his profit with many, instead of appreciating.. they tend to pull the structure down. There is nothing called Humanity. Are all thoughts and acts based on books or is there anything called Humanity which is more important in the Universe than the so called constitutional rules. Rules are created for one to follow but not blindly as when a act is performed based on few evil, jealous social elements, we as human beings, where God has given us the power to think and analyse.. rightly, need to take measures by keeping in mind the repercussions, the effect of certain acts, not by blindly attacking but by being logic about the issue. This is the way not just in the material court of justice but even in the Unseen Court of justice there are few rules which is always balanced with all fairness. God is not as unfair as Human justice stands. Human beings are always filled with jealousy, vindictive, malicious, conniving as they can never see the betterment of another.. I wonder if the Government officials and the Hall of great justice is truly being just.. This is a great testing time for the people who are the providers of justice to the millions,.. if they are truly just in their verdict. If one cannot see the hidden motives and the dubious agenda of the complainant .. Its sad that this is the beginning of another calamity as the tears of the millions suffering due to their misery, their bread being snatched away...which leads towards poverty... and the downfall of the Universe as God gives enough chances for us to stand for the right... But when many such opportunities are given, officials fail to see things in better light, causing suffering to millions.. can just be the beginning towards the end or if choice be we can pass the test and create a better surrounding which is called " Justice through Humanity "... I am eagerly waiting to see if we are heading for our own created disasrous calamity or towards a new beginning .. a new journey.. a new universe.. a new divine Human.. Thank You Warm Regards Gulsha Fawzia


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  2. Dear Sir/ Madam,
    File your Claim petitions if not filed before official Liquidator attached to High Court of Mumbai,

    Everybody (All India Investors) have to submit his/her claim petition to official liquidator attached to High Court of Bombay Only.

    After 30 Apr 2013 no claims will be accepted by official liquidator and no benefits will be given to Investors who have not submitted claims.

    Any help required for submitting claims you can contact me either through mail on my ID: or call on my number 9867931611
    We are located in mulund west, Mumbai. We are charging RS1500/- per person claim. If you require our service do let me know.--

    Hope for the best


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  4. My application was rejected. Credit Sudhaar was my choice. Initially they were slow. But their counsellors were able to handle all my queries. I will give Credit Sudhaar a positive review.

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