Monday, January 16, 2012

so many people who can not even approach to Police station for a normal complaint

I am sure nobody will come forward and no association will come forward. Here everyone who is connected to some associations. I am unable to understand their agenda or they have forgotten their money because that money may be extra for them.
Four days Before and number of times , I have written full winding up procedure and ready to give my own contribution also.Though My Investment is only One Limouzines and One Realcom,  what more than this I can do. Is their any response from any Investors, or any association has come forwerd to file case for winding up. No You yourself can see.
My writing and suggesting is waste of time mine. If I am not wrong. Because Free things does not have any value in lowlifes. My suggestions are free and in request manner.

Yesterday One Poor lady  send me a mail and says Sir I have three small children and I am single lady . I have  invested my whole savings  Rs. 4.5 Lakhs in Realcom . Now we have no means, Please help.
Why Again and again I am writing on this Google Groups, because I know the peoples. there are so many people who can not even approach to Police station for a normal complaint, There are so many widows and poor Investors who have no means to approch the courts and system who invested money in this company.What to do and what not to do I myself now socked and confused about investors attitude.

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