Saturday, August 25, 2012

dont loose hope

HI, all of the investors  ,dont loose hope. it is our primary responcibilty to file case against the well as investgating agency like E.D &E.O.W for which the money of the citygroup now we have to file a case at supremecourt to give direction to E.D.for settlement of investors amount as ,we r the first victims by the investors welfare association. as we have done the same in A.P.& got a favorable order from mumbai HICOURT, now we r an idea to file case against E.D. torelese the amt of our claim which was orderd by MUMBAI HI COURT, but the thing is very EXPENSIVE,so t was easy if some group of people extend their support to file case at pl think it once ,without filing a case at S.C.we r not in a position to get our hard erned money , if any body interested to jon with us pl contact.our association.authorised person.

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  1. pls mail me your contact so i will contact you as i m interested in filing a suit in supreme court


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