Friday, November 23, 2012

Act Now to Recover your Money Invested in Speak Asia.

Friends it has been proved that the association called “All India Speakasia Panelist Association” has been formed only to safeguard the interest of Speak Asia and not its panelists. You can not trust an association which claims to safeguard the interest of panelists and are yet to prepare MOA which will form the policies and agenda (see AISPA’s secretary Ashok Bhairwani’s comment .This association is mainly formed to misguide people at large. Its evident now that this association has been formed only on the behest of Speak Asia just to utilize the growing unrest among the people for their gain to come out of the clutches of law and run away

We all know that this has been done by so many companies recently in a same way and this is the only way for them to evade law once they are into soup..take support of investors by putting blame on government for stopping their company business,this is the best example to utilize their emotion for personal benefit…to name few are ACTR,Wealthline,Stockguru,Redcarpet etc all bought time and ran away with people money, why as they were successful in keeping law and people at bay
As a true speak asian we will not get fooled by the people who are running our business and will fight for our right. Some top leaders has joined hands collectively to come on a common platform and fight legally to help their downline in recovering money from company. For this we need your support in large numbers to build a peaceful movement at a fast pace so as to help  government agencies to move in a direction of recovering money of deprived panelists. Please go through the below objectives for which we are hiring a renowned legal firm to put our case forward to relevant government agencies. If you think alike and agree with us on the objectives below then send us your confirmation with your name,address,mobile number,speakasia id and your reward point as of date (panel ewallet and survey e wallet both) on email
The legal firm appointed will send you a wakalatnama and the case will be put up collectively on the mailer’s behalf

  1. Custody of website with an independent IT firm for investigation and to stop all the activities on website including anything to do with reward points further locking the reward point transfers.This will stop people from selling reward points to loot people further.
  2. Appointment of CA firm to calculate the amount of reward points to be converted into payouts and get it ready for immediate bank transfer.
  3. Appointment of ESCROW account with any nationalize bank and transfer all the frozen money into that account.
  4. Freeze all the international accounts of saol and their promoter’s account including ceo and coo as they may have an active hand in siphoning money worldwide and get it back to ESCROW accounts 5)Pay people their money back for the reward points they have in their e wallet from the frozen amount with the help of CA firm and ESCROW account via bank transfer.
  5. Appointment of a judicial committee who can validate business model, compensation plan, legal statute of saol and it can be done with people from different field comprising of director/ceo of market research companies, network marketing national/international consultants,legal advisory company, auditing firm, retired supreme court judge, representatives of EOW, CBI, RBIand MCA who can investigate and submit their report in 30 days.
  6. Issue of red corner notice to bring in promoters of saol and its share holding companies in front of this judicial committee with all their non-disclosure agreements, balance sheets and all relevant documents so they can investigate and validate saol’s business module.
The biggest mistake we do is to try fighting emotionally..its high time we stop being a puppet and an emotional fool, get united and fight for our rights by legal and democratic means..stop fighting law and utilize it for your benefit…save yourself and your fellow speak asian
Your’s Truly
Speak Asian - Manas Robin
City-Barpeta, State - Assam

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