Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Job scams are rising, Beware!

Job scams are rising, Beware!

It is a common case of cheating with a job to offer, take the deposit money and cheat people. Lucrative pay is offered by IT based company ‘Corporate Connection’. The Company released an advertisement in various newspapers to cheat the people assuring them of lucrative jobs. The Company even organised an exhibition at different parts of the country to give a boost to the morale of the youth. 125 youth responded to the advertisement and paid handsome amounts of money to get a job.
The company made lakh of rupees and kept the people in the dark. To lure them further, they were offered Rs1, 000 per day and the people who paid the amount had to assemble at Mafco market, Sanpada / Vashi stations.
While going through Sanpada railway station, I saw people waiting with their baggages outside and I smelt something fishy. My son, remarked that it appears that some people have been cheated like in a Tamil film Vettri Kodi. The next day I saw in many news dailies reporting the cheating incident.
Despite warnings, people are lured and cheated in this country. Hard earned money is invested in such employment schemes.
Racketeers dupe job seekers as the unemployment rate is high. People wait to leave the city to get their jobs but their fate is already decided as the company then vanishes. This is on a rise in the satellite city. And they realise that there was no job interview scheduled much later.
What a way to lose hard earned money? People should be smarter next time and not fall prey to such scams.

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