Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Goat trader at Deonar scratches an itch, gets robbed

The traders at Deonar goat and sheep market had a tough time conducting business during Eid-ul-Zuha this year. The reason was a gang stealing their hard-earned money by throwing itching powder on them.
The goat and sheep market at Deonar is one of the biggest markets in the city which sells goats and sheep during Eid-ul-Zuha. According to an estimate, over 20,000 traders, big and small, from all over the country bring their animals here to sell them. "It happened right in front of the police personnel," said Mohammed Aslam Quereshi, president, All India Sheep and Goat Breeders and Dealers Association.
Ahsaan Ali, a trader from Rajasthan, was robbed of Rs2.16 lakh. Ali, in his statement, said that a man in his thirties asked him about the rate of a goat. Ali told him that it had been sold.
The sources said that the accused threw a powder on Ali without anyone noticing it. Ali started itching all over. He ran towards the association's office and kept his bag containing Rs2.16 lakh there and then went to a bathroom. "The accused followed him. He picked up the bag and jumped over the 10-feet boundary wall to escape," said Aamir Sheikh, an eyewitness. The witnesses said that when Ali realised what happened, he raised an alarm, but the accused had disappeared.
Another trader, Mohammed Yunus, was also targeted. However, Yunus handed his cash to one of his friend for safe-keeping. Sohail Ansari, a trader said: "Several similar instances have taken place in the 10-12 days preceding Eid, but they have not been reported".

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