Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Mriduhari Trade and Industries Limited populary known as MTIL fraud co.

Mriduhari Trade and Industries Limited populary known as MTIL is a fraud finance company which came in to existence somewhere in the month of August and till now they have frauded upon many dealers around mumbai.who are in to Electronics, 2 wheelers, 4 wheelers and etc. Beware guys they are a big fraud and especially the Director Dinesh Balwant Sakpal who is again the director for another fraud company in Pune which Himbjs Holidays Private Limited I have been jacked badly by this company so please beware of it and if anyone can help me in giving their details

@Hira Sales - Sunil 8879032661 / 9987701613 - Please find the comments from the customers who have been fraud by the MTIL Director's another chit fund company named HIMBJS ...we have got together and trying to unite against this guys who form companies with different names and use MTIL ( Mriduhari Trade & Industries Ltd ) so that the guys / customers have faith in them when they see MTIL as Public Limited company.

I am not sure why EOW guys have not yet contacted me since Dinesh Sakpal the director of MTIL has already told me that he wants me to remove above comment made by me. so that they can clear their enquiry at EOW.

Also other directors involved are

1. Arif Merchant
2. Mohan Patil 

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