Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Update on city limouzine fraud

 Why You people want to depend on Mumbai Investors. If your own city
Investors can come Together and ready to  Join and spend money after
contribution and talk to any Company lawyer of Mumbai High Court and
Put up a case for winding up by opening an association through an
association not by any individual name and attach the name of all of
your association memebrs  investors as one copy with petition of
winding up itself.


This refers to the undermentioned mail posted by you on the Google Groups Forum.  Although it is addressed to you, but it is meant for all the thousands of Investors all over India and abroad.
I had been contributing in a small way by putting together all the information which I would get from (i) Google Groups Forum (ii) from various Newspapers and (iii) from  Mr. Vedant Lohia alias Manohar.  I had, on my own, contacted a few advocates in New Delhi and prepared the procedure to be followed for filing our claims before the Official Liquidator. This I had posted on the Google Groups Forum as well as sent it to all the investors who had given their email addresses to me. I had also organized a few interviews in Newspapers as well as TV Media to highlight the issue for the Government agencies to act swiftly.
I have already filed mine as well as my family members claim with the Official Liquidator and received acknowledgement as I had enclosed an extra copy of my claim form covering letter along with self-addressed  and stamped envelope. I had mentioned this in the procedure to be followed and posted on Google Groups Forum a few times and those who have followed this procedure, must have received acknowledgement like me.
I am not aware of anyone having received any settlement under the table from City Group. However, these rumours have reached me but no one has been able to identify any one who has received any money under the table. I for one, have not received even a single new paisa from City Group or anyone else, but spent considerable amount of time and money just to ensure justice to all the investors.
It appears that no one is coming forward from Mumbai to form a group and file Winding-up proceedings against the other group companies of City Group. May I take the liberty of Proposing that Dr. Zulfiqar Ali Khan, Advocate practicing in Chennai High Court take the lead to form an Association on behalf of all the investors. The technicalities of forming the Association and funds to be collected can be worked out by him along with other local investors. If you agree with my suggestion, please endorse the same by posting your comments on the Google Groups forum and let us take this fight forward.
With prayers to the almighty to make the Government realize the suffering of thousands of investors and relieve them of their misery by taking quick action.


previously we used to get information regarding cases what happened and
next date information. but who organised this forum is not up dating any
thing, i could not understand this why they are not updating about latest
case position.

previously we used to get altest 10 to 15 mail for same, but now a days
there is no information about city cases,

may be founder of this forum is lost hope or may be masood return his
amount and ask him to keep quite and not do any thing about this case, may
be i am not correct this statement but i lost my whole life saving in city
limouzine due to this i am writing that statement.

but we have to think for same why no one is giving information about
cases???? , why they are mom???? , why mr.puri and other members not pass
on information???????????? are they lost hope ?????????? or masood
retuned them invested amount so they are not involved ?????????????

if any one have latest information, pl. inform

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