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Is SpeakAsia fraud co.? Star Maaza news

Who wants to have MILLIONS of dollars coming in EACH MONTH without having to do ANYTHING? Raise your hand!
Speakasiaonline Fake or genuine? Speakasiaonline Reviews
Now the days very popular online survey company ( By investing 11000/- rupees members earn about 4000/- rupees per month. Its this true?
Till date (April 2011) is YES is (MLM) multi-level marketing.
MLM’s by itself are not illegal business but here’s what you should know about such schemes.
Recently MLM Sacms
1. about 2 lac members, investment fee 10,000/- rupees, pay 20% per month after investment, Main office was in Delhi.
But in April 2011 company office closed company disappeared.
2. Ebiz
and many More…
But few questions arise about Speak Asia Online .
1. Why they charge for registration from users if they earn from surveys?
2. Does they Registered in INDIA?
3. Does they Tax payee of INDIA?
4. Look like main objective in member chain then survey?
How this work
For example:
Suppose, If there is 100 member, every month every member atleast referral one new user for signup membership by investing 11,000/- so 100 new signups.
Calculation goes like this
Company Earnings = 100 New users * 11000/- = 11,00,000/- per month
100 current users payout = 100 current user * 4000/- = 4,00,000/- per month
Company Profit = 7,00,000/- per month
What when company earning ratio goes down?
Everyone talking about they advertisement in IPL match cost rupees 4lac per match.
If they spent 4lac, there are about 1 Billion+ population of India, if only 100 people join by watch this advertisement about 11 lac they earn.
100*11000= 11,00,000

Few interesting facts about speak asia & it’s panelists:

I just want to share few things which I feel one should know about them.

They are registered in Singapore but not in India. Registering a company is not a big deal but no one is going to do a case in Singapore court for his Rs 12000.
They are selling subscription of online newsletter (Ezine) – so in case if surveys stop coming; you can’t take them in court because you will still be getting Ezines.
Their so called E-zines are just copy paste from some other sources & most of the time Wikipedia. (check this on insurance link 1 & link 2)
Why they are charging – why not give a chance to start as free.
They even don’t mention that people should be proficient in English or know internet. (only above 18 is the criteria)
Right now they have added 7.5 lakh panelists (read agents – ok.. members) & they want to take this to 1 Cr by year end. When company do survey they do it with sample but not the whole market.
So once they reach a mark of 1 Cr – every year the panelist will be sharing a revenue of Rs 52000 Crore (1Cr members * 52 Weeks * Rs 1000 per week) & who is going to pay this amount.
Why one member is allowed extra panels at some fees. Don’t you think it will impact quality of survey?
Interesting nos.: 3 lakh of their members are from Utter Pradesh – I don’t want comment but do all of them really understand English. Amar ujala newspaper quotes people who are not able to fill surveys due to lack of English or how to use internet give Rs 50 to others to do the same.
This Singaporean company has changed their name 3-4 times in last couple of years. And their registered address show details of 4-5 companies.

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