Monday, April 23, 2012

forward your claim for City Limo or City Realcom inclucing City Co-operative at the earliest please.

Dear City Group Investors,
   As U may be aware that we have win the case for liquidation against City Realcom on 09 Mar 2012. I have already forwarded the claim and got acknowledgement Card back duly stamped by the Official Liquidator, High Court Mumbai on 03 Apr 2012 and that has also been signed by the Official representative of City Realcom Liquidator.
 So not to worry, forward your claim for City Limo or City Realcom including City Co-operative at the earliest please. You claim your full agreement money with the City Group but give your permanent address for refund in the Form-66 and other documents for refund. You must  get back your hard earn money sooner or later, it may take few more months or year to receive by you. The work is lengthy for Official liquidator once he accumulate the money from various then can only he settle down the investors money.
I thank you for sharing the scanned copy could you please guide me in filing the form 66 along with exhibit A also i have invested Rs.272841.00 but i have Reciepts as follows:
City Limozine-97331/- , City Realcom-96000/- , City Co-Operative credit society ltd, Mumbai-56010/- and they had given cheques of only City Limozine for Rs.17541/- and only one cheque is passed. and they have given Agreements for 1)City limozine stating recieved a sum of Rs.26316/-+73515/- with terms of payment Rs.6250/- for 60 months.and 2) City Realcom stating recieved a sum of Rs.107000/- with terms of payment of 1st Year-4210/-, 2nd year-4331/-, 3rd year-4384/-, 4th year-4623/-, 5th year- 5050/- and shall also recieve Rs4664/- towards yearly profit pf preferential shares and F.D for the period of contract.
I request you to please guide me in this regard.
So many investors calls me and ask me with regard to not receiving acknowledgment card. I have no role of post office. You can esquire from post office . any claim if delivered in official liquidator officer, It will be entered in their register they can not through. Those people who say going personally is better. I do not agree with this I send My own file by speed post and and got inward no. It is all your choice . You can send Speed post with acknowledgement card/ Registered Post/ Courier/ or by person it is all your choice. I do not advice on methods of deposite,  it is your money. you know better. with Regard to claims or form -66 number of people already have written , whether right or wrong. I can not say because every investor has its own logic neither I have that much free time. Because I am Advocate . One Investor earlier I objected he says he has taken Advise of Number of Senior Supreme Court Advocates, he says I may consider your advise Though I am only a High Court Advocate. If I gets time I reply mails. My work is to put  legal advise/ or my opinion with regard to winding cases and now it is over. I do not like to criticise anyone's move. Do what you think good for yourself. It is your money , so do not forget to deposite claims. It is also your choice.


  1. Dear sir
    I am also invester in city realcom total amount Rs 2061020/- Kindly guide me for filling up a claim. Where is Form 66.
    Abhishek Kumar Mob No 9571768216 Email-

  2. Sir,
    It is nice to know someone has successfully deposited & registered his claim form.
    There are many who are yet to submit the same including me.
    There is confusion as(1) some say only Realcom claim is to be submitted, (2)We do not know file no.Where is it mentioned in the documents, please somebody tell us .

    Hence request to upload ur claim form that u have deposited and acknowledged by the Liquidator.

  3. we are providing legal assistance to file the claim in form 66 .we are based in mulund Mumbai we are providing the service till 28/04/2013 mail u r contact details to we will contact u

  4. dear sir am also investor from delhi and was not aware about how to fill refund form, please advice and guide where from i can get form 66.


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