Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Thief steals car of family who bailed him out

MUMBAI: Next time someone comes to the Latur-based Gaikwad family for help, they would think twice. The reason: the family that took pity on a 34-year-old man, behind bars on charge of vehicle theft for more than a month with no money to pay the bail surety amount, were left high and dry when he made way with their own vehicle immediately after being released on bail.
According to the Matunga police, the accused Rahul Patil had been lodged in Nashik prison for more than a month, as he did not have the money and legal recourse to secure bail. “Complainant Satyanarayan Gaikwad’s cousin was also behind bars during that time in connection with a case of dowry harassment,” said an officer from Matunga police station, requesting anonymity.
Patil and Gaikwad’s cousin became good friends and when the Gaikwads went to meet their relative in June, he told them to help Patil secure bail,” said the officer.
The family on June 9 arranged for a lawyer and paid Rs15,000 as bail surety amount. “Patil thanked the family profusely and pretended to feel embarrassed that they had to pay for his release. He told them to take him to Mumbai in their vehicle, where he would take Rs15,000 from his relatives to pay them,” said the officer. Patil also ‘volunteered’ to drive the Indica from Nashik jail to Mumbai for them.
Patil drove the car till Matunga circle and told the family to get off so that he could park it and go to the relative’s house to get the money. “Patil kept thanking the family through out the journey. They did not suspect any foul play.”
After waiting for around an hour, the family began to suspect something amiss. “Another hour later, when the family started looking for the four-wheeler, they realised Patil had made way with their vehicle,” said the officer. The family also lost their mobile phone kept in the car.
The family then registered a case of vehicle theft with the Matunga police. Deputy commissioner of police (zone 4) Keshav Patil confirmed the incident but refused to comment further.

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