Tuesday, November 29, 2011

update city limouzine fraud

3 more complaints. One in Cochin, One in Kolkata and one in Panipat. Masood will be taken to these cities next.

is that the ultimate goal?  To keep Masood locked up as soon
as possible? I know I have no right to guide you folks given the fact
that I've not been much help so far, but I'd like to ask, where are we
going with this? Is it better to just forget everything and move on?
Perhaps the wounds might heal if we do that.

If we stick with what we're doing, we've gotta set a goal. Now, what
would that be?

This question is for everyone. Let's plan
collectively and come to a united decision. First we need to get
realistic and accept the fact that we're not going to get back 100% of
the investment. We've got to set a goal which we can achieve in
reasonable time.

As i am a customer of CITY LIMOUNZINES GROUPS ,and i am not aware of
any processess to be done,to get back my investment.Please send me
various forms like FORM-66 and other  required documents(In the MS
Word format.)

                               Please guide me by various procedures
should be undertaken to file a legal case in order to get my


  1. This what the entire game is about. The agents of the defrauders want us to forget that we invested money in the company which was a pre-meditated economic hit to the nation. What we can do is remove this useless Government and replace it with a good representatives and the right people to implement the law will surely give our money back if not atleast good future.

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