Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Adooye.com, another MLM promising big money just for watching ads!

ADooye is selling its 'packages' with a promise to pay for watching online advertisements and adding more members to the network. The whole things sounds more like a MLM or 'double your money' scheme

Adooye.com, (ADooye) a supposedly US based website, provides online network marketing platform to its members by selling 'packages', which offer around Rs500 for watching 10 advertisements every day. It also offers various 'points' based rewards, bonuses and commisions on adding more people down the line as per binary system used by multi-level marketing (MLM) companies. ADooye is another in a string of MLMs that we have come across, like Speak Asia, Fanbox, Empower Network, QNet and other pyramid and Ponzi schemes that lured people by promising high returns under the pretext of different products and services.

Moneylife investigated this company when a worried reader wrote to asking to look into their credentials. Their website states that Adooye is founded by Australian Mathew Reichgruber and Alessandro Sen, and marketed by Delhi based AD Marketing.  This affiliated marketing company, which operates like an MLM sells various 'packages' containing online advertisements, on viewing which the member is rewarded.

In their FAQs section, in response to the question, “So how does it work? And where does the money come from? The sardonic reply is, “we are still developing the whole system and cannot afford for anyone to abuse the idea and outrun us in the end.” However, in its presentation (http://www.adooye.com/Adooye_thomas_latest.pdf) ADooye pitches itself as an 'Affiliate Marketing' company and says that as more viewers watch advertisements, this generates web traffic for advertisers and income for ADoyee.

Apart from this, ADooye earns more income from selling various expensive 'packages', which are nothing but login access to view 10 advertisements daily for 140 days, to its registered members. They have a built network with the help of paid members who generate web traffic, when even for showcasing advertisement they charge money from its members.

If you are amazed by its offers and think its a 'great earning opportunity,' its certainly not! They need you to pay first to get started. ADoyee asks to register online by paying Rs500 and giving referral ID of any active ADooye member (so that the  member will get a commision on your registration). After registering, they ask you to purchase any of their 'packages' which costs from Rs3000 to Rs25,000 with 140 days of validity. These packages offer you nothing but a login panel wherein you see 10 advertisements daily. The costlier the packege, higher your rewards for clicking on the advertisements. It also includes conditions like 'affiliate lock period for ad watch payout' for 20 days.

Many of its agents describe it as an 'MLM company with a legal payment gateway!' As it offers various shopping cards with the points you earn, which you can then use for shopping at various places. Points earned by members can be transfered to your bank account or Adooye card, which lets the points be used for shopping at various places. Adoyee.com said, “The bigger your crowd, the more you earn, there will be an innovative activity of pair and direct referral.” It offers 5% referral and 10% binary commisions on adding another members to network.

Their network of agents often use social media and blogs to market ADoyee and its packages in typical MLM fashion, as the 'best life changing online earning opportunity'. Many of their agents put advertisements on various job portals as the best part time income opportunity. One of their messages says, 'Earn Rs500 in 5 minutes daily just by clicking on advertisement!'

While checking Adooye.com's credentials and safety on scamadviser.com, it reviewed Adoyee.com as a 'Suspicious - Might be unsafe' website based in United States. Scamadviser.com in its review said, “This site is using an anonymous service, which prevents us from identifying the site owner. Be aware that many scam sites use this as a method to hide their identity. The website has been newly registered with a short life expectancy, which follows the pattern used by many fraudulent and dubious websites. Please be vigilant and take extra care before providing any payment information.”

It appears to be nothing but another MLM, which is trying to get money out of your pockets by promising you great monetary returns and non-monetary rewards for nothing. Moneylife has written several articles on frauds that lure people by floating various MLMs and frequently warned investors that “If it looks too good to be true, it usually is.” This is clearly another in the same category.

Officials from ADooye were not immediately available for comments. Our emails sent to them remained unanswered till writing the story. We would incorporate their views as and when we receive it.

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