Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Investments done by thusands of Investors all over India with Citi Limouzines India Ltd and its sister companies.

Sub: Investments done by thusands of Investors all over India with  Citi Limouzines India Ltd and its sister companies.
Ref: Dy.Registrar of Companies Maharashtra, Mumbai L.No.ROC/Comp/JTA/PG/5116/1870 Dt.16/June 2011.
The Citi Limouzines India Ltd and its sister companies floated by Mr.S.M.Masood had branches in all most every major city in India.  These companies duped several lakhs of investors all over india by giving 48% of interest in the initial stage.  Several lakhs of investors all over india invested in these companies having got lured due to high returns.  Indeed some of them did get good returns but many of the investors have lost their hard earned money and now came on to streets as they have lost every thing by greed.  Many families are ruined.  Many have invested by taking loans on low interest and invested in these companies thus landed in great trouble.  The post dated cheques issued from this company started bouncing from July 2009  and subsequently the company closed all its officies all over india.  With sincere and honest efforts of some of the investors and by the police the culprit Mr. Masood and his associates were caught and they are presently facing trial as government guests.  Poor Investors are struggling for their living all over India.  In spite of several requests from the invetors to the government, it has not felt the necessity to interevene into this fraud and do some justice to the investors.
It is understood that EOW and Bombay police are still investigating the matter.  Meanwhile it is also understood that due to several cases filed against the companies all over india and also in Bombay High Court, the court has decided to liquidate the assests of the companies and do the process of repaying the money to the investors to the extent possible.  In the process an official Liquidator was appointed by Mumbai high court and he is supposed to issue notice to all the investors through the High courts web site for lodging claim.  We the investors are hearing  this from quite some time but nothing is forthcoming since more than 6 months.
Mean while I have received a letter under reference from your office where in you have advised me to approach official Liquidator at Mumbai.  The email id provided  for correspondence in your letter is not correct.  However some how I could find out your mail id after a great deal of efforts.  I am a senior Citizen retired from Government of India and presently in too much of  trouble due to the fact that I have gradually have with drawn all my retirement benefits, put into this company and lost every thing.  In my entire family as many as 6 Senior citizens including my mother, sisters also lost all our money.  We are looking at the bleak hope of realizing our money through this liquidation proces which may take more time than our death.
Some of the invetors have already made their claim even without the notice of the Official liquidator.  In the bargain some of the investors have lost more money.  I along with my friends and relatives are anxiously waiting for the Notice of the official Liquidator. 
Since I do not have that kind of money and energy  to run around in mumbai to find the details, may I request you to kindly show some mercy on all of us by taking some extra trouble if not on your official capacity at least in your personal capacity to find details on this matter and appraise the status through a return mail so that many of us will not only be gratefull to you but alo certainly send our good wishes which will not go as waste in your life.  You can at least have the satisfaction that you could help many people in distress.  You may kindly let us know the email id of the Official liquidator so as to enable us to keep direct touch with him if not any thing better.  May God  Bless you. Thank you with the hope of a reply.

Somebody is charging for each file Rs. 300/- to 400/- for lodging the complaint. We have already given money to him for 4 files and we were asked to pay another sum of Rs.200/- per file for moving the case. Not sure, if the money has to be given and be trusted. As per sir, money should not be paid to anyone for complaint lodging.. Whereas, we are worried if this will be another City Limo scam to get back individual money. Please advise.

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