Wednesday, January 11, 2012

update city limouzine fraud

want to say it clearly ,Whether he be One year inside jail or 20 Years inside Jail. What it is going to serve your (Investors) any Purpose. I think No. He has no problem in contesting these criminal cases. he has sufficient means to spend money for contesting Criminal cases.

If Investors wants some money back. They have to contest the case for winding up of City Realcom Ltd. Now there is no option left for Investors. Except winding up of the Company. Again I will say file the cases for winding of Realcom Ltd through City Welfare Associations. If you can move forward. As an Investor I am ready to give my contribution for the winding up case, if Investors are ready. Hire any Good Company Advocate at High Court of Bombay and file case for winding up for City Realcom. But through Associations not Individually. If any body wants to file individually he can file the case.

Though Number of time I have written on this Winding up .

Only and Only procedure left for Investors is winding up. if something Investors wants back. Rest Choice of Investors.

Could you write in brief what's involved in the process of filing for the winding up of a company? Here's what I think everyone would want to hear:
- What is the procedure for winding up of a company? Can it only be done in Mumbai?
- What would be the costs involved, including the lawyer's fee and/or any other related expenses?
- How much time would it probably take for winding up and re-payment to the investors?
- Would a physical attendance be necessary of the investors in court?
- If/when the company "winds up", would everyone get the money or only the people involved in that particular "winding up case"?

Most investors are people who wanted to make quick pain-free money (let's accept it!) so you cannot expect them to contribute anything other than money.   ;-)  I think I'd be willing to chip in upto 10% of my initial investing amount in order to get the rest back (which makes most sense statistically).

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